review logoThis weeks update is fully loaded with the latest and best in soulful and afro vocal house music - enjoy !!

Giulio Bonaccio, Melonie Daniels & Stephanie Cooke "Unconditionally" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)

In July 2017, Italian born and now New York City based DJ/producer Giulio Bonaccio graced us with "Unconditionally", an expertly crafted latin influenced production featuring the inimitable vocals of Melonie Daniels and Stephanie Cooke. Now this beauty returns in fresh truly dazzling re-imaginations by man of the moment Doug Gomez who fuses the fantastic vocals with glamorous keys, celestial chords and a vibrant organic backdrop - sheer musical bliss. The creative DJ's will enjoy the acapaella included in the release.

Kyle Kim & Sheree Hicks "Never alone" (Soulstice Music Promo)

From DJ/producer Kyle Kim and songstress Sheree Hicks comes "Never alone", an incredible verily uplifting gospel house collaboration oozing with the amazing passionate vocals of Sheree Hicks, sublime jazzy keys and a captivating backing. On remix duty is legendary Kenny Carpenter whose interpretation featuring Italian Jazz maestro Paolo Sessa stays true to the original yet gives the song a timeless classic feel.

Harold Brandon "Your pain" (Tayo Wink Brujeria Soul Mix)(CyberJamz Records Promo)

Harold Brandon's magnificent "Your pain" returns in the previously unreleased truly splendiferous 'Brujeria Soul Mix' by Tayo Wink. To cut right to the chase, this version of the song is utterly mesmerizing, with deep'n'gentle yet relentless tribal-esque rhythms leading the way for Harold Brandon's unmistakable emotive vocals and enchanting synth melodies. Comes highly recommended.

Serge Negri presents Tasha Mabry "The truth" (Bamboo Sounds Promo)

In January, we were celebrating "Lack of love" by vocalist Tasha Mabry and DJ/producer Serge Negri, now the dynamic duo returns with the phantasmagorical "The truth" which uses a contaminous yet smooth organic backing as playground for warm melodious keys, lovely guitars and the unique heartfelt vocals of Tasha Mabry. Watch out for this gorgeous soulful gem coming soon to Bamboo Sounds.

Edground featuring Airily "Iroke" (The House Mixes)(Grooveland Music Promo)

In summer of 2011, Brazil's Grooveland Music released "Iroke" the first ever solo production by Edground from the Brazilian Soul Crew, a mind-blowing down-tempo production oozing with the peerless sensual vocals of songstress Airi Hashimoto. Now "Iroke" returns in an eclectic selection of long awaited truly scintillating four-to-the-floor re-imaginations by Beatsqueezers, CitySounds!, Domenico Navarra and Charles Spencer all adding their beloved magical touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the discerning floors.

George Lesley featuring Andiswa "Izulu" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Forthcoming to Merecumbe Recordings is "Izulu" by South Africa's George Lesley (taken from his upcoming album "My journey"), beyond the shadow of a doubt this splendid production using irresistibly thumpin' afro-tribal rhythms as foundation for luxurious keys, heavenly chords, sweet guitar and the fabulous deep-rooted vocals of Andiswa will send shivers down your spine...

Dave Anthony & E-Man "Urban renewal" (Pat Bedeau Remix)(Run Bklyn Trax Company Promo)

"Urban renewal" dates back to 2007 when it was released through Liberate Recordings, last year E-Man teamed up with Dave Anthony to revive this classic. Now comes a mind-blowing rework by Pat Bedeau which takes this unforgettable track to the next level, with E-Man's eminent spoken word poetry being accompanied by luscious melodies and spell binding rhythms. Essential.

Domenico Albanese featuring Samantha Duru "Come my way" (HSR Records Promo)
Andrea Curato featuring Grean Tea The Artist "L story" (HSR Records Promo)

The first of two new releases from HSR Records comes courtesy of Domenico Albanese whose "Come my way" is a wonderful soulful production spreading an inspiring sun drenched vibe through the gentle organic backdrop, exquisite keys, lovely guitar and the charming vocals of Samantha Duru. The second new release from HSR Records is the intriguing "L story" by Andrea Curato featuring inebriant synth melodies and Grean Tea's distinctive vocals over an inexorable organic backing. Most definitely, HSR Records are delivering the goods with these two new releases...

Bootleg Pick: Whitney Houston "How will I know" (Kenny Carpenter & Federico d'Alessio Remix)(Promo)

We've been holding back on reviewing bootleg remixes/re-edits for the last few months as we felt there was a lack of quality. We were pleasantly surprised when we received the Kenny Carpenter & Federico d'Alessio re-imagination of "How will I know" by Whitney Houston which stays faithful to the original yet transforms this classic song into an uplifting verily soulful four-to-the-floor gem oozing with a beautiful lively orchestration that harmonizes perfectly with Whitney Houston's one-of-a-kind vocals.