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Veev & Angel-A "Stomp your feet" (Liberate Recordings CD Promo)

The latest offering from Liberate Recordings is "Stomp your feet" by Veev and vocalist Angel-A, a truly gorgeous deep'n'melodious spoken word gem using gentle yet infectious organic rhythms as playground for lush keys and Angel-A's inimitable sultry vocals - sheer musical bliss. Doc Link contributes the remix, giving the track a raw somewhat dirty unadulterated underground-esque feel guaranteed to set the floor on fire...

Michael Ashe "Still kicking it" (Crevasse Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year, South African producer Michael Ashe launched Crevasse Records to showcase his own productions, next on the label will be "Still kicking it" an utterly tantalizing slice of late night bliss using deeply pulsating rhythms as playground for glamorous keys and luscious chords which are complimented with tempting vocals towards the middle of a track. In other words, a prime deep house production perfect for late night play...

Alex Politi featuring Josiah Ruff "Soulmate" (Domenico Albanese Remix)(HSR Records CD Promo)

In June of this year, HSR Records unleashed the uber soulful "Soulmate" by Alex Politi and singer Josiah Ruff complete with a superb remix by Soulbridge, now the label graces us with a brand new re-imagination by Domenico Albanese who gives the track a deeper feel, with irresistibly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for Josiah Ruff's unique passionate vocals, exhilarating synth melodies and a grand saxophone.

Andy Edit featuring Angie Brown "Move it up" (Edit Records CD Promo)

To cut right to the chase, "Move it up" by Andy Edit is an utterly contaminous slice of feel-good heaven guaranteed to jam-pack the floor and send the dancers into a frenzy. Put differently, the relentlessly stompin' backing together with the catchy piano hooks, Disco-ish strings and Angie Brown's inspiring vocals are guaranteed to cast a spell on you, beyond the shadow of a doubt you can't resist to dance to this dance floor weapon...

Mike LaBirt "Scream and shout" (New Generation Records CD Promo)

With "Scream and shout", Mike LaBirt presents a formidable four-to-the-floor re-imagination of "Shout and scream" by legendary Teddy Pendergrass (from his 1979 "Live!Coast To Coast" album) which stays true and respectful to the original yet transforms the song into a fervid dance floor weapon spreading an uplifting feel sure to set the roof on fire...

Shino Blackk "Stand up" (New Generation Records CD Promo)

Shino Blackk comes correct with "Stand up", a smooth yet captivating underground house anthem fusing gently thumpin' yet spell binding rhythms with exquisite keys, ethereal chords and the acapella of Loleatta Holloway's "Stand up" (to be precise, "Stand up" is based on her song "Dreamin'" originally released back in 1976 on the album "Loleatta") to full effect.

Traxx Pick: Kiko Navarro "Camon Yo EP" (Plastik People Recordings CD Promo)

From Kiko Navarro comes the "Camon Yo EP" loaded with nothing but straight dance floor killer cuts. "Bates dance" combines mesmerizing strings with exhilarating synths and mercilessly thumpin' moody rhythms. Marc Cotterell takes the track to the next level on his stellar remix oozing with an entrancing old school garage vibe. "Camon yo (Rework)" is an utterly hypnotizing track sure to move any dance floor with its resistless groovey rhythms and enthralling melodies, reworked by Matt Rivem into a blissful late night gem.

Deep House Pick: Reece Johnson "Souled out" (Plastik People Digital CD Promo)

If you're into old school flavored and inspired deep house with a touch of garage, look no further than this wicked EP by Reece Johnson coming your way on Plastik People Digital. Two original productions - "Don't stop" and Souled out" - are featured, as well asĀ  brilliant remixes by Rissa Garcia, Adrian Duran and Hilario V, with each of the versions included keeping the vibe deep and enticing. Altogether this is an outstanding deep house release by no means to be missed...