We are kicking off 2017 in proper style with this massive update of the latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Jon Fernandez featuring Josiah Ruff "Perfect" (HSR Records CD Promo)

HSR Records kick off the new year super strong with the magnificent "Perfect" by Jon Fernandez and singer Josiah Ruff, a vibrant production built around an infectious organic backdrop, sublime keys, luscious chords and lovely guitar, not to forget to mention the wonderful heartfelt vocals by Josiah Ruff. Soulbrdige contributes a splendiferous re-edit of the original, and last but not least South Africa's DJ SGZ gives the song a more laidback uber soulful feel on truly gorgeous interpretation.

Papa Tony featuring Jade MayJean Peters "Come closer" (HSR Records CD Promo)

The second new release of the week on HSR Records is "Come closer" courtesy of Russian DJ/producer Papa Tony (Sergey Kachura) and songstress Jade MayJean Peters. Most definitely "Come closer" will cast a spell on you thanks to the riveting funked-up backing, mellifluous melodies and the amazing sultry vocals of Jade MayJean Peters. Allovers drop a fabulous sun drenched interpretation on a relaxed tip, and finally Sudad G turns the heat up on his vigorous rework destined to take over the bigger rooms.

George Vibe, ReelSoul & Louis Hale "Sun of the drum" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

MoreHouse Records have a real beauty in their hands with the jaw-dropping afro house jewel "Sun of the drum" which fuses the dexterous drum programming of George Vibe with Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriquez unmistakable keyboard wizardry and Louis Hale's inimitable spoken word poetry. Put differently, the afrotastic "Sun of the drum" is super smooth and soulful yet full of utterly tantalizing energy... Next to the vocal and instrumental versions, the package features a phat dub by Jerry Flores on a deeper truly mesmerizing tip perfect for late night, early morning play.

Vittorio Santorelli, Mikie Blak "Just like me" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Vittorio Santorelli returns to Double Cheese Records with "Just like me", a glorious soul oozing production featuring the glamorous deeply rooted vocals of Mike Blak alongside heavenly keys, sweet guitars and a warm organic backing. The remixes are courtesy of Djed (aka Todd Gardner) and Bonna, both adding their distinctive touch, keeping the vibe soulful yet intriguing.

Mood II Swing featuring Carol Sylvan "Closer" (2017 Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

"Closer", Mood II Swing's iconic collaboration with vocalist Carol Sylvan dating back to 1994, returns in stellar remixes. First up, Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco deliver a marvelous soulful yet energetic and uplifting funktified interpretation, as well as a fervid dub rework. From DJ Vivona comes a groovey organic retro-style rendition fueled with classy strings and horns, Da Sunlounge serves an entrancing dub workout perfect for late night play, and lastly we have The Deepshakerz with their peak time remix. Also included are the 'Mood II Swing Instrumental' and 'Acapella' from back in the day.

Pad Beryll & Andrea Love "Under your spell" (Steven Stone Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

Turn back the clock to mid-2010 when now defunct ReelGroove Records released the beautiful "Under your spell" by Pad Beryll and Andrea Love (including remixes by Souldynamic, Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart and Thomas Toccafondi), now Soul Deluxe Recordings bring this gem back in a stunning fresh remix by Steven Stone who uses a smooth yet relentlessly thumpin' backdrop as foundation for lush keys, melodious chords and Andrea Love's signature passionate vocals.

Quincy Jones "Secret garden" (Sensei Edits Vol. 3)(Toupee Records CD Promo)

"Secret garden" by Quincy Jones (which features the likes of Siedah Garrett, El Debarge, Barry White, James Ingram and Al B. Sure on vocals) has been remixed numerous times since its original release back in 1989 on the "Back on the block" album, now Sensei graces us with an exquisite re-imagination that keeps the spirit of the original alive yet transforms the song into a soulful yet lively and organic four-to-the-floor affair. The vocal version is accompanied by an inebriant dub and a stripped back 'Drum and Bass Mix'.

Neal Conway starring Richard Burton "Music is the answer" (Urban Retro Music CD Promo)

End of 2016 we introduced to you Neal Conway and Richard Burton's tribute to the late Colonel Abrams, a respectful yet contemporary four-to-the-floor cover version of his first major hit "Music is the answer" (released in 1984 through Streetwise Records). Now the full promo is ready, in addition to the original version you get an expertly crafted organic old school inspired 'Soul Extravaganza' rendition and top-notch underground-esque remixes by DJ WM J and DJ Ron Vannoy.

Rasmir Mantree featuring Anthony Flanagan "Dancin' in my father's shoes" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Forthcoming to Mantree Records is "Dancin' in my father's shoes", a dedication by Rasmir Mantree to his father who passed away in early December (rip). To make it short, Rasmir Mantree has been pulling out all the stops on this fantastic slice of unadulterated underground house music which features the beautiful intimate vocals of Anthony Flanagan and illustrious keys over irresistible percussive rhythms. In other words, underground house music at its best...

Da Hit Makers "The Classic Reworks EP Vol. 3" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Da Hit Makers get back to business with the the third installment of their acclaimed "Classic Reworks" series, this time around transforming "I try" by Angela Bofill, "Sure can't go to the moon" by CJ & Co, "The closer I get to you" by Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway, "I'll always love my mama" by The Intruders and "Down to love town" by The Originals into sure-fire four-to-the-floor dance floor weapons, each one guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor.

Tayo Wink "Mezcla" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Up and rising DJ/producer Tayo Wink presents his very own interpretation of "Mezcla" aka "El prescador" by Colombian singer Toto La Momposina's (the original can be found on her 1993 album "La candela viva"). Without doubt this dazzling production combining Toto La Momposina's one-of-a-kind truly thrilling vocals with an entrancing flue and gentle yet spell binding afro-tribal rhythms will send the dancers into a frenzy...

David Montoya "Afrolatina" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Los Angeles based DJ/producer David Montoya presents the wicked "Afrolatina", an absolutely inexorable afro house production using ruthlessly thumpin' percussive rhythms as playground for exhilarating synth melodies and inspirational truly prominent spoken words by Elizabeth Acevedo, altogether spreading an utterly hypnotizing vibe you can't resist to dance to...

Doug Gomez "Ese mi tambor" (Merecumbe Recordings CD Promo)

Merecumbe Recordings follow up their recent truly outstanding inaugural release "Meta-morpho-sis" with yet another enthralling dance floor bomb by label honcho Doug Gomez entitled "Ese mi tambor". To cut right to the chase, "Ese mit tambor" is a verily tantalizing slice of latin infused afro house, with relentless percussive rhythms leading the way for uber cool vocals, luscious keys and an enchanting flute solo. Watch out for the upcoming remix by Cee Elassaad.

Mario Bianco & Master Polo "Sun will shine" (UNKNOWN season CD Promo)

Courtesy of Mario Bianco and Master Polo (Paolo Sessa) comes the masterly orchestrated phantasmagorical "Sun will shine", an uplifting 70's jazz/funk/disco inspired production oozing with grand horns, splendorous keys, delectable guitar, funky bass and groovy vocoded vocals - sheer musical bliss. The 'Collision Dub' flips things completely and gives the track a deep somewhat dark tech-soul feel, and finally the 'Reprise' is a shortened yet more dramatic take of the original version.