review logoWe've carefully selected the new releases we've included in this weeks update... enjoy !!

Brutha Basil featuring MissFly "She is a queen" (Brukel Music Promo)

Acclaimed spoken word artist Brutha Basil presents "She is a queen" featuring guest vocalist MissFly, the second single taken from this forthcoming full length album "360 Degrees of Brutha Basil". Without doubt, this timeless soulful production using a spell binding organic musical backing as foundation for Brutha Basil's unmatched spoken words, MissFly's incredible sultry vocals and mellifluous keys is not to be missed.

Steve Otto & ZotheaAkifa "Saved by the light" (Doug Gomez Remix)(Pasqua Records S.A Promo)

Back in May, we introduced you to "Saved by the light" by DJ/producer Steve Otto, a soulful yet intriguing afro house production featuring the amazing emotive vocals of ZotheaAkifa. Adding his magical touch to this gem is Merecumbe Recordings label head Doug Gomez whose smooth and melodious yet captivating interpretation fueled with thrilling percussive rhythms and bodacious keys is sheer musical bliss.

Lem Springsteen featuring Vocalzbyjamelle "Falling" (Good Vibrations Music Promo)

Next up on renowned Good Vibrations Music is the uplifting "Falling" by Lem Springsteen (one half of legendary duo Mood II Swing) and vocalist Vocalzbyjamelle, a splendorous slice of sun drenched soulful feel-goodness featuring the beautiful tempting vocals of Vocalzbyjamelle alongside enchanting keys, sweet guitars and an infectious funktified musical backing. Nuff said...

Sir Soundbender "We did it" (Miggedy Entertainment Promo)

Unadulterated dance floor dynamite awaits you with the fervid "We did it", the latest offering from Sir Soundbender out now on promo through Miggedy Entertainment. To make it short, "We did it" cleverly reworks an obscure disco/funk classic (can you name the artist and title?) into a downright enthralling four-to-the-floor anthem guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...

George Kranz "Din daa daa" (Guido P Therapy Remix)(Promo)

"Din daa daa" by George Kranz, an all-time dance music classic dating back to 1983, gets a spectacular four-to-the-floor makeover by Italian DJ/producer Guido P. Unquestionably, Guido P's interpretation laced with enticing jazzed-up keys, dreamful pads and relentlessly thumpin' rhythms keeps the spirit of the original alive yet transforms the track into a sure-fire dance floor weapon.

DJ Ceez featuring Tiff Beatty "Love my drum" (New Generation Records Promo)

Chicago's DJ Ceez (Clarence 'CJ' Jones) and performance poet Tiff Beatty present "Love my drum", the follow-up to last years hit single "Magnets & gravity". First up is the 'Late Nite Swing Vocal' sure to cast a spell on you through Tiff Beatty's inimitable spoken words, entrancing keys and compelling rhythms, next is the 'Re-Freeked Vocal' oozing with a classy jazz inspired vibe, and finally the 'Afro Sheezy Vocal' takes the track to afro house territory.

Deep House Pick: Roque "Believe in music" (Deep House Police Promo)

Coming to Deep House Police in a couple of week is the indisputably mind-blowing "Believe in music" EP by esteemed South African producer Roque. To make a long story short, the "Believe in music" EP which includes four equally brilliant tracks perfectly showcasing the unequaled and truly ingenious deep house sound of Roque will take over dance floors around the globe by storm.

Traxx Pick: Robert Matos "Candela en la cuarentena" (Ocha Records Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with "Candela en la cuarentena" by newcomer Robert Matos. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the superb "Candela en la cuarentena" oozing with a classic New York afro house vibe will send shivers down your spine thanks to the inexorably pulsating rhythms, grand jazzy keys, inebriant galactical chord progressions and alluring female vocal sprinkles.