We hope you enjoy this weeks selection of the latest in soulful house music as much as we do...

ZuluMafia featuring Zethu "What is deep" (ZuluMafia Digital CD Promo)

Here we have the first of two brand new slammin' productions by ZuluMafia (Simphiwe Nhlapho). The stellar "What is deep" features inspiring vocals by the highly talented Zethu alongside lush keys and chords over deeply thumpin' truly infectious rhythms, altogether spreading an uplifting feel good vibe guaranteed to send the floor into a frenzy. The 'Zulu Love Soul Mix' keeps things deep while relaxing the vibe, featuring warm melodious keys over smooth yet thrilling rhythms which make this a choice pick for late night / early morning play.

ZuluMafia "Beautiful sunset" (ZuluMafia Digital CD Promo)

And here we go with the second of two brand new slammin' productions by ZuluMafia (Simphiwe Nhlapho). "Beautiful sunset" is a superb instrumental production guaranteed to make you yearn for more thanks to precious jazzy keys which are perfectly arranged over mellow percussive rhythms. The 'Zulu Personal Mix' turns up the heat with a stormin' backing and added organ ride, then we have the 'Zulu Down to Earth Mix' which takes the track to deeper territory, keeping the vibe smooth and jazzy.

Urban Sound Lab featuring Naki Akrobettoe "Fly high" (Room Control Records CD Promo)

Room Control Records are going from strength to strength, with their latest offering "Fly high" by Urban Sound Lab and vocalist Naki Akrobettoe being a phenomenal soulful gem featuring amazing spoken words by Naki Akrobettoe alongside grand jazzy keys over smooth yet captivating percussive rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Marlon D who takes you on a journey to deepest mesmerizing afro grounds (the jungle if you will), with ethereal keys by Martino Lozej accompanying the spoken words. Essential, by no means to be missed...

SoulBasics featuring Kyla Sexton "Rest your mind" (Remixed)(Grooveland Music CD Promo)

Back in early 2010, we were celebrating the release of "Rest your mind" by SoulBasics (Steve Fox & Matt Bell) featuring outstanding vocals by Kyla Sexton, now this beautiful piece of music that will stand the test of time returns in fresh interpretations. First up SoulBasics turn this gem into a marvelous jazzed-up latin inspired rendition, next we have Steve Fox getting deep on his spell binding soul-tech dub workout. Justin  Imperiale graces us with a wonderful percussive sun drenched interpretation featuring a fantastic guitar solo by Ian Fisher, and finally we have Douglas Marques who delivers a glamorous soulful house version fueled with delectable keys.

Christian Scott featuring Rescue Poetix "Visions" (Grooveboy Music CD Promo)

Grooveboy Music bless us with a truly infectious deep house jewel courtesy of Christian Scott and the poetry of spoken word artist Rescue Poetix. "Visions" brings back memories from the glory days of acid house with its funked-up rhythms and lascivious acidic melodies, not to forget to mention the enticing spoken words. The dub strips back the vocals and further intensifies the vibe, while Grooveboy rework the track into a deeper than deep truly hypnotizing tribal-esque affair laced with heavenly melodies.

KI "Let me take you" (Aquatique Records CD Promo)

KI are songstress Kelli-Leigh and producer/musician Izzy B, together they present something truly special with "Let me take you", a marvelous production combining incredibly soulful yet spell binding rhythms with melodious keys and Kelli-Leigh's inimitable sultry vocals. The 'Original Club Mix' is an uplifting latin-esque affair, taken to the next level on the fiery funked-up 'Latino Funk Mix'. Kleva Keys serves a gorgeous truly sublime rendition making you yearn for more, and last but not least we have two equally fantastic laidback soul/funk inspired versions by Didier Vanelli oozing with a delightful organic feel.

Ollie Brooke & Christa featuring Johnny G & Julius Speed "I still walk home alone" (Integrity Records CD Promo)

It may be winter seasons, but these beautiful sun drenched sounds and melodies are guaranteed to bring warmth to your heart and soul... "I still walk home alone" by Ollie Brooke features the inimitable deeply rooted vocals by Christa alongside a grand trumpet solo by Johnny G and stellar keys by Julius Speed over a smoothly stompin' backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of KJ whose Disco-Funk inspired workout is sheer musical bliss, and DJ Freestyle delivers a wicked jazzed-up jackin' take.

DJ Roland Clark featuring Stephanie Cooke "One dance" (Delete Records CD Promo)

Roland Clark and Stephanie Cooke, two of house music biggest legends, join forces to bless us with "One dance", a grandiose production featuring Stephanie Cooke's unmistakable heartfelt vocals and ethereal keys over deeply stormin' rhythms, altogether spreading an irresistible vibe you can't resist to dance to. Miss at your own risk. Nuff said...

Rafael Moraes "Modern Traditions EP" (Yoruba Records CD Promo)

If you're looking for breath-taking deep house music, look no further than the ingenious truly eclectic "Modern Traditions EP" by Brazil's up and rising Rafael Moraes which fuses deep house music with elements of jazz, broken beat and latin, not to forget to mention the enticing vocals by guest artists Andre Torquato and Capitol A. Each of the featured tracks is simply mind-blowing, taking you on a mesmerizing deep house excursion you wish would never end... And for the vinyl aficionados, Yoruba Records have released a limited 10", grab them while you can...