As usual we've chosen to bring you nothing but the best and latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Neter Supreme "Resplytz & Edits 2014 Edition 1" (CD-R)

After a rather long hiatus, Neter Supreme is back on Spirit of House with "Resplytz & Edits 2014 Edition 1", the latest chapter in the series of essential edits and resplytz he is celebrated for. Seven songs got the imitable, inspirational wonderfully crafted Neter Supreme re-touch, all of which stay respectful to the original while taking them straight to the soulful dance floors: "Heartbreaker" by Adrian Marcel, "See where you are" by Amel Larrieux, "We've already said goodbye" by Pieces of a Dream, "All the way home" by Tamar Braxton, "Moment" by The Foreign Exchange, "Way to  love" by Tweet and "You were supposed to be mine" by Vivian Green. And like in the past, like in the past, we are having a hard time picking out favorites as there is so much outstanding musicianship to be found...

Zepherin Saint featuring Sonny Harrelson "Make a better life" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

The saga continues as Tribe Records grace us with another soulful gem by no means to be missed. Zepherin Saint's marvelous "Make a better life" uses gentle yet spell binding rhythms as playground for fantastic sultry vocals by Sonny Harrelson, grand keys by Yoel ben Yehuda and grandiose trumpet by Sean Corby - quite simply wonderful soulful house music having timeless written all over... The 'Alternate Mix' comes comes complete with empyreal melodies which give the song a more dramatic feel, making it a choice pick for prime time play.

Antonello Ferrari "Beautiful view" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Back in July of last year, we were celebrating "Beautiful view" by Italian DJ/producer Antonello Ferrari, a marvelous sun drenched slice of soulful house somewhat reminiscent of the Delegation classic "Heartache No 9" which features the unmistakable vocals of Dawn Tallman. Now this gorgeous song returns in brand new superb remixes by Dutch DJ/producer Rancido who is pulling out all the stops on his utterly soulful yet thrilling afro-deep interpretation - in other words, timeless soulful house music.Following up are WD2N who take the song straight to the main room on their funky remixes, and finally you get Micky More's beautifully orchestrated old school inspired rendition from last year's original release.

Tomson & Fyza "Elevate" (Tone Control Music CD Promo)

Tone Control Music are back with the mind-blowing "Elevate" by deep house producer Tomson (Tom Lynch) and songstress Fyza Saleh, a magnificent production taking you on an exhilarating journey to deepest imaginable grounds, with a gentle boogie-esque backdrop leading the way for Fyza Saleh's emotive vocals and heavenly melodies. Beside vocal and instrumental version, there is an enthralling dub version included which gives the track a darker truly hypnotizing feel.

Vittorio Santorelli featuring King David "I am" (Booker T Mixes)(Double Cheese Records)

Double Cheese Records are on a roll at the moment, dropping one dance floor bomb after another, with their latest offering being stellar remixes of last year's club smash "I am" by Italian producer Vittorio Santorelli and vocalist King David. To cut right to the chase, legendary Booker T takes the song to a whole new level, adding his trademark Kings of Soul vibe which is guaranteed to jam-pack the floor. Highly recommended... Nuff said.

SoulFunktion featuring Chad Saaiman "Legendary lovers" (SoulFunktion Records CD Promo)

With "Legendary lovers", the SoulFunktion production duo of Wally Walton and Brian 'Keys' Tharme present a blazin' hot utterly infectious production oozing with their signature old school inspired vocal house sound - the fiercely thumpin' rhythms combined with luxurious keys and powerful expressive vocals by Chad Saaiman are guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy (you got to check their 'Twilight Dub' which intensifies the vibe to the max). The remixes are courtesy of Deep City Soul who contribute a fervid afrocentric rework, Alliance DC add their magical irresistibly bumpin' touch, and last but not least Just Joe Amos & Max Britton deliver a mesmerizing tech-soul infused dub perfect for late night play.

Carolyn Harding "Some other time" (SLAAG Records CD Promo)

Legendary songstress Carolyn Harding and SLAAG Records honcho Glenn Thornton join forces on "Some other time", a thrilling somewhat edgy production guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to a relentlessly thumpin' backing, enchanting melodies and Carolyn Harding's inimitable seductive vocals. Miss Luna from Ibiza smoothes the vibe down and gives the track a deeper truly melodious feel on her delightful workout perfect for late night play.

Lars Behrenroth "Madness last night" (Deeper Shades Recordings CD  Promo)

Every now and then, we are in the mood for some real unadulterated deep house music with no vocals and unnecessary gimmicks, and this is exactly what we get from Deeper Shades Recordings label head Lars Behrenroth with "Madness last night". Ruthlessly pulsating rhythms, entrancing chord progressions, happy synth trickles and cleverly used effects are all it takes to create a sure-fire truly mesmerizing late night weapon...

Terrence Parker "When loves the feeling" (GFY Black Label CD Promo)

GFY Black Label have a beauty in their hands with "When loves the feeling", a hands-in-the-air anthem by none other than Detroit house music legend Terrence Parker. This monstrous track armed with classic funky piano hooks and an uber cool vocal sample over a contaminous 4/4 rhythm brings back memories from the past with its pristine old school vibe. Kenny Summit & Lenny RX turn the heat up on their remix built around punchy beats and dramatic breakdowns.

Exclusive Preview: Drula feat Prince T. "Tshigombela" (Deep Elementz West Wing Remix)(Audio Out Records CD-R)

After blessing with many mind-boggling releases on his own Night Scope Deep Recordings label, Deep Elementz has added his magical touch to "Tshigombela" by Drula featuring Prince T coming soon on Audio Out Records. To cut a long story short, what you get is an exquisite slice of unadulterated old school infused underground house oozing with an infectious afro-deep vibe guaranteed to make you yearn for more... The full release will also features remixes by Moodorama, Nteeze & Andy, Thamza and AtomicElectrolab.