review logoA verily eclectic update supplemented with classics from back in the day awaits you this week... enjoy !!

Molly & Tacos featuring Bee Honey "Feenin'" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

The latest offering from Quantize Recordings is "Feenin'" by production duo Molly & Tacos and vocalist Bee Honey. "Feenin'" is a top-notch soulful house track with a smooth yet irresistibly thumpin' organic backdrop leading the way for the incomparable heartfelt vocals of Bee Honey, sublime trumpet and exquisite jazzy keys. The remix is courtesy of DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins who add their signature touch to take the track to the next level.

Tom Glide featuring Vanessa L Smith "Keep it real" (TGee Records Promo)

Forthcoming to TGee Re cods is "Keep it real" a glamorous slice of soulful bliss by label head Tom Glide featuring songstress extraordinaire Vanessa L Smith. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the unmatched haunting vocals of Vanessa L Smith together with bodacious jazzed-up keys, heavenly pads and the rich organic musical backing are guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

KaySoul "The world's going crazy EP" (Apparel Music Promo)

South African D/producer KaySoul makes his debut on Apparel Music with the stunning "The world's going crazy" EP. To cut right to the chase, this is deep house music at its best, with the title track oozing with smooth yet utterly deep downright intriguing rhythms, enchanting melodies and the eminent vocals of Disney Bailey. Next is "4 tops drive", an old school inspired instrumental coming complete with a killer remix by Rephlex.

Lee Wilson & Peter Brown "Can we talk" (Check It Out Records Promo)

Out soon on Check It Out Records is this phantasmagorical four-to-the-floor remake of the Tevin Campbell classic "Can we talk" dating back to 1993. This glorious nu-disco influenced remake is produced by Jake Lim and Lee Wilson (with additional production by Peter Brown) and features Lee Wilson's unrivaled deeply felt alongside luscious keys over a vibrant organic backdrop.

Glass Slipper "Love is feeling" (Colour and Pitch Promo)

Next up on Colour and Pitch are Texas duo Glass Slipper (Brad Eller and Lisa Cork-Twiss) who make their return to the label with a refined house remake of the 1977 Eloise Laws classic "Love is feeling" which combines Lisa Cork-Twiss formidable rendition of the lyrics with lush keys, acidic overtones and spell binding rhythms. On remix duty is Sumsuch who transforms the track into a mesmerizing atmospheric deep house affair.

Brian McKnight "Anytime" (Susan Esthera Remix)(Utopia Boston Promo)

Out now on promo through Utopia Boston is this magnificent 4/4 rework of Brian McKnight's beautiful "Anytime" (taken from the same tittled album released in 1997) by Susan Esthera. To make it short, Susan Esthera's glorious soulful interpretation stays true and respectful to the timeless original, introducing dreamful chord progressions and smooth yet thrillingly thumpin' rhythms.

Blast from the Past: April Dawn "Love crime" (Tony Humphries Remix)(Easy Street Records 12", 1989)

Back in 1988, larger-than-life Easy Street Records released the marvelous "Love crime" produced by Smack Productions and performed in grand style by April Dawn.  Then in 1989, the label followed up with mind-boggling remixes by Tony Humphries who added his landmark underground-esque touch to take the track to a whole different level. To this day, we love this remix...

Blast from the Past: The Basement Boys "Love don't live here anymore" (Jump Street Records 12", 1988)

"Love don't live here anymore" is a song written by Miles Gregory and originally recorded by Rose Royce for their album "Strikes again" released in 1978. Fast forward to 1988 when The Basement Boys presented a paramount four-to-the-floor re-imagination (actually this was their first ever release) through Jump Street Records, with none other than Tony Humphries on remix duties.