We hope you will enjoy this weeks update as much as the summery weather...

Luyo "Don't make me wait" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

The latest offering on Double Cheese Records is courtesy of label honcho Luyo who presents the sun drenched "Don't make me wait", a gorgeous late night house gem laced with uber cool male vocals and glamorous melodies over deep'n'smooth yet spell binding funked-up rhythms - to cut a long story short, "Don't make me wait" is a sure-fire floor weapon by no means to be missed.

Exclusive Preview: Alex Clare "Too close'" (Union Effect Heartbreak Mix)(CD-R)

We here at Spirit of House proudly present you this glorious remix by Union Effect (Bruce Rodgers) of "Too close" by Alex Clare, an alternative rock song with dubstep and soul influences that became popular after being used in an advertising campaign for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9. Union Effect rework the song into a fierce four-to-the-floor affair using a smoothly thumpin' backdrop as playground for delectable keys and chords, not to forget to mention Alex Clare's unmistakable vocals.

Steven Stone & Andrea Love "Running to love" (Soctt Diaz Remix)(Soul Deluxe CD Promo)

Back in April, Steven Stone blessed us "Running to love", an intoxicating production combining Andrea Love's heartfelt rendition of the lyrics with catchy synths and a spell binding backdrop. Now we can enjoy jaw-dropping remixes by up and rising producer/DJ Scott Diaz who injects his signature old school inspired jackin' touch - in other words, these remixes are guaranteed to jam-pack the floor and send the crowd into a frenzy...

Hood Natives featuring GI Bongo "Baleka" (Hood Natives Productions CD Promo)

Five years ago, Hood Natives (DJ Fale , DJ Sqwai and Mr Edge) recorded "Baleka", a song that instantly became a favorite with their fans in South Africa. Now this classic which features incredible vocal chants by Kamogelo 'GI Bongo' Mashiane returns in fresh remixes by the Hood Natives crew taking the song to the next level: first up is the relentless 'DJ Fale Remix' fueled with ethereal synth melodies, next is the warm organic 'Soul Mix' oozing with beautiful melodies, and finally there is the mind-boggling 'Revisited Tribal Mix' guaranteed to put a spell on you.

Hood Natives featuring Khwela & Toto "Zulu Nation EP" (Hood Natives Productions CD Promo)

We have to admit we almost missed out on the "Zulu Nation EP" by Hood Natives, so better late than never we introduce you this blazin' hot release... The "Zulu Nation EP" features two equally amazing productions both sung in the Zulu language. "Umculo isiko lethu" features vocalist Thokozani 'Toto' Dubazane, while "Umbambo lwami" features vocalist Musa 'Khwela' Majola, both impressing with their emotive rendition of the lyrics while the Hood Natives provide the background music of infectious afro-tribal rhythms and heavenly melodies.

Marlon D & Mena Keys featuring Emory Toler "It's your life" (Rhemi Remix)(Room Control Records CD Promo)

The original version of the Marlon D and George Mena (rip) produced "It's your life" was featured on Room Control Records "WMC Sampler 2013", now the label is giving away the fantastic remixes by Rhemi (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk) for free when your like their Facebook page. Nothing needs to be said about this jewel beside Rhemi take this song to all new heights, coupling the deeply rooted vocals by Emory Toler with exquisite keys and inexorable deeply thumpin' rhythms. Don't miss out on it...

IndySoul "2 da city" (Shines Records CD Promo)

Montreal's own Carl 'IndySoul' Guerrard returns with a real musical delight on Shines Records entitled "2 da city", a glorious old school infused production spreading an uplifting feel through deeply groovin' rhythms, inspiring spoken word poetry and seductive melodies. The alternate mixes by IndySoul himself and label head Gene King keep the vibe deep and inebriant yet giving the track more of a late night feel. But this is not all as the package includes the bonus track "Come with me" which takes you back in time with deep enthralling rhythms, cool vocal samples and tantalizing melodies.

Sterling Void featuring Charles Cooper "Change" (Void Digital Music CD Promo)

Legendary producer Sterling Void (best known for his all-time house music classic "It's alright" from 1989) joins forces with Charles Cooper for "Change", a feel-good anthem featuring the unmistakable heartfelt vocals of Charles Cooper alongside celestial synth melodies over a fierce backing. On remix duty are Entity's Darin rouse who contributes two brilliant interpretations taking the track to deeper entrancing grounds, and Deep Echoes who turns up the heat with his phantasmagorial deep workout laced with exhilarating melodies.

Angel-A "For love" (Modulate goes Digital CD Promo)

The latest release on Modulate goes Digital is this mind-blowing re-imagination of Bobby Caldwell's 1978 smooth soul classic "What you won't do for love" by Angel-A guaranteed to send shivers down your spine thanks to ruthlessly stompin' funk soaked rhythms which lead the way for Angel-A's truly ingenious one-of-a-kind rendition of the lyrics and luscious melodies. The dub version intensifies the vibe for the max - jam-packed floors guaranteed.