While there are not to many soulful vocal cuts this weeks, there is lots to discover in other genres... enjoy !!

Pablo Martinez featuring Veema Louys "Crush" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Back in 1997, American r&b/hip-hop soul duo Zhane scored big with the silky smooth "Crush" (taken from their second album "Saturday night"), now we see Pablo Martinez joining forces with vocalist Veema Louys for a truly fabulous tech-soul flavored afro-deep interpretation of this unforgettable r&b beauty. To make it short, Veema Louys's haunting vocals are combined with gentle yet spell binding rhythms and seductive keys and chords, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel guaranteed to put a spell on you.

Soulbridge featuring Chanelle "Know my soul" (HSR Records CD Promo)

We know we repeat ourself, but there truly ain't no stoppin' for HSR Records who have been gracing us week after week with nothing but the best in soulful house music. The saga continues with "Know my soul" by Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) and house music diva Chanelle, a gorgeous production using dulcet yet captivating rhythms as playground for glamorous keys, luscious chords and Chanelle's one-of-a-kind passionate vocals - in other words, the masterly crafted "Know my soul" is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

The best of the rest...

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

The utterly tantalizing "African child" by South Africa's Mthi HD (aka Mthiwekhaya Gqamane) featuring Sam De DJ & Alie takes you an mesmerizing journey to deepest afro-deep grounds, with infectious tribaltastic rhythms leading the way for glorious keys, phat jazzy sax and uber cool vocal scats (CD Promo). We stay in the afro-tribal territory with "Baka" by Stan Zeff (a track dedicated to the Baka people of the Central African rain forest) which is all about the irresistible tribal percussive rhythms, inebriant synth melodies, wicked organ riffs and fetching vocal chants (Tambor Music CD Promo).

Next is "MaDlamin" by Dr Ada T & King P Soul, beyond the shadow of a doubt this compelling track built around relentlessly pulsating deeper than deep afrocentric rhythms, tempting atmospheric melodies and wicked vocals is a sure-fire dance floor weapon... (Face the Bass Records CD Promo). Changing genres, we have "Going crazy" by John Feva & Doc Link an EP loaded with two blazin' hot jackin' house tracks guaranteed to jam-pack the floor. The title track obviously samples vocal snippets from the classic "Raging bull" movie, while "White owl" works the Ashford & Simpson classic "Found a cure" to full effect (Modulate Goes Digital CD Promo).

Mexico City based DJ/producer B-Liv presents "Basement rules", a truly sexy slice of late night goodness guaranteed to cause stir thanks to driving rhythms and exhilarating melodies. The 'Glitch Side Mix' gives the track a techier feel, making it a valuable alternative to the original version (NiteGroove Records CD Promo). From South Africa's up-and-rising Blanco-Teez comes the eclectic "Underworld EP" which includes four equally brilliant deep house cuts, each one oozing with glamorous melodies and gentle yet enthralling rhythms (Soulful Evolution Records CD Promo).

Staying on the deeper side of things is Sebastien Grand with "Downtown", an entrancing deep house production spreading a seductive vibe through the dreamy keys and vibrant rhythms. Alex Finkin and Jocelyn Mathieu contribute the remixes, both adding their distinctive deep touch, giving you the tough task to pick a favorite version... (Instinctive Records CD Promo). "Never mind", the latest offering from Italy's DJ Ermi, is a wonderful collaboration with violinist Gracy Lagana. You can chose between a laidback down-tempo version and an inspiring up-tempo version, both combining the amazing truly breathtaking violin play of Gracy Lagana with warm melodious keys and exciting rhythms (Inspires Records CD Promo).

Detroit legend Eddie Fowlkes is back with the mind-boggling "That's what I think about EP". Both the title track and "Something special E" (which samples the NYC Peech Boys classic "Life is something special") stay true to his roots and let the Detroit techno influence shine through - quite simply raw and unadulterated underground dance music at  its best... Culoe De Song's remix of the title track is on a truly bodacious deep atmospheric tip sure to hypnotize the floor (Defected Records CD Promo). "Underwater ground" by Robert Mash Tomcik & Richard Scholtz comes in two phantasmagorical versions. First up is Richard Scholtz with his pristine underground-esque workout laced with acidic elements and down-and-dirty rhythms, and second is Deepologic with his ultra-deep twisted take (Loco Records CD Promo).