review logoAnother jam-packed update awaits you this week, with only the very best in vocal soulful and afro house music making the cut... enjoy !!

Ryle featuring Flemming Fanoe "Two way love affair" (DJ Friction Mixes)(SedSoul Records Promo)

In fall of 2016, we were celebrating Frank Ryle's paramount debut album "The adventures of Jefferson Keyes", now "Two way love affair" which features danish singer Flemming Fanoe (one of the standout tracks from the album) has been reworked by DJ Friction whose glamorous and truly captivating disc/boogie inspired re-imagination is by no means to be missed...

George Lesley featuring Earl W. Green "Slip away" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Vibe Boutique Records continue to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music with "Slip away" a towering collaboration by DJ/producer/musician George Lesley and vocalist Earl W. Green. Indisputably, Earl W. Green's unmistakable deep-rooted vocals together with the heavenly keys and the smooth yet compelling organic backdrop will cast a spell on you...

Kelvin Sylvester & Brutha Basil "Bedroom DJ" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Boston soulful house maestro Kelvin Sylvester joins forces with DJ/producer/spoken word artist Brutha Basil to present "Bedroom DJ, a homage to all the DJ's around the world who are confined to the bedroom right now (the place where most DJ's have their humble beginnings). Without doubt, the soulful yet fervid "Bedroom DJ" which features Brutha Basil's unrivaled spoken word poetry alongside grand jazzed-up keys and a luxurious organ solo over enthralling rhythms is a sure-fire dance floor anthem not to be missed...

Dannis Winston "More than anything" (Honeycomb Music Free Download)

Available as a free download from Honeycomb Music is "More than anything" a  mind-blowing slice of timeless soulful house music by singer/songwriter Dannis Winston and soulful house music maestro Josh Milan. Most definitely, "More than anything"oozing with Dannis Winston's incomparable heartfelt vocals and Josh Milan's signature spiritual afro/jazz infused sound is a nostalgic classic house track guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

KlevaKeys featuring Chechi Sarai "Closer" (House Keys Records Promo)

Forthcoming to House Keys Records is "Closer" a phantasmagorical collaboration by DJ/producer KlevaKeys (Adam Agnilleri) with singer Chechi Sarai. To make a long story short, "Closer" which uses gentle yet spell binding percussive rhythms as foundation for the beautiful vocal stylings of Chechi Sarai, enchanting jazzy keys and dreamful pads is sheer musical bliss...

Deborah Cox "Easy way" (Kelly G & Terry Hunter Remixes)(T's Box Records Promo)

Last week, we introduced you to the superb HouseWerQ remix of Deborah Cox beautiful 2019 mid-tempo song "Easy way", this week we have the eminent Kelly G and Terry Hunter remixes for you. Undeniably, both Kelly G and Terry Hunter have been pulling out all the stops to grace us with verily soulful yet intriguing four-to-the-floor interpretations oozing with their landmark truly beloved sound. Essential.

David Marston & Rob Paine & Lady Alma "All the way far away" (BBE Music Promo)

Jamaican producer David Marston joins forces with Philadelphia artists Lady Alma and DJ Rob Paine for "All the way far away", a masterly crafted timeless production oozing with Lady Alma's unrivaled haunting vocals, mellifluous melodies and a smooth organic musical backing. Next to the mellow original version, the package features a vibrant club rendition by David Marston & Rob Paine, an infectious funk soaked remix by Toribio and a  scintillating breaks remix from Troop 493 (Jon Gunshor & Paine).

Linell Andrews featuring Determined "Oh give thanks" (New Generation Records Promo)

With their latest offering "Oh give thanks" by Lindell Andrews, legendary New Jersey based house music label New Generation Records take us straight to church. To make it short, "Oh give thanks" is a verily in gospel house anthem produced by Linell Andrews and mixed by Corey Holmes which features incredible vocals by Faustin Cherilus (with backing vocals by Albie Gray, LC DeSandies, Erica Reeves, Al Boyd, Tammy Fashion and Tierinda Pullins), grandiose organ and luscious keys over a thrilling organic backdrop.

Janine Johnson & Sulene Fleming "Count on you" (Future Spin Records Promo)

Next up on up-and-coming Future Spin Records is "Count on you" produced by Francis Hylton and performed in grand style by vocalists Janine Johnson and Sulene Fleming. In a nutshell, "Count on you" is a feel good song which combines the amazing spirited vocals of Janine Johnson and Sulene Fleming with splendid jazzy keys, lush strings and a contaminous funked-up backing.

Frederick Alonso featuring. Lee Wilson "Walk into the sun" (Good For You Records Promo)

Coming soon to Good For You Records is "Walk into the sun" by Belgian producer Frederick Alonso and American singer/songwriter Lee Wilson. "Walk into the sun" is a glorious slice of sun drenched soulful goodness, with smoothly groovin' rhythms leading the way for glamorous keys and  the uber cool spoken words and inimitable emotive vocals of Lee Wilson. The wicked 'Dub Edit' gives the track a tantalizing deepened feel perfect for late night play.

Bonus Review: Klement Bonelli featuring. Coco "Something" (Tinnit Music Promo)

We welcome Tinnit Music to Spirit of House with "Something" by French DJ/producer Klement Bonelli and songstress Coco. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this energetic utterly hypnotizing afro house banger will send the dancers into a frenzy thanks to the downright inexorable rhythms, classy piano hooks, inebriant galactical synths and the unique entrancing vocals of Coco. Nuff said...