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Osunlade presents "Mr. Flip" (/Yoruba Records Promo)

Yoruba Records are on a roll at the moment, gracing us with one ingenious release after another... With their latest offering produced by label head Osunlade, they introduce us to Mr. Flip and his unmatched spoken words which can be enjoyed across four varied downright enthralling tracks ranging from afro to deep and soulful, all laced with Osunlade beautiful vocal stylings and enchanting melodies.

Francesco Chiocci featuring Black Soda "Towards the sun" (Yoruba Soul Mixes)(MoBlack Records Promo)

Forthcoming to MoBlack Records are excellent Osunlade remixes of "Towards the sun" by Italian producer Francesco Chiocci and South African vocalist Black Soda. Without doubt, Black Soda's distinctive truly enigmatic vocals are taken to all new heights on these superb 'Yoruba Soul' interpretations oozing with smooth yet spell binding afrocentric rhythms and alluring melodies.

Seductive Sapphire "Enough" (AquaSol Recordings Promo)

AquaSol Recordings are about to take over dance floors around the globe with the Big Logan produced truly magnificent "Enough" by Seductive Sapphire. To make a long story short, the one-of-a-kind spoken words by Seductive Sapphire together with the enticing keys, inebriant galactical chord progressions and downright irresistible rhythms are guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Eddie Ramos "El amor espere" (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)

Most definitely, CyberJamz Records dropped a sure-fire dance floor weapon with the just released "El amor espere" by Eddie Ramos (also known as Houseologist@Wurk) as the indisputably inexorable afro-tribal rhythms in conjunction with the sexy female vocals, entrancing pads and killer organ solo create a hypnotizing vibe that will move you both spiritually and physically...

DJ Leandro & Art-Jones featuring JLuv "I need you in my life" (10 Year Anniversary Remixes)(Waking Monster Promo)

The 2010 club anthem "I need you in my life" by DJ Leandro and Art-Jones which features the unmistakable heartfelt vocals of JLuv (released complete with dope remixes by Black Coffee and Melchyor A) returns in a brilliant '10 Year Anniversary Remixes' package, with the likes of DJ Leandro himself, Echofusion, Sisco Umlambo and SoulLab adding their signature soulful/afro/deep touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

DJ Jazzy Jeff "Evil" (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)

Don't miss out on the glamorous "Evil" by legendary DJ/producer DJ 'Jazzy Jeff' Townes out now on promo on Mirror Ball Recordings. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the masterly crafted and orchestrated old school disco/soul/funk influenced "Evil" is guaranteed to cast a spell on you thanks to the infectious rich organic backdrop, luxurious jazzy keys and admirable vocals.

Soulbridge featuring Kwesi Bless "Guide you" (FAM Disco Remix)(Soulbridge Records Promo)

Back in fall 2017, HSR Records gave us the gorgeous "Guide you" by Italian DJ/producer Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) and vocalist Kwesi Bless, with remixes by Livio  Mode and Chujo following in June 2018. Now up-and-coming Soulbridge Records present a truly classy re-imagination by FAM Disco which combines the incomparable deeply felt vocals of Kwesi Bless with sublime jazzy keys and a smooth organic musical backing.

Traxx Pick: Ralf GUM "Dubs for the Clubs EP 1" (GoGo Music Promo)

Here on Spirit of House, we focus on reviewing vocal releases, but every know and then we receive some instrumentals/tracks that are so good they cannot be ignored... Such is the case with the "Dubs for the Clubs EP 1" by Ralf GUM aimed straight at the dance floor. These are not simply unreleased dubs from prior releases, on the contrary there are three brand new equally dope and fervid tracks included here, each one oozing with a different flavor: "Visitors' Dub" featuring a grand trumpet solo by Kafele is organic and groovey, "Groover's Dub" is on a hypnotizing late night tip, and finally "Stomping Dub" is a bouncey track that is truly intriguing.

Bootleg Pick: Alicia Keys "Good job" (Wright Vibes Remix)(Promo)

The eminent ballad "Good job" was meant to pay tribute to unsung and overlooked everyday heroes in Alicia Keys life, although its message obviously resonates even more amid the current corona pandemic. Courtesy of WrightVibes (David Vibes Tobon & Michael M-Dubb Wright) comes a glorious up-tempo interpretation that stays true and respectful to the original yet transforms the song into a soulful four-to-the-floor anthem.

Dave + Sam "Facts" (Classic Music Company Promo)

Classic Music Company are about to release "Facts", one of the standout cuts from Dave + Sam's critically acclaimed debut album "No shade" released in spring of this year, as single complete with stellar remixes. The Sam Obey produced "Facts" is deeply groovin' and truly tantalizing, featuring the unrivaled lyricism of Dave Giles II who offers a bleak portrait of today's America. On remix duty are JoVonn who delivers a mesmerizing deep underground-esque rework, and Catz ’n Dogz who add their signature tech/industrial feel. Also included is the accapella of the track.

The CyberJamz All-Stars "The CyberJamz 17th year Anniversary Music Compilation" (Part 1)(CyberJamz Records Promo)

The award-winning CyberJamz radio station has been on air since 2003, to celebrate the 17th year anniversary CyberJamz Records release a stunning two-part compilation loaded with previously unreleased tracks from The CyberJamz All-Stars, each one delivering a favorite mix, edit, rework or remix from their their personal music vault. The first part is truly eclectic and includes dope tracks from the likes of April Shabazz, DJ Lucky Santiago, Eddie Ramos, Musa Stretch, CalvinSol, DJ WM J, DJ Punch, Dash, David Britton and DJ.Tie.Be guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Part two will follow soon.