review logoGiven the amount of new music hitting our mailbox this week, we had to be quite selective...

Miguel Migs featuring Ursula Rucker "Connectivity"  (Salted Music Promo)

Without question, renowned DJ/producer Miguel Migs and spoken word artist Ursula Rucker deliver the goods with the vibrant collaboration "Connectivity" coming soon to Salted Music. Most definitely, the unmatched spoken word poetry of Ursula Rucker together with Miguel Migs' incomparable and truly seminal underground-esque sound are guaranteed to cast spell on you.

Harold Matthews Jr & Piers Kirwan "Turn your vibe around" (Good Vibrations Music Promo)

Chicago's Harold Matthews Jr and UK's Piers Kirwan join forces to grace us with something truly special, the magnificent "Turn your vibe around". The track featuring Harold Matthews Jr's unmistakable vocal stylings comes in two equally great variations: the edgy broken beat flavored original version, and the 'Turned it Around Mix' oozing with a downright tantalizing deepened vibe.

Daniele Busciala & Sansi featuring Morris Revy "Can't get enough" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Pasqua Records in the coming weeks is the excellent "Can't get enough" produced by Daniele Busciala and Sansi featuring Nigerian vocalist Morris Revy. In short, "Can't get enough" using smooth yet utterly spell binding rhythms as foundation for Morris Revy's inimitable deep-rooted vocals and rich melodies is guaranteed to take over dance floors around the globe by storm.

Gregory Porter "Wisdom" (DJ Serge Negri Breadlove Remix) (Promo)

In late March, we introduced you to DJ Serge Negri's unofficial re-imagination of the wonderful "Ocean" by Ayo, this time around we proudly present his brilliant four-to-the-floor interpretation of "Wisdom" by American jazz vocalist, songwriter and actor Gregory Porter (from his 2010 album "Water"). Undeniably, DJ Serge Negri's virtuoso soulful house rework enriched with sumptuous keys, grand saxophones and enthralling rhythms is sure to send shivers down your spine...

Björk "Stonemilker" (Cubanix 24K Remix) (Promo)

Courtesy of Cubanix (David Reyero) comes this wicked re-imagination of Björk's mind-blowing "Stonemilker" (a song recorded by the Icelandic singer and musician for her eighth studio album "Vulnicura" in 2015). With certainty, this unadulterated underground-esque dance floor rework which combines the unequaled vocal stylings of Björk with enticing melodies and inexorable deeply thumpin' rhythms is sure to jam-pack the dance floor.

Charles Dockins "The system" (Jazzu Records Promo)

Legendary Charles 'CDock' Dockins has been on a roll in recent months, blessing us with nothing but top-notch soulful house music. His latest offering "The system" (available through Jazzu Records) featuring eminent spoken words by Charles Dockins alongside luscious keys and an intriguing funk drenched backdrop is a splendorous soulful production sure to set the dance floor on fire.

Traxx Pick: Trinidadian Deep "Moments of sounds" (Ensouled Promo)

Back in March, we were celebrating the mind-boggling inaugural release Cee ElAssaad's Ensouled imprint, now the label is back with its sophomore release "Moments of sounds" by DJ/producer Trinidadian Deep. Indisputably, Trinidadian Deep has been pulling out all the stops to grace with a hypnotic late night gem oozing with his signature truly beloved deeply spiritual and entrancing sound. Essential.

Jay Caruso "He'll make a way" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Available now on promo through Quantize Recordings is the utterly uplifting "He'll make a way" by producer Jay Caruso. Beyond doubt, "He'll make a way" with an infectious rich organic musical backing leading the way for inspirational vocals and bodacious jazzed-up keys is sure to send the dancers into a frenzy. Next to the anthemic original version, the package includes a dope re-edit by DJ Spen.