review logoA truly massive update awaits you this week, loaded with nothing but the best and latest in soulful/afro house music... enjoy !!

Luis 'Loowee R' Rivera featuring Walter Christopher "The world is a ghetto" (AquaSol Recordings Promo)

Coming soon to AquaSol Recordings is this fantastic remake of "The world is a ghetto" (an all-time classic by legendary funk band War dating back to 1972) by Luis 'Loowee R' Rivera and vocalist Walter Christopher. Without doubt, this sublime re-imagination which combines the unmistakable emotive vocals of Walter Christopher with luxurious keys, dreamy chords and gentle yet compelling rhythms is sheer musical bliss...

SoulKID Bdub & Tswex Malabola featuring KeMo "Clarity of the mind" (Lilac Jeans Records Promo)

Without question, Lilac Jeans Records have a beauty in their hands with this excellent three track EP by SoulKID Bdub and Tswex Malabola sure to be admired by those looking for deep house with a soulful and melodic edge. The title track features the unique tempting vocals of KeMo and ethereal synths over deeply rumblin' rhythms, while on the late night styled "Pain" KeMo delivers wicked spoken words. Finally, there is "Don't give up" a vibrant truly mesmerizing collaboration with Kiyoshima Edits fueled with gorgeous male vocals.

Various "Lilac Jeans Remixes" (Lilac Jeans Records Promo)

Out soon to Lilac Jeans Records is this scintillating collection of stunning remixes, except the DJ Spen & Soulfuledge remixes of "Hold on" by Lilac Jeans featuring Kele B (which are bonafide dance floor classics) all the featured tracks are brand new respectively previously unreleased: the Lilac Jeans 'Underground Flute Version' of "Boum" by Jonny Montana & Blick Bassy, the John Lundun remix of "C.c.c" by Lilac Jeans featuring Kele B, the Oral Deep remix of "Inside" by Lilac Jeans featuring Kimet Nuh and last but not least the Kurtx and SoulLab remixes of "Olwakho" by Lilac Jeans featuring Kele B.

Dawn Souluvn Williams "Hope and happiness" (AceBeat Music Promo)

Next up on legendary AceBeat Music is the phantasmagorical "Hope and happiness" by Dawn Souluvn Williams (written and produced by Derrick Ricky Nelson), most certainly this inspirational verily soulful production featuring the inimitable haunting vocals of Dawn Souluvn Williams alongside grandiose keys and a captivating organic musical backing will leave you wanting for more...

Coflo featuring Brutha Basil "Time stays tickin'" (Ocha Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Ocha Records is "Time stays tickin'" by Coflo (Cody Ferreira) and Brutha Basil (Basil Thomas), to make a long story short this amazingly soulful yet truly enthralling slice of dance floor goodness using utterly deep irresistibly bouncin' rhythms as foundation for luscious keys and the unmatched spoken word poetry of Brutha Basil is guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

DMAX "Bmoresoulful EP (Volume 5)" (Toupee Records Promo)

Watch out for the upcoming fifth installment in Damon Ramsey's (under his DMAX disguise) acclaimed "Bmoresoulful EP" series which  includes unarguably glamorous four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of "Could have been" by H.E.R, "The soft side of love" by Kem, "Dirty" by Tank and "Your smile" by Will Downing all staying true to the original yet oozing with the landmark DMAX touch.

Marc Staggers "Swing it baby" (John Morales Mixes)(MarReg Music Promo)

The latest single from North American r&b singer Marc Staggers is "Swing it baby" (taken from his #1 UK Soul album "Let's go out tonight"). Larger-than-life DJ/producer John Morales has added his magical truly beloved old school inspired touch, transforming this wonderful song oozing with the incredible vocals of Marc Staggers into an intriguing yet verily soulful up-tempo affair.

Bonus Review: Kelly G. "The wedding dance" (T's Crates Records Promo)

Chicago DJ/producer Kelly G presents "The wedding dance" the follow-up single to his club smash "Feels good (yeah!)". To cut right to the chase, "The wedding dance" is guaranteed to get your feet movin' thanks to the relentlessly groovin' organic backdrop, bodacious organ and the uber cool male vocals inspired by the Al Green classic "Let's get married". Nuff said...

Bonus Review: Pasqua Records presents "The Gathering" (Pasqua Records Promo)

In recent months, Pasqua Records have been going from strength to strength, now they present "The Gathering" a verily eclectic selection of sure-fire dance floor weapons. A total of twelve tracks from an illustrious list of artists such as Mr.Eclectic featuring Venessa Jackson, Kelvin Sylvester, DJ Fritz featuring Msi'Kay, Therd Suspect & Aku Powercut and K.O.D (to name just a few) altogether showcasing the various flavors of afro house music are included, giving you plenty of choices to work the dance floor.

Bonus Review: Various "Afro & Latin House Vol. 1" (Grooveland Music Promo)

Brazil's Grooveland Music are launching a new compilation series which will take you on an exhilarating journey through the various shades of afro and latin house music have to offer. The inaugural installment in the series is verily chameleonic and includes not less than twenty-two genre defining tracks by artists such as Andrea Curato, Brazilian Soul Crew, Djeff, Deepo, RoneeDeep, Anto Vitale, Haldo, Johnny JM, Manousos, SoulBasics, Justin Imperiale, Jihad Muhammad, Sam Qs and many many more handpicked from the labels impressive back catalogue.