review logoWhat an incredible update we have for you this week with nothing but the best in vocal soulful/afro house music... enjoy !!

Andrea Curato featuring Irene Ermolli "Wake up your heart" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for Cool Staff Records as their fourth release "Wake up your heart" is another outstanding soulful production by DJ/producer Andrea Curato, featuring Italian jazz singer/songwriter Irene Ermolli. Undoubtedly, "Wake up your heart" with a smooth yet contaminous organic musical backing leading the way for lush keys, dreamful chords and the glamorous deeply felt vocals of Irene Ermolli is sheer musical bliss...

Unqle Chriz "My only one" (Remixes)(Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

In may of last year, Vibe Boutique Records graced us with the marvelous "My only one" produced by George Lesley and performed in grand style by Unqle Chriz, now this timeless soulful jewel returns in fresh remixes by Chicago's own Sean Ali. Without doubt, these mind-blowing re-imaginations laced with sublime keys, heavenly chords and gentle yet compelling rhythms take the unrivaled vocals of Unqle Chriz to a whole new level...

Dovie Cote' "Skin deep" / "No prisoners" (CyberJamz Records Promo)

Hot on the heels of the brilliant "The Storm EP" (released through Seed Recordings) comes the next eminent release by Dovie Cote' which features two ingenious vocal gems. Both "Skin deep" and "No prisoners" are expertly crafted and ooze with Dovie Cote's inimitable haunting vocals, enchanting melodies and captivating rhythms, with "Skin deep" being on a more laidback tip while "No prisoners" is a vibrant late night affair.

Cleveland P Jones "Dream life" (New Generation Records Promo)

Legendary New Generation Records kick off their 30th anniversary celebration with stunning DJ Ceez mixes of the Mike LaBirt and Sterling Void produced "Dream life" by Cleveland P Jones. To make it short, Cleveland P. Jones incomparable vocals truly shine on these absolutely irresistible DJ Ceez interpretations fueled with bodacious keys, ethereal chords and enthralling rhythms.

Derrick Ricky Nelson "The world is changing so fast" (Remixes)(AceBeat Music Promo)

Beginning of 2015, AceBeat Music released the original mid-tempo version of "The world is changing so fast" by Derrick Ricky Nelson, now this phantasmagorical song returns in proper four-to-the-floor interpretations most definitely guaranteed to make you yearn for more thanks to the fervid rich musical backing, sweet guitar riffs, sumptuous keys and the fantastic vocals. Essential.

Dennis Cruz & Ian Ludvig "Black bird" (MoBlack Records Promo)

MoBlack Records are back on Spirit of House with "Black bird" by Dennis Cruz and Ian Ludvig, to make a long story short this downright dope slice of unadulterated underground-esque afro-tech using inexorable rhythms as playground for inebriant keys and verily seductive female vocals is guaranteed to send the dance floor into a frenzy. Don't miss out on this essential release from MoBlack Records...

Soul Groove & Andrea Erre featuring Charlotte Cardinale "I've got a love" (Soul Mood Records Promo)

In February, we introduced you to the stellar inaugural release from Soul Mood Records, now the label is back with the second release courtesy of Soul Groove and Andrea Erre who join forces with songstress Charlotte Cardinale for "I've got a love" a wonderful soulful production with an infectious organic backdrop leading the way for wicked guitar, luscious keys, classy saxophone and the incredible vocals of Charlotte Cardinale.

Stones & Bones featuring Halala "Uthando" (Conway Kasey Remix)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Merecumbe Recordings revive "Uthando" by South Africa's Stones & Bones, one of their signature releases from past fall, with a fresh interpretation by Conway Kasey. Unquestionably, this excellent rework which combines the the beautiful emotive vocals of Halala Noluthando Gumbi with luxurious keys and smooth yet intriguing afrocentric rhythms is sure to cast a spell on you...

John Julius Knight featuring Jstreet "Permission" (Blacklist Records Promo)

Courtesy of legendary DJ/producer John Julius Knight aka JJK and Jstreet comes "Permission" (released through JJK's own label Blacklist Records), not much needs to be said or written about this magnificent release other than the smooth yet spell binding organic backdrop together with the lush melodious keys and the amazing spirited vocals of Jstreet make this a sure-fire dance floor weapon.

Corey Holmes "Crushing on you" (New Generation Records Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with the second new release from legendary New Generation Records, the verily dope "Crushing on you" by Corey Holmes. Beyond question, this fierce track is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor through the smooth yet relentlessly thumpin' backdrop, delectable keys, charming chords and the downright seductive female vocals. Nuff said...