review logoThe heat is on with this weeks loaded update - enjoy !!

Daniele Baldi "Together" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

From Italian DJ/producer Daniele Baldi comes "Together", most definitely this phantasmagorical old school inspired production using a gentle yet irresistibly groovin' organic backdrop as foundation for luxurious jazzy keys and alluring female vocals is a sure-fire dance floor weapon. Put differently, this soulful gem oozing with the beloved old school house sound from yesteryear is by no means to be missed.

Distant People featuring Deli Rowe "Get a grip" (Soulful Evolution Records Promo)

Coming soon to Soulful Evolution Records is "Get a grip" by renowned Distant People (Joey Silvero) and vocalist Deli Rowe. To cut right to the chase, "Get a grip" is a fabulous soulful production laced with a relentlessly pulsating organic backing leading the way for the wonderful emotive vocals of Deli Rowe, exquisite keys and heavenly chords. Undeniably, "Get a grip" comes highly recommended.

Alex Mattei & Vangela Crowe "So in love" (Corey Holmes Remix)(New Generation Records Promo)

Back in March, New Generation Records graced us with "So in love" by Alex Mattei and Vangela Crowe, a glorious production combining the unequaled deep-rooted vocals of Vangela Crowe with grand keys, lovely guitar and a thrilling organic backdrop. In late April, stellar remixes by Shino Blackk followed, now the song returns in blazin' hot remixes by Corey Holmes sure to cast a spell on you through the inexorable afro infused rhythms, tantalizing synth melodies and Vangela Crowe's amazing vocals.

Kischa Link "Everybody get up" (D#Sharp Records Promo)

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Everybody get up" produced by Joe Flame and performed in grand style by Kischa Link is a sure-fire dance floor weapon guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy... This paramount production perfectly showcases Kischa Link's unmistakable passionate vocals and Joe Flame's unique truly pristine underground house rhythms and sounds, with the package including a splendid selection of verily eclectic interpretations, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version.

Guido P & Emory Toler "No other one" (DJ Umbi Remix)(HSR Records Promo)

End of last year, HSR Records gave us "No other one" by DJ/producer Guido P, an enchanting production fusing the admirable haunting vocals of Emory Toler with delectable jazzy keys, dreamy chords and a thrilling organic musical backing. Now HSR Records bless us with a fresh inspiring interpretation of the song by DJ Umbi which is absolutely dazzling, with Emory Toler's fantastic vocals accompanied by grandiose jazzed-up keys, celestial chords and a vibrant organic backdrop.

Lenny Fontana & Shirley Lites "Fire" (Karmic Power Records Promo)

Two dance music legends come together to bring us an enthralling slice of contemporary disco guaranteed to jam pack the dance floor... To make it short, "Fire" is an anthemic collaboration by DJ/producer Lenny Fontana with Shirley Lites (think "Heat you up, melt you down" released in 1983 on WestEnd Records) which fuses an absolutely resistless funked-up backdrop with rich string orchestration, grand horns, luscious keys and the inimitable powerhouse vocals of Shirley Lites.

TsuruSwing "Fever" (Spirit Soul Promo)

Next up on Japanese label Spirit Soul will be "Fever" by TsuruSwing (aka Toshiyuki Tsuruha), an energetic feel good production which is heavily influenced by 90's Italo House and features catchy piano hooks, ethereal chords, classy saxophone and captivating female vocals over mercilessly bouncin'' rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of guri guri boys who relax the vibe on their lively re-imagination, and Crackazat who delivers a glittering late night rendition.

Cassio Ware "Back in the day" (Whatszzz Up Super Star!!! Promo)

We would like to introduce you to Whatszzz Up Super Star!!! a mall independent label whose inaugural release dates back to June of last year. Their latest offering is "Back in the day" by larger-than-life house music legend Cassio Ware, a brilliant slice of unadulterated underground-esque house music oozing with Cassio Ware's unmatched tempting vocals, bodacious jazzy keys and spell binding rhythms.

JoioDJ featuring D'Bra Powell "Caught off guard" (Dejavoo Records Promo)

In October of last year, we were celebrating "Say yes, take my hands" by JoioDJ and American songstress D'Bra Powell, now they are back together with the follow-up single "Caught of guard" a vigorous production destined to take over dance floors thanks to compellingly stompin' rhythms, catchy keys and D'Bra Powell's incomparable heartfelt vocals. DJ Hakuei and Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco take the song to the next level on their magical soul infused remixes guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.