For the second week in a row, we bring you an extra large update full of the latest in soulful house music... enjoy !!

Timmy Regisford "Thank you" (Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Only a few weeks after Tribe Records graced us with the first part of the "Timmy Regisford Remixed Collection" series (the Claude Monnet remixes of "At the club") comes the second installment which features stellar remixes of "Thank you", a beautiful song featuring emotive female vocals. First up we have Frankie Feliciano who turns the song into a smooth yet contaminous latin-percussive affair laced with ethereal keys, then we have Zepherin Saint who enters deeper somewhat dark grounds on his mesmerizing rework fueled with phat synth melodies. 

Djeff featuring Leslie Kissumuna "Make me stronger" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

"Make me stronger" is the first single taken from "Soldier ascension", the debut album from Djeff (Tiago Baros) to be released on Tribe Records later this year. "Take me stronger" is marvelous slice of soulful house built around deep'n'smooth yet captivating rhythms, sublime keys, and not to forget to mention the wonderful sultry vocals by Leslie Kissumuna. The remixes are courtesy of Teddy Douglas and Zepherin Saint, both adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite...

Marlon D & Kathy Brown "Believe in yourself" (Underground Collective Recordings CD Promo)

Summertime is here, so is the sun drenched truly uplifting old school inspired ""Believe in yourself" by Marlon D and legendary songstress Kathy Brown. Not much needs to be said besides the utterly infectious rhythms combined with exquisite jazzy vibes and the unmistakable vocals of Kathy Brown are guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor. Nuff said.

Andrea Carissimi Soul Project "Brand new day" (Just 4 Funk Records CD Promo)

Last year we were celebrating "A good thing" by the Andrea Carissimi Soul Project, now the follow-up single "Brand new day" is here. Similar to its predecessor, "Brand new day" is a timeless soulful gem and features the inimitable vocals of Wendy Lewis alongside grand jazzy keys over a fierce funk soaked backdrop - in other words, one guaranteed to make you yearn for more.

Alex Garcia featuring Diana Waite "Keep it together" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

It has taken a while for Alex Garcia's "Keep it together" to get a full release (the original vocal mix was featured on Gotta Keep Faith Records' "Miami Sampler" back in 2009), thankfully the wait is over and we can enjoy this beauty in its full glory. There are not only Alex Garcia's wicked old skool infused versions, the package also includes a diversified selection of remixes from the likes of Samson Lewis, Dee C’Rell, Darren Campbell, Junior White and Spiritual Blessings, giving you plenty of options to work the floor.

Various "Neal Conway Revisited Classics (Unreleased Remixes & Edits)" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Here we have something truly special as Neal Conway shares an eclectic selection of previously unreleased remixes and edits (some of which have been secret weapons here at Spirit of House). What you get are ingenious, truly fresh and unique interpretations of an illustrious lists of timeless songs which unquestionably will leave a spell on you: The Jacksons "Let me show you", Steppenwolf "Magic carpet ride", Al Green "You ought to be with me", Jill Scott "Spring summer feeling", Willie Colon & Ruben Blades "Plastico", Mandrill "Fat city strut", Mariah Carey "I'll be loving U long time", Whitney Houston "Love will save the day" and Da Famia All Stars "Go cuda".

Neal Conway featuring Biblical Jones "U can't bring me down" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Back in mid-April, we exclusively introduced you to Neal Conway's exquisite "U can't bring me down" which features the unrivaled gospel tinged vocals of Biblical Jones alongside a masterly orchestration (including a reminiscence to Philly Disco), with Neal Conway pulling out all the stops on the arrangement and production. The official release is now here and has been enriched with a grandiose truly varied selection of interpretations by DJ Ant B, Pure Elevation and Bruce 'Union Effect' Rodgers. As we said in our original review: truly a masterpiece.

Kenny Carpenter "Stand by me" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The story of Kenny Carpenter's splendiferous cover version of the unforgettable all-time classic by "Stand by me" by Ben E. King starts over decade ago when he decided to create a club friendly four-to-the-floor interpretation. After years of playing the track in his sets, the time has come to share it with all of us and now we can enjoy this musical gem which features a paramount rendition of the lyrics by Mike (from a group called Majestic K. Funk) alongside sublime keys over a spell binding backdrop.

Mountain People featuring Deep Elementz "Rose petals" (Underground Remix)(Night Scope Deep Records CD Promo)

The deep exhilarating "Rose petals" by label head Deep Elementz returns in a fabulous remix by The Mountain People who take the track to new heights on their underground-esque workout which goes even deeper than the original, combining deeply rooted vocals of Deep Elementz with luscious melodies and old school inspired rhythms which take you on an entrancing journey to deepest imaginable grounds you wish would never end... Top notch deep house by no means to be missed.

Roland Clark featuring Dawn McClain "7th wonder" (Jellybean Soul CD Promo)

House music don Roland Clark joins forces with songstress Dawn McClain to present "7th wonder", a sure-fire peak time bomb driven by relentlessly pulsating rhythms which serve as playground for Dawn McClain's amazing vocals, a cool sax hook and enthralling keys - play it loud and watch the dance floor erupt... Also included is the 'Transplant Remix' destined to take over the big rooms.

Osunlade "Camera shy" (Remixes)(Yoruba Records CD Promo)

Yoruba master Osunlade released his latest artist album "A man with no past originating the future" earlier this year as limited edition vinyl which immediately sold out, now for the first time it will be available on CD and digital download in a few days. The incredible "Camera shy" is taken from the album and has been reworked for the dance floor by the likes of Andres, Alex & Chris, Justin Imperiale and Oskar Offermann, all adding their distinctive deep mesmerizing touch to the track. In short, this is a truly an invigorating deep house release...

Exclusive Preview: Daughter "Lucky" (Daft Punk Cover) (Casamena Basement Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Keyshia Cole "I should have cheated" (Luis Radio & Deep Roger Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Peven Everett "Baby won't you try me" (Manousos Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Teena Marie "I love him too" (Sounds of Soul Retouch)(CD-R)

We know it has been almost three months, but finally it is time again to bring you our choice selection of edits and (bootleg) remixes we got in the past few weeks...  First up is Carlos Mena's enchanting deep thrilling 'Casamena Basement Edit' of "Lucky" by Daughter, a cover of the recent Daft Punk smash hit. Next is the blazin' hot fiercely stompin' 4/4 rework by Luis Radio & Deep Roger of "I should have cheated" by Keyshia Cole, a r&b/soul gem dating back to 2005 (from her debut album "Way it is"). Then we have Manoli Manousakis' amazing re-imagination of Peven Everett's "Baby won't you try me" which adds heavenly synths on top of the grand piano (the song is from Peven Everett's current album "King of hearts"). Finally, Mark Jordan blesses us with his paramount four-to-the-floor rendition of the wonderful r&b/soul jewel "I love him too" by Teena Marie (from her 2005 album "La dona").