review logoOnce again we keep the heat on with this week's blazin' hot update... enjoy !!

Drexmeister featuring Merel Sluman "Running around" (Remixes)(Solitone Music Promo)

Solitone Music are back on Spirit of House with the dazzling remix package for "Running around" by Drexmeister. Originally released about a year ago, we finally get to hear the full extended version of this soulful gem which features the inimitable sultry vocals of Merel Sluman and luscious keys over a rich organic musical backing. Next is Drexmeister's brand new remix giving the track a captivating groovey feel, followed by Dwight Brown's downright enticing deepened rendition. Completing the package is the wonderful 9'0s r&b inspired 'Soul Jam' version.

Inaky Garcia & Jerry Davila featuring Mimi Barber "Cada vez" (Union Records Promo)

"Cada vez" by multi-ethnical group Negrocan became a club anthem in 1999 when Grant Nelson added his magical touch to the track (with further remixes by Richard Earnshaw and Guy Robin released in the following years), now right in time for summer we are graced with a masterly orchestrated truly glorious and lively afro/latin infused re-imagination by Inaky Garcia and Jerry Davila oozing with the beautiful sublime vocals of Mimi Barber.

Wheeler del Torro featuring Nuzu Deep "I want to try again" (Dog Day Recordings Promo)

Next up on Dog Day Recordings is "I want to try again" by Wheeler del Torro, a soundtrack to the 1916 silent short film "A natural born gambler" starring Broadway comedian and singer Bert Williams. The original version is a mesmerizing instrumental featuring entrancing synth melodies over spell binding afro-percussive rhythms, with the 'Sunset Mix' introducing the unique alluring vocals of Nuzu Deep and slowing down the tempo to give the track a more laidback feel. Finally, FNX Omar contributes a  hypnotizing tech flavored afro-deep workout sure to cast a spell on you.

Dawn Souluvn Williams "Feel the fire" (Dave Anthony Remixes)(Souluvn Entertainment Promo)

End of 2018, we were celebrating the verily inspiring and uber soulful "Feel the fire" by Dawn 'Souluvn' Williams (a Ricky Nelson produced cover version of the Peabo Bryson classic from 1977), then one year later Chicago's own Jerry C King gave us his brilliant interpretation. Now London based David Anthony delivers an uplifting truly vibrant yet soulful rendition which combines the inimitable haunting vocals of Dawn Souluvn Williams with luxurious jazzed-up keys and an infectious funked-up backdrop.

Jabzz Dimitri featuring Tabia "Amadlozi" (Remixes)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Back in June, we introduced you to "Amadlozi" by South African DJ/producer Jabzz Dimitri, an utterly mesmerizing afro house production laced with the incredible vocal stylings of Tabia. Now this dance floor favorite returns in superb remixes by Mark Francis and Leo Guardo both adding their landmark and downright tantalizing afro house touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Mr. Eclectic & Tina Ardor "Omwana" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Pasqua Records is the truly and unquestionably enthralling "Omwana" by DJ/producer Mr. Eclectic (Maurice Easter) and vocalist Tina Ardor. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the inexorable afrocentric rhythms together with the Tina Ardor's incomparable spirited vocals and the inebriant melodies are guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy... Nuff said...

Morttimer Snerd III "1 of these" (Chicago Soul Exchange Promo)
Steve Miggedy Maestro "Heaven sent" (Miggedy Entertainment Promo)

Those looking for soulful four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of unforgotten songs from yesteryear should check out these two releases by Morttimer Snerd III and Steve Miggedy Maestro, respectively. First up we have Morttimer Snerd III who takes on "One of these nights" by the Eagles (dating back to 1975). next is Steve Miggedy Maestro who reworks the 1984 classic "Heaven sent you" by Stanley Clarke featuring Howard Hewett, with both of these interpretations staying true and respectful to the original.

Big Logan "The world is a beat (The Big Logan EP Part 4)" (Aqua Sol Recordings Promo)

Don't miss out on "The world is a beat (The Big Logan EP Part 4)", an indisputably dope EP by Newark native Big Logan coming to Aqua Sol Recordings within the next couple of days. To make it short, this EP is truly diversified and showcases some of the many different flavors underground house music has to offer, with each of the six included tracks being a sure-fire dance floor weapon thanks to irresistible rhythms, cleverly used vocal samples and inspirations drawn from a variety of other musical genres.