This week we have some real surprises for you - enjoy !!

DJ Jacko & Chelsea Como "Closer" (Tony Records CD Promo)

In its original form, "Closer" by DJ Jacko and vocalist Chelsea Como is a dazzling, dreamy down-tempo production putting the incredible emotive vocals of Chelsea Como to full effect. The mind-blowing utterly deep and spell binding up-tempo 'Blackdraft' mixes are a collaboration between DJ Jacko and Shino Blackk, combining Chelsea Como's amazing vocals with glamorous keys, lush chords and ruthlessly pulsating rhythms, altogether spreading a hypnotizing underground-esque vibe you can't resist to dance to...

Soulfuledge featuring DJ Spen "Lost in New York" (Soulfuledge Recordings CD Promo)

From the minds of producers/DJ's Soulfuledge and DJ Spen comes "Lost in New York", an utterly tantalizing slice of late night bliss using deep relentlessly thumpin' rhythms as playground for exquisite keys, luscious chords and grand jazzy saxophone, not to forget to mention the captivating spoken words by DJ Spen. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Lost in New York" is destined to take over dance floors by storm...

Mark Di Meo featuring Sofia Rubina "Into the night" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Renowned Italian DJ/producer Mark Di Meo joins forces with songstress Sofia Rubina for "Into the night", to cut right to the chase the duo delivers an enthralling slice of top-notch funked-up soulful house music built around a fervid organic backdrop, sweet guitars, sublime keys and Sofia Rubina's incomparable passionate vocals. Rightside deliver a smooth'n'sultry interpretation oozing with gorgeous melodies, while Groove Delivers drops an incredibly funky dub workout sure to set the floor on fire.

Beyond Tone featuring Asha Edmund "Surprise" (LadyMarySound International CD Promo)

LadyMarySound International truly grace us with the wonderful "Surprise" by Beyond Tone and Asha Edmund, a deep soulful production fusing the beautiful haunting vocals of Asha Edmund with seductive melodies and deeper than deep dulcet yet compelling rhythms. On remix duty are Shaun Ashby serving a delectable deep melodious rendition, and Josh Grooves whose wicked rework is on a deep somewhat moody, absolutely mesmerizing tip.

Deep House Pick: JFunc "In the pocket" (The Remixes)(Housewreck Media CD Promo)

Earlier this year (in March to be precise), we introduced you to the inaugural release of Housewreck Media by JFunc (aka Scottish producer Andy Jackson) entitled "Positive Vibes EP" loaded with four massive deep house tracks. Each of these tracks is about to get a proper single release in the coming months, the first one being "In the pocket" which got reworked by Claire Dempsey & Craig Stewart, David Sheerin and Dimitris Anagnostou all adding their signature deep touch, with the result being a truly versatile package that is completed with the original version by JFunc. In other words, a super dope release giving you plenty of choices to work the floor at any given time of the night...

Afro Deep Pick: Gianluca Pighi & Tiziano Ribiscini "Babalawo" (FOMP CD Promo)

With "Babalawo", Gianluca Pighi and Tiziano Ribiscini present some serious afro deep vibes sure to cause a stir on the dance floor. The exhilarating "Babalawo" is masterly orchestrated, with infectious percussive organic rhythms leading the way for classy saxophone, uber sexy male vocals, tempting synths and phat guitars. In contrast, the hypnotizing stripped back dub fueled with ethereal melodies and deeply rumblin' rhythms takes the track to deepest imaginable late night territory.