Less is more... not to many reviews this weeks as we kept the quality high... enjoy !!

Kenny Summit & Darryl D'Bonneau "Why me" (Good For You Records CD Promo)

We have to admit we almost missed out on this one... We got the promo sent a few weeks ago, gladly we came across it the other day as it would have been a shame not to review it... Kenny Summit joins forces with the one and only Darryl D'Bonneau who impresses with his inimitable vocals on this feel good production titled "Why me" built around an intoxicating backdrop and celestial melodies. On remix duty we have Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper who put their treasured 'Directors Cut' touch to the track to make this a sure fire floor anthem oozing with grand keys and smooth yet thrilling rhythm.

Panevino featuring Billie "All over again" (Panevino Music CD Promo)

It has been a while since we last heard from Panevino (Sandro Endrighetti & Renato Abate), but now they are back with an awe-inspiring production guaranteed to make you yearn for more. The somewhat laidback "All over again" is truly soulful yet full of energy and features fantastic sultry vocals by Billie Brown alongside exquisite melodious keys and classic strings over contaminous funk soaked rhythms, altogether spreading an uplifting feel you can't resist to dance to. By no means to be missed. Nuff said.

New Believers featuring Ike Sofunky "Read my mind" (Solitone Records CD Promo)

We are proud to introduce you to the inaugural release of Solitone Records courtesy of New Believers (Jasper 'Drexmeister' Drexhage, Dwight Brown, Ike Sofunky). "Read my mind" is a phenomenal slice of soulful house music oozing with an amazing r&b inspired vocal performance by Ike Sofunky, gorgeous melodies and smooth yet thrilling deep rhythms on Dwight Brown & Ike Sofunky's version. Drexmeister is taking the track to the next level on his stellar remix, combining the expressive vocals with sublime keys, lovely guitar and a fierce funk drenched backing - make sure to check out the incredible soul/r&b styled break around the five minute mark...

Heather Walker "Time 4 change" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Mantree Records are on a roll at the moment as they unleash yet another underground house music bomb guaranteed to set the floor on fire with the Rasmir Mantree and DJ Elementz produced "Time 4 change" which features intriguing vocals by Heather Walker. Not much needs to be said about this gem besides both DJ Elementz and Rasmir Mantree are pulling out all the stops on their respective versions oozing with their beloved mesmerizing sounds and rhythms, making this release something truly special. Miss it at your own risk.

Exclusive Preview: Whitney Houston "Love will save the day" (Alex Mattei Hgm Piano Mix)(CD-R)

A few weeks ago, we featured Neter Supreme's inspirational interpretation of the unforgettable all-time classic "Love will save the day" by the one and only Whitney Houston (r.i.p.), this week we'd like to direct your attention to Alex Mattei's wonderful rendition which features a grandiose piano alongside the inimitable vocals by Whitney Houston over a deeply groovin' backdrop. In other words, a respectful interpretation sending shivers down your spine.