review logoThis weeks update loaded with the latest in vocal soulful and afro house music is a bit more club orientated, we hope you'll enjoy it...

Doug Gomez featuring Lizwi "Zanini kimi" (Remixes)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Don't overlook these fresh and absolutely wicked remixes of "Zanini kimi" by label head Doug Gomez and songstress Lizwi (originally released in January of these year). First up is Lenny Air who transforms the track into a verily tantalizing afro-deep affair oozing with entrancing synth melodies and relentlessly thumpin' rhythms, next is the previously unreleased dub version by HyperSOUL-X.

Nkinga featuring Tswex Malabola "Umncele" (Ocha Mzansi Promo)

Ocha Mzansi are about to unleash something truly ingenious and extraordinary with "Umncele" by Nkinga. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this energetic and raw afro-deep production featuring the distinctive vocal stylings of Tswex Malabola, spacy synths and merciless rhythms is downright hypnotizing and sure to take over dance floors around the globe by storm. Nuff said...

Cafe 432 featuring Michelle Rivera "Freak" (Cafe 432 Dirty Disco Remix)(Soundstate Records Promo)

In summer of 2018, we introduced you to "Freak" by Cafe 432 (aka Jonsey and Kevin McPherson) a verily sexy and uplifting slice of soulful bliss laced with the beautiful tempting vocals of Michelle Rivera, now the track returns in a fervid re-imagination which combines the vocals with luscious melodies and an utterly infectious funked-up backdrop. This dope rework is sure to jam-pack the dance floor...

Mr. Eclectic featuring L. Soul "Beautiful oasis" (Remix)(Pasqua Records Promo)

End of 2018, Pasqua Records graced us with the top-notch afro-deep cut "Beautiful oasis" by Mr. Eclectic featuring the uber cool spoken word poetry by L. Soul, now they present a brand new truly superb interpretation by DJ Octopuz taking you on a enchanting journey to deepest imaginable gourds, with the vocals accompanied by dreamful keys and compelling rhythms.

Crystal Waters & DJ Spen "Party people" (Unquantize Records Promo)

Unquantize Records celebrate their 200th release in proper style with this massive collaboration by legendary house music vocalist Crystal Waters and renowned DJ/producer DJ Spen. To make it short, "Party people" is a very exhilarating slice of old school influenced feel-good house guaranteed to cast a spell on you through the intriguing rhythms, catchy keys and the unmatched vocals of Crystal Waters...

Din Jay "I gotta know" (SoulLab Remix)(KingStreet Records Promo)

In fall of 2018, KingStreet Records gave us the glorious "I gotta know" by Italian DJ/producer Din Jay (Dino Montanaro), now this classy track which features amazing emotive vocals (by an uncredited female artist) returns in stellar new mixes by South Africa's SoulLab (aka Kagiso Mokgatle and Kagiso Mathibe) oozing with smooth deeply groovin' rhythms and lush keys.

Bonna featuring Liz Jai "Wanna know" (HSR Records Promo)

DJ/producer Bonna joins forces with singer/songwriter Liz Jai for "Wanna know" a vibrant yet soulful production featuring the unique sultry vocals of Liz Jai alongside delectable keys and a thrillingly stompin' musical backing. The cherry on top are the uber soulful summery interpretation by FAM Disco and the enthralling deepened rendition by Souldbridge. Essential.

Nicolas Bassi featuring Griffin "Out of my head" (Oh So Coy Recordings Promo)

Coming soon to Oh So Coy Recordings is "Out of my head" by Swiss DJ/producer Nicolas Bassi, a verily enticing sun drenched cut with a gentle captivating organic backdrop leading the way for mellifluous pads and the sexy spoken word vocal by Griffin. The remix is courtesy of Michael Oberling who gives the track a deeper and moodier feel perfect for late night, early morning play.

Leo Guardo featuring Idd Aziz "Namini" (Tribe Records Promo)

Australia's Leo Guardo makes his Tribe Records debut with "Namini" a scintillating slice of afro house goodness built around irresistibly pulsating rhythms, inebriant galactial synth melodies and the incomparable truly eminent vocal stylings of Idd Aziz from Kenya. Most definitely, this unquestionably mesmerizing afro house banger will send the dancers into a frenzy...

MoBlack featuring. Stevo Atambire "Nayine oo" (Nandu Late In The Evening Mix)(MoBlack Records Promo)

We are closing this week's update with the phat Nandu remix of "Nayine oo" by MoBlack and Stevo Atambire to be released end of the month on MoBlack Records. Once again, MoBlack Records push the boundaries of afro house music with this innovative afro house dance floor weapon fueled with the fabulous vocals of Stevo Atambire, entrancing synths and inexorable rhythms.