Thankfully summer is still here, and as usual we bring you the soulful soundtrack for it... enjoy !!

Julius Papp featuring Jessica Marquez "Your life 2013" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

Turn back the clock to summer 2003 when we were dancing and chilling to the beautiful "Your life" by San Francisco's very own Julius Papp who delivered a scorching summertime excursion featuring the smooth vocals of Jessica Marquez alongside a dreamy instrumentation including lush strings, Spanish guitars and an undulating bassline. Fast forward to summer of 2013, and we can enjoy a marvelous re-imagination giving the track a truly captivating organic feel through gentle yet thrilling percussive tribal-esque rhythms and breezy tropical melodies.

Tortured Soul vs. Black Coffee "I know what's on your mind" (TSTC Records CD Promo)

On "I know what's on your mind", Tortured Soul join forces with South Africa's Black Coffee - beyond doubt this the result of this collaboration is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine... A mix of this song by Black Coffee was released a couple of months ago on his album "Africa rising," now the mixes by Tortured Soul are here. The 'Main Mix' is all about the soulful and warm organic sound Tortured Soul are famous for, Ethan White's remix is taking the song to deepest grounds, with lush strings and superb keys accompanying John-Christian Urich's affective vocals. John-Christian Urich's 'Tropical Island Sex Mix' is a blissful affair oozing with a mouth-watering Caribbean vibe, while his 'Determination Mix' is an energetic yet soulful jam sure to set the floor on fire.

Jeremy Sylvester & Patsy Fuller "Undecided 2013" (Urban Dubz Music CD Promo)

Back in 2009, Jeremy Sylvester teamed up with jazz singer and songwriter Patsy Fuller to take on the jazz standard classic "Undecided", later in 2011 two massive remix packages were released. Now this wicked track returns in fresh mixes, with Jeremy Sylvester's own sophisticated 'JS Deep' mixes being first, combining the utterly sexy vocals of Patsy Fuller with empyreal melodies and deeper than deep, truly spell binding rhythms.

Martin East and Jared Douglas "Lead me on" (Kapa Music CD Promo)

Courtesy of Martin East and Jared Douglas comes "Lead me on", a supremely sexy slice of deep house featuring Jared Douglas's silky smooth vocals alongside delicious keys over deep enthralling rhythms. The remixes are from the likes of Keys Snow who drops a phat afrocentric workout laced with glorious keys, Husky who delivers a pair of relentlessly bumpin' mixes fueled with inebriant melodies, and last but not least Rok Sivante who offers a deeper than deep minimal flavored atmospheric rework.

Banks "Stay" (MuSol Recordings CD Promo)

Songstress Lisa Millett and Dominic Dawson team up as Banks to bless us with "Stay", a gorgeous sun drenched latin inspired production guaranteed to make you yearn for more thanks to smooth yet intoxicating rhythms, lovely flute, sublime keys and not to forget to mention the inimitable emotive vocals of Lisa Millett. Jaegerossa turn the heat up yet keep the vibe soulful on their inexorably stompin' rendition, Dominic Dawson contributes a deep hypnotizing dub, and finally there is a masterly live orchestrated down tempo mix by Grupo X.

Latest Craze "The Unreleased Mixes Vol. 3" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Beginning of 2012, SoundMen on Wax Records released the first two volumes in the unreleased project series by Latest Craze, now the third part is ready to drop, letting us enjoy more of the beloved sounds by Australian duo Latest Craze (Michael Gavrilidis & Peter Massa). This marvelous package includes their interpretations of "All I want to do" by SuSu Bobien, "Moonraker" by Foremost Poets and "Flores pro mar" by Silvia Zaragoza featuring Yasmine Seydi - what can we say other than this release is sheer musical bliss...

Mthi Wa Afrika "Afrikan acoustic" (FOMP CD Promo)

The "Afrikan acoustic" EP is Mthi Wa Afrika's debut release on FOMP, and what a mind-blowing and truly awe-inspiring gem this is... Each of the three tracks oozes with utterly deep exciting afrotastic rhythms and ethereal atmospheric synth melodies - to cut a long story short, these deep utterly hypnotizing vibes from the motherland are guaranteed to jam-pack the floor... Nuff said.

Vick Lavender "Heritage song" / "Moon & the sun" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

The sky's the limit for Vick Lavender and his beloved vintage sound - we could make it short and simply say this masterpiece is by no means to be missed, however this wouldn't do justice to all the musicians involved. First up is the glorious masterly orchestrated "Heritage song" which is guaranteed to put a spell on you with its phenomenal jazz/funk infused rhythms and vibes, next we have "Moon & the sun" where Vick Lavender explores deeper grounds, with pulsating afro inspired rhythms leading the way for heavenly melodies.

Sal Negro and Elle "Without you" (Ayize Songaa Recordings CD Promo)

With "Without you", Ayize Songaa Recordings present a truly soulful gem produced by Sal Negro and performed by songstress Elle. A smooth organic backdrop serves as playground for Elle's sultry vocals, gentle guitar and grand  keys - quite simply this is soulful house at its best. Beside the vocal version, you get an amazing unplugged version and superb remixes by 2AM, Pure Elevation, DJ D Anthony and Groove Salvation all adding their distinctive touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Seductive Sapphire "Chocolate melts" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

If you're into inspiring and enticing house music, look no further than "Chocolate melts" by Seductive Sapphire - without any doubt, her enchanting spoken word poetry will seduce you. The musical background is provided by the likes of Cm2, DJ General Slam, Al Coda, Tribe Franko, Tayo Wink, Tier Ra Nichi and DJ Punch & DJ Don Juan - it is next to impossible to pick a favorite version from this stellar selection of diversified truly one-of-a-kind deep and soulful interpretations...