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Exclusive Preview: Urban Sound Lab featuring Aisling "Tonight" (SoulfulBeats CD Promo)

"Tonight" is the debut release from Urban Sound Lab, a musical gem best described as a timeless soulful four-to-the-floor production oozing with real musicianship through bouncy funk drenched rhythms, jazzy horns, killer keys and rhodes, not to forget to mention the phenomenal vocals by Aisling who impresses with her incomparable voice. -18dBFS (aka SoulfulBeats head Matt Hughes) contributes a masterly remix turning the song into a seminal deep house jewel sure to work floors at any given time in the night.

Nicole Mitchell "Keep moving" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)

Here we go with the next single lifted from Solid Ground's incredible "2012 Miami Sampler". "Keep moving" features the inimitable vocals of the one and only Nicole Mitchell and is featured here in mixes by Manoo and Vick Lavender who both add their signature touch to this wonderful song. Manoo delivers a thumpin' vocal version laced with grand piano and lush melodies as well as a deep hypnotizing dub fueled with celestials synth melodies, while Vick Lavender serves a vintage interpretation oozing with a masterly orchestration and his beloved sounds.

Joe Rizla featuring Natasha Koss "Sunday afternoon" (The Unreleased Cuts)(Black Keys Music CD Promo)

Back in January of 2008, Black Keys Music blessed us with the marvelous deep house production "Sunday afternoon" by Joe Rizla and Natasha Koss, now the time has come to unleash 'The Unreleased Cuts' of the track and have it once more take over dance floors all over the world. These mind-blowing new versions keep the vibe deep and infectious yet soulful, with thrilling percussive rhythms leading the way for sublime keys, precious jazzy piano and Natasha Koss' unmistakable sexy vocals. The varied vocal, dub and instrumental versions included give you plenty of options to work the crowd.

Serious-Man featuring Angel "Shiver" (Different Muziq CD Promo)

Different Muziq is a brand new label from France kicking off strong with the latin flaroved "Shiver" by Serious-Man which features enticing vocals by Angel alongside glorious keys over a fiery funk drenched backdrop. The release comes complete with fascinating remixes by Samson Lewis, Wumm, Mikeandtess and Nightwings all keeping the vibe soulful yet adding their unique touch - whether you prefer it deep and spell binding or laidback and summery, you won't be disappointed by this soulful release. Highly recommended.

Woods & Luyo "Thief in the night" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

While their debut release "My king" by Luyo & DJ Ermi is still rocking floors around the globe, Double Cheese Records present the next bomb. The uplifting "Thief in the night" is courtesy of Woods & Luyo (Torsten Stenzel & Federico Luglio) and features sexy vocals by Deborah Oluwa-Seyi Joshua and warm jazzy keys over smooth yet contaminous funk soaked rhythms. Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze contribute a marvelous jazz-funk inspired rendition, while PepeSoup takes the track to deeper grounds on his soul-tech rework.

Meisha Moore "Pierce me rebooted" (AudioBite Soulful CD Promo)

With "Pierce me rebooted", Meisha Moore returns with an uber cool release that is all about her sultry vocals and a truly versatile selection of remixes offering something for everyone. Our favorites are the remixes by G. Kome and Geoffrey C who go as deep as it gets on their infectious yet smooth workouts laced with luscious keys,and the laidback interpretation by Silvia Zaragoza full of gorgeous melodies. But make not mistake as the other mixes by Nicole Simpkins, Ramiro Bernabela, Brockney Cee and Fabrizio Colasanti are great to.

Exclusive Preview: AC Soul Symphony featuring Ricci Benson "Still in love" (Mauritzio Mercury Dose Remix)(CD-R)

"Still in love" by Rose Royce is an all-time classic dating back to 1982 (originally from their "Stronger than ever" long player) featuring, alongside the legendary vocals by Ricci Benson, what many consider as the best piano solo ever. When covered in late 2011 by AC Soul Symphony (aka Dave Lee), the track was brought to the attention of the younger generation, now we have Mauritzio take the song to new heights on his deep and thrilling soul-tech rendition built around percussive rhythms and heavenly synth melodies.

Deep Y'All aka DJ Rico "Say what? EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Last but not least, we have some serious deep vibes for you, courtesy of Eric Pazouda and Gotta Keep Faith Records. Each of the five featured tracks takes you on a journey to deepest grounds - whether it is the lascivious "Straight" featuring sexy vocals by Laurie and lush melodies (included in two equally tasty versions), or one of the other three funk flavored tracks (titled "Try me", "Deep is the jam up" and "Mindz"), each of the tracks is a sure fire deep house weapon.