review logoWhile this was a bit of a slow week, we bring you a stunning selection of amazing soulful and afro house cuts... enjoy !!

Andy Compton featuring Tenisha Edwards "Flashback" (Peng Records Promo)

Renowned DJ/producer Andy Compton and acclaimed vocalist Tenisha Edwards are back together to grace us with their latest collaboration entitled "Flashback". Beyond question, this deep and soulful yet hypnotizing track using enthralling rhythms as foundation for Tenisha Edwards beautiful seductive vocals and entrancing synth melodies will cast a spell on you. Essential.

Anaya Weathers "You are the one" (Afrinative Soul Promo)

We welcome Afrinative Soul to Spirit of House with the fantastic "You are the one" produced by South African DJ/producer Miguel Scott and performed in grand style by American songstress Anaya Weathers. Most definitely, this soulful gem which features Anaya Weathers unmistakable tempting vocals and sublime jazzy keys over smooth yet relentlessly thumpin' organic rhythms is not to be missed.

Cocoa Nela "Dance trouble" / "Keep a secret" (Ocha Records Promo)

The latest offering from Ocha Records is a fabulous two track afro house project by Cocoa Nela that is undoubtedly mind-blowing and downright hypnotizing... To make it short, both "Dance trouble" featuring vocals by Sisanda Nilsson and "Keep a secret" featuring vocals by Paul B are guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy thanks to inexorable rhythms and inebriant melodies.

RoneeDeep "Utterance" (Do It Now Recordings Promo)

Out now on Do It Now Recordings is the splendorous "Utterance" EP by RoneeDeep which features guest appearances from Man P and Mpeshnyk. Three equally brilliant tracks are included on this EP, our favorite is the glorious uber soulful and melodious "Ungowami" fueled with enchanting vocals. Not to forget to mention the atmospheric deep house cut "Uttered prayer" and the groovy 'Funk Dub' of Need you".

Mr. Eclectic & MissFly "Stronger together" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Don't miss out on this glamorous slice of soulful bliss to be released through Pasqua Records in the coming weeks... "Stronger together" is produced by label head Mr. Eclectic and features the inimitable sultry vocals of songstress MissFly alongside bodacious keys and dreamful pads over an intriguing organic musical backing; without any doubt this soulful gem comes highly recommended.

Vangela Crowe "What a friend" (New Generation Records Promo)

Coming soon to legendary New Generation Records is the verily uplifting "What a friend" by Vangela Crowe. The original version produced by Corey Holmes is a vibrant affair, with an infectious backdrop leading the way for Vangela Crowe's inspiring vocals, grand jazzy keys and celestial chords. On remix duty is Shino Blackk whose dazzling underground-esque interpretation somewhat relaxes the vibe.