Enjoy one of the biggest updates on Spirit of House in recent history...

Deep Elementz "Rose peddles" (El's Deep & Romantic Vocal)(Night Scope Deep Records CD Promo)

The latest offering from emerging Night Scope Deep Records is courtesy of label head Deep Elementz who takes us on a journey to deepest grounds with " "Rose peddles", an exhilarating production combining the deeply rooted vocals of Deep Elementz with lush melodies and utterly deep old school inspired rhythms - in other words, top notch deep house by no means to be missed.

Mena Keys & Marlon D featuring Soul Duet "Love somebody" (Room Control Records CD Promo)

The twentieth release on Room Control Records is "Love somebody" by Marlon D and Mena Keys, a marvelous soulful gem oozing with sultry vocals by Soul Duet (Pepper & Emory), jazzy piano, heavenly synth melodies and smooth yet infectious rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Dave C whose classic rendition reminds us of the unforgettable Def-Mix sound of yesteryear, Jonny Montana who adds his signature organic jazz drenched touch, and finally Seascape who deliver a deep mesmerizing tech-soul rework.

Kojo Akusa "Hey" (The Remixes)(Peng Africa CD Promo)

One of the standout tracks from Peng Africa's highly acclaimed album "Silulu Volume 1" which was released back in August 2011 finally gets a well deserved full single release. Of course we talk about "Hey" by Kojo Akusa which marks his first release on Peng Africa, and hopefully it won't be his last. The package features a selection of all new stellar remixes from the likes of Beat Rebels, Posh, Lele X, Soul Secured, Da Capo and Monocles & Slezz, all adding their distinctive soulful/deep/afro touch to the song, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Zothea & The House Fyns "Special love" (Peng Africa CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of Kojo Akusa's "Hey" comes the next bomb from Peng Africa. The wonderful "Special love" is produced and arranged by The House Fyns and features deeply felt vocals by Zothea Tserema alongside delectable keys over deep and smooth yet captivating rhythms. Not to forget the superb remixes from the likes of DJ Bullet, The Antidotes, Problem Child and DJ Harris. Another not-to-be-missed release from Peng Africa...

Deep Inc featuring Stee Downes "Nothing lasts forever" (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo)

Deep Inc's "Nothing lasts forever" which features vocalist Stee Downes could first be heard on Solid Ground's "2012 Spring Sampler", now the time has come for a full single release. On the uplifting original version, Stee Downes' passionate vocals are accompanied by melodious keys and a deeply groovin' backdrop. Next Mr. Moon takes us back in time with his 80's boogie inspired rework, then we have Carlos Vargas with his thrilling soul/funk infused interpretation. Closing the package is Phil Asher who deepens the vibe on his seminal soul-tech workout.

Mikki Afflick featuring Cyndi Tan "Majestic pride" (Soul Sun Soul Music CD Promo)

The first release for Mikki Afflick and her Soul Sun Soul Music label is the long awaited "Majestic pride". Featuring percussionist/singer/songwriter Cyndi Tan, the project goes as far back as 2009 but its only now that we can all enjoy this ingenious production guaranteed to send shivers down your spine - the deeper than deep hypnotizing rhythms combined with inspiring vocals and killer keys are simply mind-blowing... Lets not forget to mention the phenomenal remixes by Bradford James, Abicah Soul and Azee Project taking the song to a whole new level.

The V.L.E featuring Yvette Magallon "Ghurka (shared vision)" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

There are no limits for Vick Lavender and his beloved vintage sound as the latest offering on Sophisticado Records proves where he joins forces with native Chicagoan Yvette Magallon. "Ghurka (shared vision)" is a masterly orchestrated production featuring the keyboard wizardry of Vijay Tellis-Nayak, percussion by Joe Rendon and inspirational spoken word poetry by Yvette Magallon - what else can we say than "Ghurka (shared vision)" is a musical masterpiece by no means to be missed...

Zethu "Summertime" (ZuluMafia Digital CD Promo)

The next release on ZuluMafia Digital is the glorious "Summertime" performed by Zethu and mixed by ZuluMafia (Simphiwe Nhlapho). On "Summertime", Zethu impresses with her heartfelt rendition of the lyrics on this marvelous production, while ZuluMafia gives us an eclectic selection of vocal, instrumental and dub versions to choose from, with each the mixes oozing with his beloved trademark deep sound. Highly recommended.

Clown Dallas featuring Miranda Nicole "Love encore" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

South Africa's Clown Dallas (Ayanda Sigwili) presents the first song taken from his forthcoming debut album "Dynasty Apartment". On "Love encore", he teams up with songstress Miranda Nicole to bless us with wonderful slice of soulful house music which reflects their many influences. On remix duty are Sai & Ribatone who contribute a blazin hot afro-tribal rework, and Groove Assassin who drops an amazing remix oozing with a mesmerizing old skool you can't resist to dance to.

Federico D'Alessio featuring Margaret Grace "I can feel" (Tony Records CD Promo)

With "I can feel", Tony Records present an uplifting production by Federico D'Alessio featuring the unmistakable vocals of Margaret Grace together with lush keys and a great saxophone solo over a fiercely stompin' funk soaked backdrop. Ondagroove take us back in time with their 90's inspired remix, Spellband enter deepest territory with their breath-taking interpretation, Mark Di Meo gets all soulful on his gorgeous remixed guaranteed to make you yearn for more, and last but not least Tempomatici take the track to the main room with their energetic workout.

Kai & Kyle featuring Ashley Jana "Home" (TSTC Records CD Promo)

Asia-based Kai & Kyle team up with New York City songwriter Ashley Jana to bring us the summery "Home" which is spreading an uplifting through Ashley Jana's sultry vocals, warm melodious keys and fierce yet smooth funk drenched backing. Tortured Soul contribute a sun drenched flamenco-tinged rework, an energetic version for prime time play, and a ruthless slightly dark dub. M-Swift gives the song a crossover appeal on his vibrant remix, Ninjury flips things around on his electronic rework, and lastly we have a down tempo take by P.R.

Steve Paradise featuring Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd "Guru dance" (Una Mas Digital Recordings CD Promo)

Originally released in October 2011 on the "Afro Land Volume 1" compilation, this beautiful laidback production by Steve Paradise featuring ethereal synth melodies, jazzy keys and the inimitable vocals of Tantra Zawadi and Dana Byrd over deep percussive rhythms returns as a full single release. The afrocentric 'Duby Duby Mix' gives the track a deep hypnotizing feel, Silvia Zaragoza gets truly melodies on her deeply thumpin interpretation laced with grand jazzy keys and luxurious chords, and finally Giorgio Bassetti keeps th vibe deep yet giving the track a more melancholic feel.

Giovanni Ikome & Frankie Foncett "More love" (DeepForestSA CD Promo)

The team of Giovanni 'Young Don' Ikome and Frankie Foncett grace us with the utterly fierce "More love" which uses remorselessly pounding rhythms as playground for uber  cool repetitive male vocals and celestial synth melodies - to make it short, "More love" is a timeless underground-esque anthem guaranteed to set the floor on fire whenever and  wherever played. Nothing more needs to be said about this gem...

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section to highlight other noteworthy releases...

"Movement obsession" by Missoless is a masterly orchestrated nu-jazz/funk infused broken beat styled production, coming complete with a Disco flavored version, ragga inspired rendition by David Borsu featuring lyrics by Jiggy Drama and an afrotastic remix by DJ Floy somewhat reminiscent of Masters at Work's tribute to Fela Kuti's seminal classic "Expensive shit")(Manyvibes Records CD Promo). Roberto De Carlo returns with the Nu-Disco masterpiece "Stereophonic" which includes stellar remixes by Spirit Catcher, Faze Action, Copycat, Martin Brodin, Julian Sanza and Richard Earnshaw - don't miss out on this musical delight bringing the unforgotten sounds of Disco and Boogie back to the dance floor... (RDC Digital CD Promo).

Mike Delgado's 1994 club banger "Latino way (I can feel it)" (released on "The Murder EP" through Released for Pleasure Music) gets a superb remake by True2Life (Richard Pring) which stays true to the original yet intensifies the vibe to ensure maximum floor reaction. Scott Diaz injects his trademark old skool inspired sound, while OtherSoul smoothen the vibe on their laidback interpretation oozing with a gorgeous instrumentation (Check It Out Records CD Promo). Next we have Miguel Migs uber cool remixes of Thievery Corporation's "El pueblo unido" guaranteed to se the floor on fire with their beautiful fusion of live instrumentation, deep thrilling rhythms and luscious melodies (Salted Music CD Promo).

SOL Element & Dimi Stuff give us "Why me", a sun drenched production oozing with gorgeous melodies and warm organic rhythms. On remix duty are CJ Giovanni, Phaze Dee and H@K  (Hercules  & Costantinos) adding their signature soulful touch (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo). With the "Love Affair EP", Jeremy Sylvester brings back the beloved underground UK garage sound of yesteryear. Four tracks spread over two volumes, each one guaranteed to jam-pack the floor... (Urban Dubz Music CD Promo).

We continue our journey through the underground with the "Don't Turn Left EP" by Israel's Rosenhaft. What you get here are two absolutely massive tracks bringing the raw sound of the underground to the dance floor (Soul Departure Records CD Promo). If you're looking for a slice of pristine deepness, don't look any further than "I believe" by Tier Ra Nichi which is guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy with celestial synth melodies, enchanting female vocals and utterly deep hypnotizing rhythms (CyberJamz Records CD Promo).