Enjoy another week of nothing but the best and latest in soulful house music....

Distant People featuring S.U.Z.Y "True love" (Arima Records CD Promo)

Joey Silvero, under his Distant People moniker, continues to deliver nothing but premium soulful house music, with his latest offering "True love" coming soon on Arima Records. Quite simply, "True love" is a phantasmagorical slice of classic soulful house music featuring the beautiful heartfelt vocals of S.U.Z.Y alongside luscious keys, dreamy chords and a smooth yet thrilling organic backdrop. Sheer musical bliss...

Afro Warriors featuring Toshi "Uyankenteza" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Angolan duo Afro Warriors are about to take over dance floors globally with "Uyankenteza", an utterly tantalizing afro-deep production using relentless tribaltastic rhythms as playground for sublime keys, tempting atmospheric chords and Toshi's unique emotive vocals. Put differently, "Uyankenteza" is afro house music at its best... Nuff said.

Joe Flame "All the time" (DaSouL & Tatonka Deep Mood ReWork)(D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

In December of last year, we introduced you "All the time" by Joe Flame, a top-notch soulful gem by no means to be missed. Now comes an enticing fresh interpretation by DaSouL and Tatonka taking Joe Flame's incomparable vocals to new heights, giving the song a mesmerizing deep somewhat moody yet truly soulful feel that is guaranteed to cast a spell on you... Essential.

Pat Bedeau featuring Leon Dorrill "Feel the music" (Bedfunk Records CD Promo)

Last year Pat Bedeau and vocalist Leon Dorrill gave us the jaw-dropping "Close to you" (released through Tribe Records), now they unite once again for "Feel the music", to make a long story short this uplifting feel-good production built around vibrant utterly contaminous rhythms, glorious keys by Ziggy Funk and Leon Dorrill's haunting sultry vocals will send the dancers into a frenzy...

Antonello Ferrari featuring Dawn Tallman "Read between the lines" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

In summer 2014, Italian DJ/producer Antonella Ferrari and house music diva Dawn Tallman graced us with "Read between the lines", an uplifting Disco/Funk inspired production laced with Dawn Tallman's unmistakable vocals (the package included stellar remixes by Richard Earnshaw), now this gem returns in dazzling uber soulful remixes by Mark Di Meo which combine the magnificent vocals with grand jazzy keys and a gentle organic backing. Antonello Ferrari himself contributes a piano driven feel-good re-imagination of his original version guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.

Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco featuring Michael Procter "Get on out there" (2016 Remixes)(Dejavoo Records CD Promo)

Right in time for the upcoming summer season come brand new inspiring remixes of "Get on out there", an expertly crafted soulful gem by Antonello Ferrari featuring Michael Procter's refined unrivaled gospel tinged vocals. Antonello Ferrari joins forces with Aldo Bergamasco for both an enthralling funked-up rework guaranteed to set the floor on fire and a dizzying "Going back to my roots" sampling/reminiscential Disco-Funk workout. Also included are the paramount DJ Spen & Thommy Davis and Michele Chiavarini remixes originally released end of 2014, respectively in early 2015 through MyChan Records.

Andrea Erre & Criss Hawk "Lonely nights" (HSR Records CD Promo)

HSR Records have been on a roll recently, gracing us week after week with nothing but the best in soulful house music. No exception this week as they present the gorgeous "Lonely nights" by Andrea Erre & Criss Hawk, an exhilarating production spreading an uplifting summery vibe through the captivating organic backdrop, lush keys, lovely guitars and sweet female vocals. The wicked 'Pittigrilli MLT Dub Sax Mix' strips back the vocals and introduces a splendorous saxophone.

Steven Stone & Simon Green "You changed my mind" (Ross Couch Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

Beginning of 2013, Soul Deluxe Recordings dropped the original version of the superb "You changed my mind" by label head Steven Stone and vocalist Simon Green, laster in the same year grandiose remixes by Distant People and Haldo followed. Now Ross Couch has added his magical touch to the song, fusing Simon Greene's wonderful deeply rooted vocals with classy jazzy keys, delectable chords and relentlessly pulsating rhythms, altogether spreading an infectious vibe you can't resist to dance to...

AriesFire "In the mood" (Mantree Recordings CD Promo)

Next up on Mantree Recordings will be the dreamful "In the mood" performed in grand style by AriesFire, with the mixes being courtesy of label head Rasmir Mantree and Calvin Curlin. The 'In The Mantree Mix' is smooth and laidback, with gentle percussive rhythms leading the way for sublime jazzy keys, dreamy synth melodies and AriesFire's melancholic vocals. The ethnic 'Rasmir Tribal Mood Mix' turns the heat up slightly with tribalcentric rhythms and beautiful guitars, and finally the 'Calvin Curlin Moody Mix' takes the track to late night territory with its enchanting melodies and deepened rhythms.