review logoAn extra large update with the latest in soulful and afro house music awaits you this week... enjoy !!

Masaki Morii & Aaron K Gray "Working" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Japanese DJ/producer Masaki Morii and renowned vocalist Aaron K. Gray are back together for "Working", an inspirational soulful gem oozing with the impeccable vocals of Aaron K Gray, luscious keys, heavenly chords and a spell binding organic backdrop. The 'Deeper Love Mix' keeps the vibe soulful yet transforms the song into a tantalizing peak-time favorite, and finally the 'Sweet Mix' relaxes the vibe for a blissful laidback vibe.

Yooks and Rona Ray "Goosebumps" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Up-and-coming UK DJ/producer Yooks joins forces with songstress Rona Ray for the phantasmagorical "Goosebumps" which uses a smooth yet thrilling organic backdrop as foundation for lush keys, ethereal pads and the incomparable sultry vocals of Rona Ray. Courtesy of True2Life comes a vibrant remix fusing Rona Ray's vocals with entrancing melodies and relentless rhythms.

Seb Skalski & Anthony Poteat "Keep on" (SpekuLLa Records Promo)

Don't miss out on the marvelous "Keep on" by Polish DJ/producer Seb Skalski and esteemed vocalist Anthony Poteat. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this expertly crafted soulful production featuring the unmistakable deep-rooted vocals of Anthony Poteat, sublime hammond and rhodes by Masta P Zabrodzki, classy guitar and a captivating rich organic backing is sure to cast a spell on you.

Cassio Ware "Love is the only way" (Franke Estevez Fuzion Mixes)(New Generation Records Promo)

In 1992, Cassio Ware and Larry P. Rauson (rip) graced us with the soulful jewel "Love is the only way" (released on "DJ's on Vinyl Volume 3"), later that year the track got a full 12" release with he lyrics performed in grand style by Velma Charleston. Following the dazzling remixes by DJ Rob Rhythm released in April 2021 are these downright mind-blowing interpretations by Franke Estevez introducing enchanting synth melodies and smooth yet intriguing rhythms to elevate the timeless original version to all new heights.

Melle Brown featuring Angelina & fromLondon "Brown eyes" (Melle Brown Promo)

Courtesy of London based DJ/producer Melle Brown comes "Brown eyes (golden)" featuring Angelina and fromLondon (with Sean McCabe on mixing and mastering duty). Most definitely, "Brown eyes (golden)" is a glorious soulful production using gentle yet enthralling rhythms as playground for mellifluous keys and the eminent vocals of Angelina and fromLondon.

Toney Lee "I have the right to live" (West Side Records Promo)

Dance music legends Toney Lee and Victor Simonelli bring us the evocative truly towering "I have the right to live", a masterly orchestrated soulful four-to-the-floor production laced with the deeply moving spoken words and vocals of Toney Lee (with backing vocals and spoken words by Angela Monique Fredrick, Diane Malloy, Tyra Lanett Frazier and Patrick Morales Jr).

MoBlack & Manoo featuring. Stevo Atambire "Mawumya" (MoBlack Records Promo)

Coming soon to MoBlack Records is this outstanding collaboration by label head MoBlack (Mimmo Falcone) with Manoo (Emmanuel Kossi) and Stevo Atambire entitled "Mawumya". Without any question, the downright inexorable afrotastic rhythms together with Stevo Atambire's one-of-a-kind vocal stylings, the glamorous kologo and inebriant galactical synth melodies will send the dancers into a frenzy...

Skaiva & DJ Yugoe featuring Babongile Sibanda and Thandy Dhlana "Kuwe" (Khaya Lyf Music Promo)

Out now on Khaya Lyf Music is the super dope gospel afro house track "Kuwe" by  Skaiva and DJ Yugoe featuring the vocal talents of Babongile Sibanda and Thandy Dhlana. Indisputably, "Kuwe" with absolutely irresistible rhythms leading the way for enticing chord progressions and the incredible vocal duet by Babongile Sibanda and Thandy Dhlana is a sure-fire dance floor weapon.

Bonus Review: Various "Abstract Afro Vibes Vol. 7" (NiteGrooves Records Promo)

The latest installment in the critically acclaimed "Abstract Afro Vibes" series is verily eclectic and downright tantalizing, loaded with not less than thirty handpicked tracks from the likes of Ananda Project, Blaze & Palmer Brown, Danny Clark & Carla Prather, Danny Cohiba, Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Mark Di Meo, Mateo & Matos and Ron Trent to name just a few. As a bonus, you get some previously unreleased mixes and tracks: Pad Beryll featuring Toshi "Let me see" (Unreleased Doug Gomez Vocal Dub), From P60 with Lisa Shaw "Magic" (Unreleased Manoo Percudub), Odasoul "Maracaya" and Andee Zeta "Sabio".

Bonus Review: DJ Czezre & Venessa Jackson "Vaulted recipe" (KingStreet Records Promo)

New Jersey DJ/producer DJ Czezre teams up with South African songstress Venessa Jackson for "Vaulted recipe" to be released through KingStreet Records early next year. The original version is an emotive deep house affair featuring Venessa Jackson's inimitable spirited vocals, delectable keys and celestial pads over with gently thumpin' rhythms. On remix duty are Demarkus Lewis who adds his signature deep driving touch to the original, and Charles (Chill00) Mitchell who delivers an enticingly deep somewhat moody later night rendition.