Another week has passed, so its time for another update full of the latest and greatest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Vanessa Smith "Storms" (The Shino Blackk Story)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Just a short while ago, CyberJamz Records unleashed "Storms" by Vanessa Smith, a marvelous soul infused gem produced and mixed by 'DJ Pistol Pete' Sierra (the release also includes exquisite remixes by Eddie Ed). Now the label is about to release superb interpretations by Shino Blackk who gives the song a mesmerizing unadulterated deep underground-esque feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you through the spell binding rhythms, glorious keys, entrancing chords and Vanessa Smith gorgeous passionate vocals.

Distant People, ChopsMan & Elan Noelle "Take control" (Arima Records CD Promo)

Joey Silvero, under his Distant People moniker, is back with "Take control", a splendiferous collaboration with songstress Elan Noelle and ChopsMan. The super soulful "Take control" uses a smooth yet relentlessly stompin' backdrop as playground for sublime keys and heavenly chords, not to forget to mention the amazing emotive vocals of Elan Noelle. In other words, "Take control" is a wonderful slice of top-notch soulful house music...

DJeff Afrozila "Love vibration" (Richard Earnshaw Remixes)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to "Love vibration", an utterly tantalizing slice of uplifting afro house by DJeff Afrozila and Ron Carroll, now we can enjoy fresh remixes by Richard Earnshaw who is pulling out all the stops on his hypnotizing rendition which fuses Ron Carroll's incomparable feel-good vocals with fiercely pulsating rhythms and inebriant synth melodies. Jam-packed floors guaranteed...

Tsalikee & Kathy Brown "Something about you 2016" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Back in July of 2014, KingStreet Records released the marvelous soul oozing "Something about you" by Greek DJ/producer George Tsalikis and house music diva Kathy Brown (complete with an excellent remix by Groove Assassin), now brand new remixes have arrived. First up, George Tsalikis himself drops an energetic yet soulful bass driven rework of the original, next we have Phaze Dee with his smooth yet infectiously thumpin' percussive melodious workout sure to set the floor on fire.

Komfort Blendz "Moonlight EP" (Baainar Records CD Promo)

South Africa's Komfort Blendz, the duo of vocalist Kagiso 'Komplexity' Makhubela and DJ/producer Katlego 'DJ Fortee' Tigele, is blessing us with the breathtaking "Moonlight EP". First we have "Stay", a fabulous soulful production featuring guest vocalist Dindy Mashiane that is all about the deep'n'gentle yet thrilling rhythms, the seductive ethereal melodies, classy saxophone and the wonderful deeply rooted vocals. Second is "Moon light" which is built around compelling afro tribal rhythms, sublime jazzy piano, melodious chords and inspiring vocals.

Hakeem Syrbram "The Remix Suite Vol. 2" (Urban Retro Music Group CD Promo)

In summer of last year, we were celebrating the the incredible "The Remix Suite Vol. 1" by Hakeem Syrbram, now he returns with the second volume which, to cut a long story short, will blow your mind.. A total of six dazzling truly unique and varied re-imaginations of originals from the likes of Fantasia, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Syreeta are included, undoubtedly what we wrote for volume one last year applies to volume two as well: Hakeem Syrbram truly hits the mark with his seminal neo-soul infused re-imaginations.

Guido P  "Lights & shadows" (Erick B's Love Sensation Mix)(HSR Records CD Promo)

In summer of this year, Guido P (Guido Manara) graced us with the "A Long Hot Summer EP" loaded with three phantasmagorial tracks. One of the tracks, the laidback "Lights & shadows", gets a second life thanks to Erick B who combines the original instrumentation of gentle percussive rhythms, grand jazzy keys and ethereal chords with the unrivaled acapella of the all-time dance music anthem "Love sensation" performed in grand style by legendary Loleatta Holloway - a match made in heaven...

Piratebrain featuring David Moore "Fuck the sponsors" (Remixed)(AudioBite Soulful CD Promo)

From Piratebrain aka David Moore comes this sure-fire dance floor bomb loaded with thought-provoking vocals. Kicking things off is Geoffrey C with his ruthlessly thumpin' version fueled with delectable keys and celestial chords, Lex Luther delivers a fervid old school flavored workout laced with blissful melodies, and finally DJxtee drop a deeper than deep interpretation oozing with dreamy melodies.

Traxx Pick: The Scientists of Sound featuring Mario Gatto "Hammond Cat EP" (Tony Records CD Promo)

This truly mind-blowing dance floor weapon by The Scientists of Sound (Roberto Reale & Fabio Giunta) featuring a killer hammond solo by Mario Gatto saw the light of the day earlier this year on the earth-shattering "Miami Uncuts 2015" compilation by Tony Records, now the full single release has arrived. To make it short, a total of three equally massive mixes is included, each one keeping the amazing organ ride center stage yet oozing with its own distinctive feel, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Bootleg Pick: Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll "Back together" (Sandy Turnbull's Galleria Mix)(CD-R)

This blazin' hot contemporary re-imagination of the all-time house music anthem "Back together" by Hardsoul and singer Ron Caroll (originally released back in summer of 2003 on influential Soulfuric Recordings) was originally made by Sandy Turnbull as an exclusive for his DJ sets, soon it will be available to the masses. It has been well worth the wait...