This weeks update is fully loaded with nothing but the best and latest in soulful house - enjoy !!

SoulFunktion featuring Mikie Blak "Let me know" (SoulFunktion Records CD Promo)

Brian 'Keys' Tharme and Wally Walton, collectively known as SoulFunktion, are back with "Let me know", an old school inspired feel good production guaranteed to jam-pack the floor thanks to fervid deeply thumpin' rhythms, illustrious keys and enchanting vocals by Mikie Black. The 'Twilight Dub' is the perfect choice for peak time, Matt 'Jam' Lamont drops a classic UK Garage infused workout and last but not least Alliance DC serve a wicked bass driven remix laced with lush melodies.

Swift featuring Kwi "Freedome" (Sugar Groove CD Promo)

While his latest single "Afro hard" (released through Tribe Records) still rocks floors around the globe, Ruben 'Swift' Vidal presents the next dance floor bomb coming soon on his own Sugar Groove label. The mesmerizing original version of "Freedome" features the vocal poetry of Atlanta's own Kwietha Bolden alongside luscious keys and wicked guitar by Yoel Ben Yehuda over deeper than deep relentlessly thumpin' rhythms, only to be taken to the next level by Adam Rios who intensifies the vibe to the max on his 'Shelter Mix' with pulsating tribal-esque rhythms and grand jazzy keys.

Kenny Bobien & Jose Burgos "I need you" (The Remixes)(Salt Shaker Records CD Promo)

In March of this year, Salt Shaker Records blessed us with a fabulous cover of the unforgettable Sylvester classic "I need you" performed by none other than legendary Kenny Bobien and produced by Jose Burgos (not to forget to mention the cameo musical appearance by house music diva Dawn Tallman), now the label gives us a mind-blowing collection of truly eclectic remixes produced by the likes of A House of Jazz, Aaron Smith, Muzikman Edition and Jose Burgos himself - to cut a long story short, each of these mixes is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Essential.

Vanessa Jones "Second chance" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

The next release on Joe Flame's renowned D#Sharp Records will be the beautiful "Second chance" performed in grand style by Vanessa Jones. The marvelous original version courtesy of Allen 'DJ Speedy' Jackson uses an organic gently thumpin' backing as playground for Vanessa Jones emotive vocals and heavenly melodies - sheer musical bliss. The package comes complete with stellar remixes by Joe Flame, Phil Hooton, Shino Blackk and Eddie-Ed all adding their distinctive soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version.

Eman & Doc Link "These are the things" (Liberate CD Recordings CD Promo)

Eman and Doc Link continue their serious of fruitful collaborations with "These are the things", a mind-blogging production oozing with Eman's unrivaled spoken word poetry and Doc Link's signature funktified deep melodious sounds. On remix duty are Imaani Brown who contributes two equally great deep gentle renditions, Andre Harris who adds his impeccable underground touch, and finally Max Martinez delivers a relentless deeply groovin' workout perfect for late night, early morning play.

Uber Harmonics & OneDee featuring Ms H "Feel the rhythm" (Soulful Evolution CD Promo)

We are proud to introduce you to brand new label Soulful Evolution whose inaugural release is a soulful gem by no means to be missed. The delightful "Feel the rhythms" is produced by Uber Harmonics (Hanyani Mangwani) and OneDee (Wandile Dlakude) and features the sweet sensitive vocals of Ms H together with exquisite keys over deeply groovin' rhythms. Ondagroove drops an enchanting old school soul/funk/jazz inspired interpretation, and Vittorio Santorelli serves an exhilarating deep rework oozing with magnificent keys and chords.

Kenny Summit & ReelSoul "The right way" (Good for You Records CD Promo)

What a musical treat we have here... Kenny Summit and ReelSoul join forces to grace us with a delectable re-rub of Johnny Gill's 1990 new jack swing/r&b classic "Rub you the right way". Deep'n'smooth yet thrilling rhythms lead the way for the one-of-a-kind emotive vocals and sublime keys - quite simply a truly sexy slice of vocal bliss. Nuff said.

Junior White & DJ Ermi featuring Noelle "There for you" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

SoundMen on Wax truly bless us with the wonderful "There for you" by the team of Junior White, DJ Ermi and Noelle, a superb production using an irresistibly stompin' funk drenched backdrop as playground for Noelle Barbera's deeply vocals and uplifting jazzy keys on  the 'Junior & Noelle Vocal Mix'. The 'DJ Ermi Vocal Mix' gives the track a deeper somewhat moody feel, Pako Di Rocco & Roby Mass turn the track into an enthralling underground-esque affair, and finally Latest Craze (Michael Gavrilidis & Peter Massa) serve a gorgeously groovey soul/funk infused interpretation.

Various "This is Development... Again" (Development Music CD Promo)

We haven't heard from Development Music for a while, but now they are back with "This is Development... Again", an amazing multifarious ten track collection of deep house jewels from the likes of Danimal Swainger, Nick Turner, Giovanni Damico, Timmy P & Stefano Esposito, Rotty, Oli Furness, Alex Agore, Dirty Room, Cy Humphreys and Chris Feinmann. "This is Development... Again" is deep, sexy, melodious, entrancing, infectious - in other words an ingenious collection of deep house gems by no means to be missed.