review logoThis weeks update is very eclectic and brings you the very best and latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Sir Mos "Feel what I feel EP" (Deep Fusion Records Promo)

South African label Deep Fusion Records has been going from strength to strength in recent months, and the labels most recent offering the brilliant "Feel what I feel EP" by Sir Mos (Moses Assegaai) is certainly another fabulous uber soulful release by no means to be missed. To make it short, this ingenious EP characterized by smooth yet intriguing rhythms, rich melodies and amazing truly glorious vocals by Tony Paperz, Nelisiwe, Kamo and Lady Knight includes five equally fantastic productions and has timeless written all over...

Traxx Pick: DJ Pope presents "Traxx from the Vatican Vol. 16" (Poji Records Promo)

It all started back in 1993 when DJ Pope unleashed the first volume in the prestigious "Traxx from the Vatican" series on a verily limited vinyl run. Fast forward to 2017 and we are celebrating the latest releases in the series loaded with three sure-fire dance floor weapons. First up we have "To the sky", a gorgeous track combining a slick jazzy piano with sublime horn stabs, dreamy strings and compelling rhythms (as cherry on top, the track features vocals taken from the chorus of "Keep your head to the sky by Earth Wind & Fire). Second is "Jack my bodie", a fiery track fueled with a killer organ taking you back to the origins of house music when the sound was raw and gritty. Lastly, there is "So in love" by DJ Class a ruthless four-to-the-floor stomper enriched with the sweet vocals from Kyana and influenced by the Boz Scaggs classic "Lowdown".

Vickie Ryan "Believe in yourself" (New Generation Records Promo)

Iconic New Generation Records continues to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music with the phantasmagorical "Believe in yourself" written and produced by Corey Holmes and performed in grand style by Vickie Ryan. The original version is all about Vickie Ryan's incomparable sultry vocals, luscious melodic keys and thrilling percussive rhythms, next Corey Holmes gives the track a vibrant soul-tech feel on his hypnotizing 'Soulful Tech Remix', and last but not least Jonny Montana adds his beloved organic jazz drenched touch to take the track to the next level.

From the Vault: 3 A.M. "I love this place" (Movin' Records 12" Re-Issue)

Movin' Records, the legendary New Jersey house music label created by the one and only Abigail Adams, is responsible for many genre defining house music anthems and classics, undeniably the label was a driving factor in the development of the classic New Jersey house sound. Predominantly Movin' Records focused on soulful vocal tracks, but the labels immaculate catalogue includes unforgettable deeper tracks such as "I love this place" by 3 A M., a scintillating gem dating back to 1994 that features melodious chords, cool vocal sprinkles and captivating rhythms. The alternate 'Place of Worship Mix' fusing an uplifting piano with a cracking organ and a fervid jazzed-up backing is truly dope...

Soulbridge featuring Kwesi Bless "Guide U" (HSR Records Promo)

Renowned Italian DJ/producer Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) joins forces with vocalist Kwesi Bless to grace us with the inspiring "Guide U", a timeless soul infused production using a contaminous yet smooth organic backdrop as foundation for lovely guitars, exquisite keys, celestial strings and Kwesi Bless' unmatched deep-rooted vocals. Without doubt "Guide U" is top-notch soulful house music...

Deep House Pick: Paso Doble featuring Wendy Jane "Lost EP" (Melomania Records Promo)

Courtesy of Paso Doble and Wendy Jane Satchell comes "Lost", in our humble opinion one of the best deep house productions in recent time with verily deep mesmerizing rhythms leading the way for delectable jazzy keys, inebriant galactical synth melodies and Wendy Jane Satchell's unmistakable haunting vocals. On remix duty are Elias Tzikas and Caiiro who inject their signature deep/afro-deep touch, all in all this verily eclectic release gives you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Olive Jean Love "I need love" (Friskybeat Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Friskybeat Records is the return of Olive Jean Love with the splendiferous "I need love" which features her unique spoken word poetry alongside the wonderful vocals of Carrie Gibson, glamorous jazzy keys and ethereal chords over an infectiously thumpin' organic backdrop. On the 'Machucambo Mix' the lyrics create a deep affection between the rhyme and the afrocentric rhythms, and finally DJ Lucho serves a dancers delight with his enticing blend of synth melodies with chord stabs and seductive rhythms.

Antoine Dunn "By design" (AceBeat Music Promo)

Not much meeds to be said or written about this release on AceBeat Music other than Derrick Ricky Nelson and DJ Sir Charles Dixon have been pulling out all the stops and serve a marvelous four-to-the-floor interpretation of Antoine Dunn's "By design". Lovers of soulful house music don't want to miss this beauty, Antoine Dunn's incredible heartfelt vocals truly shine on this jewel fueled with grandiose jazzed-up keys, sweet guitars and a lively organic backing.

Eman "A song for Lina" (Muzikman Editon Retouch)(Run Bklyn Trax Company Promo)
Eman & Muzikman Edition "Living the dream" (Run Bklyn Trax Company Promo)

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to shake your booty to these two utterly enthralling tracks by spoken word artist Eman, with the musical backdrop provided by DJ/producer Muzikman Edition. Both "A song for Lina" and "Living the dream" use utterly irresistible rhythms as playground for lush keys and the unrivaled spoken word poetry of Eman, unquestionably these tracks are guaranteed to jam-pack the floor...

Afro Traxx Pick: DJEV "African Tanzania EP" (CyberJamz Records Promo)

Most definitely, "African Tanzania" by Elliott "DJEV" Venegas is destined to take over dance floor globally and send the dancers into a frenzy... This sure-fire dance floor bomb is all about the absolutely merciless afro-tribal rhythms and the entrancing afro vocal chants, together they spread a verily mesmeric feel sure to get your feet moving...