As usual, this weeks update is loaded with the best and latest only in soulful house music - enjoy !!

The CombiNations featuring Danny Bankston "The power inside" (CombiNations Afro-Soul Mix)(Combination Music CD Promo)

From the minds of The CombiNations comes this mind-blowing utterly vibrant yet soulful dance floor bomb entitled "The power inside" which features the inspiring vocals of Danny Bankston alongside sublime keys and grandiose saxophone over a relentless organic afrocentric backdrop - beyond the shadow of a doubt, "The power inside" spreads an irresistible uplifting vibe that is guaranteed to captivate the dance floor...

Lee Van Kleef featuring Lifford "In the wrong" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)

Makin' Moves bless us with the debut release of Lee Van Kleef aka the duo of Lee Gomes and Lee Robinson who join forces with vocalist Lifford Shillingford for "In the wrong" - to make it short, this masterly crafted collaboration is guaranteed to cast a spell on you thanks to gentle percussive rhythms, grand jazzy keys and glorious chords, not to forget to mention Lifford Shillingford's inimitable deeply rooted vocals. The remixes are courtesy of Manoo who transforms the track into an utterly hypnotizing deep afrotastic affair which lets the fantastic vocals, illustrious jazzy piano and tempting chords shine - truly outstanding...

Paul Solaris featuring Mpeelo "Bring light" (Bodikela Recordings CD Promo)

Bodikela Recordings is an new indie record label based in South Africa which aims to showcase the various genres of house music from producers around the world. The inaugural release on the label is the super smooth and utterly melodious "Bring light" by Paul Solaris (one half of Velvet Suite Lounge) which features the beautiful haunting vocals of songstress Mpeelo, superb jazzy piano solo by Mphumzeni P. Khonjelwayo and luscious chords over a laidback broken beat flavored backing - sheer musical bliss...

Namy featuring Stephanie Cooke "I'm not ashamed (I need you)" (2015 Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Almost two years ago, KingStreet graced us with the wonderful "I'm not ashamed (I need you)" by Namy which features the incomparable sultry vocals of Stephanie Cooke and delectable keys over smoothly bouncin' rhythms, coming complete with remixes by DJ Meme and Groove Assassin. Now this beauty returns in stellar new interpretations, first up we have DJ Fudge who delivers a sublime rework which combines the vocals with a gentle percussion enriched funk drenched backdrop, exquisite jazzy keys and sweet guitars licks. Next is Eric Ericksson & Johan Olsson's syncopated bass driven remix giving the song a whole new bracing feel, and last but not least Mind Street contribute a sorcerous 'Lounge Mix' oozing with a glamorous live instrumentation.

Kai & Kyle featuring Gordon Chambers & CK Gospel Choir "Higher than high" (Souldynamic Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

One of our favorite tunes from 2014 returns in fabulous truly breathtaking remixes by Italian powerhouse DJ's/producers Souldynamic. In its original version (included in this release), "Higher than high" by Kai & Kyle is an uplifting soul/funk infused production guaranteed to send shivers down your spine thanks to intoxicating rhythms, dazzling keys and the inspiring lead vocals by Gordon Chamber and the gorgeous backing vocals by CK Gospel Choir. Souldynamic take the song to all new heights, with dulcet yet thrilling percussive rhythms leading the way for the amazing vocals and heavenly melodies, with their dub deepening the vibe and introducing tantalizing chords to give the song a truly mesmerizing feel.

DeLura featuring Anthony Poteat "Without" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

The latest offering from SoundMen on Wax Records is courtesy of South Africa's DeLura who presents a delectable deep house track entitled "Without", featuring none other than Anthony Poteat on vocals. The old school inspired "Without" is all about the impellent deeper than deep rhythms, the hypnotizing synth melodies and Anthony Poteat's distinctive enthralling vocals. The 'Classic Dub Mix' gives the track an enchanting celestial feel perfect for late night play.

D.U.S.K featuring Meshach Broderick "Feels so good" (Soulful Evolution Records CD Promo)

From D.U.S.K aka producer/songwriter James Maxwell Urquhart comes the feel-good anthem "Feels so good", a contemporary slice of Disco-House guaranteed to send the dance floor into a frenzy as the resistless funked-up backdrop together with the wicked guitar hooks, classy keys and Meshach Broderick's captivating vocals spread an infectious feel you can't resist to dance to. Remixes to follow soon.

Exclusive Preview: Youthful Praise featuring JJ Hairston "Resting on his promise" (Junior White DJ Gospel Project)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Each 2 Their Own vs Yolanda Adams "Be blessed" (CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Sade "Slave song" (Manousos ReWork)(CD-R)

It's time again to bring you a selection of the best exclusives and bootleg we got in the past few days and weeks... First up we have Junior White who presents the seventh installment in his 'Gospel Project' series, reworking "Resting on his promise" by Youthful Praise featuring JJ Hairston into an uplifting relentlessly thumpin' four-to-the-floor affair. Next, Each 2 Their Own (Richard White) transforms Yolanda Adams gospel favorite "Be blessed" into an exhilarating dance floor stomper which stays true to the original. Finally, Manousos takes on "Slave song" by Sade and give the song an entrancing underground-esque makeover with ruthlessly pulsating rhythms leading the way for the unmistakable vocals and the original instrumentation.

Traxx Pick #1: Souldynamic "Equatoriale" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about "Equatoriale" by Italian powerhouse DJ's/producers Souldynamic, their debut for Tribe Records. Ruthless utterly hypnotizing afro-tribal rhythms lead the way for dazzling guitar licks and ethereal synth melodies, altogether creating an intoxicating vibe guaranteed to set the floor on fire. Nuff said...

Traxx Pick #2: Beyond Tone "Beyond Tone and Friends Volume 1" (FOMP CD Promo)

Beyond Tone brings to FOMP the first of a collection of EP's called "Beyond Tone and Friends", with each EP not only showcasing the skills and talents of Beyond Tone but also of their talented friends and colleagues. The first volume features brand new productions from Beyond Tone themselves, from South Africa's Luka and from Trinidadian Deep from the US - to cut a long story short, the result is an amazing truly deepalicious EP loaded with three equally impressive deep house cuts.