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SebTick DJ & Kyika Desoul & Morris Revy "If It's love that you want" (Pasqua Records S.A Promo)

Forthcoming to Pasqua Records S.A is the fantastic and truly unique "If it's love that you want" produced by SebTick DJ and Kyika Desoul featuring renowned vocalist Morris Revy. Without any question, the unmistakable sultry vocals of Morris Revy together with the phat keys, enticing ethereal pads and the the smooth yet enthralling deepened rhythms are sure to cast a spell on you.

Cafe 432 featuring Louise Marshall "Heavenly love" (Soundstate Sessions Promo)

The latest offering from Soundstate Sessions is the magnificent "Heavenly love" by London duo Cafe 432 (aka Jonsey and Kevin McPherson), a soulful yet intriguing soulful production laced with the incomparable emotive vocals of Louise Marshall, lush keys and a smooth organic backdrop. The alternate 'Bump Mix' introduces infectious chunky rhythms and a classy saxophone to turn the track into a dance floor favorite.

Irene Cara "Hot lunch" (Steve Miggedy Maestro Remix)(Miggedy Entertainment Records Promo)

Available now on Miggedy Entertainment is this wicked four-to-the-floor rework of "Hot lunch" (from the 1980 movie soundtrack "Fame"), a tribute to American singer, songwriter and actress Irene Cara who passed away in late November. Undoubtedly, this respectful 4/4 re-rub letting Irene Cara's one-of-a-kind vocals and the original orchestration shine is sure to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Tom Glide x Umising "Ocean one" (TGee Records Promo)

Out now through TGee Records is "Ocean one" a phantasmagorical collaboration by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Glide with Japanese singer/songwriter Umising. Undeniably, "Ocean one" is a glamorous slice of soulful bliss featuring the amazing vocal stylings of Umising, luxurious keys, sublime horns and an infectious funk drenched backing that comes highly recommended.

Mike 'Agent X' Clark & Reno Ka "Blessing" (FatSouls Records Promo)

Detroit native Mike 'Agent X' Clark is back on FatSouls Records with the splendorous "Blessing" featuring Spain based vocalist Reno Ka, a soulful house gem oozing with the beautiful seductive vocals of Reno Ka, enchanting keys and smooth yet intriguing deeply thumpin' rhythms. Hideo Kobayashi takes the track to the next level on his captivating remix laced with glorious keys, celestial pads and a rich funked-up backdrop.

Guri Guri Boys featuring Carolyn Harding "Unity" (Fizzikx Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)

In December 2016, we introduced you to the incredibly soulful yet enticing and inspiring "Unity" by Japanese DJ/production duo Guri Guri Boys featuring the unrivaled sultry vocals of legendary Carolyn Harding (complete with remixes by DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins), now this gem returns in fresh remixes by Fizzikx who delivers an expertly crafted verily melodious and soulful interpretation oozing with his signature soul/funk infused sound.

Charles Dockins "The git down" (Loop Science Records Promo)

Throughout the year, renowned Charles 'CDock' Dockins has been gracing us with his first-class soulful house productions, and his most recent offering "The git down" is no exception. Beyond any question, "The git down" using a contaminous funktified backdrop as foundation for the keyboard wizardry and one-of-a-kind vocals of Charles Dockins is sheer musical bliss... Nuff said.

Deep House Pick: Vox "Go deeper" (Nash La Musica Remix)(Issa'min Records Promo)

Coming to Issa'min Records beginning of next year is the previously unreleased deep house gem "Go deeper" by Vox (rip) produced and mixed by Nash La Musica. most definitely, the utterly deep and downright compelling rhythms together with the uber cool spoken word poetry by Vox and the lush tantalizing melodies is guaranteed to take over dance floors around the globe by storm.

Double "The captain of her heart" (Morttimer Snerd III Rework)(Miggedy Entertainment Promo)

Swiss duo Double released this wonderful synth-pop ballad entitled "The captain of her heart" back in 1985, listening to this superb 4/4 rework by Morttimer Snerd III brings back lots of memories from my teenage years... In short, Morttimer Snerd III has crated an intriguing and truly enchanting four-to-the-floor re-imagination that lets the melodic grace and the landmark vocals of the song shine in their fully glory.