The post WMC madness continues with another huge update this week... enjoy !!

Afrikan Elements featuring Milly "You're the best" (Night Scope Deep Recordings CD Promo)

From Night Scope Deep Recordings comes this gorgeous new interpretation of "You're the best" by Afrikan Elements previously released on Deep Night Entertainment beginning of last year. To cut a long story short, "You're the best" features the sultry vocals of Milly alongside grand jazzy keys and warm heavenly chords over an infectious funked-up broken beat flavored backdrop - in other words, "You're the best" is an utterly groovey soul oozing gem guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Distant People featuring Chanelle "Above" (Tony Records CD Promo)

The latest offering from Distant People is "Above", an enchanting soul drenched production having timeless written all over. Quite simply the infectiously stompin' backing together with the glamorous keys and Chanelle's incomparable passionate vocals are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. The release comes complete with a truly eclectic selection of remixes: Shotdown's feel-good rework gives the track a deeper old school inspired feel, with the catchy piano hooks guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) adds his beloved soul/funk/jazz infused touch to the song - classic soulful house at its best. Last but not least, there is Mickey K's guitar fueled workout with a more pop arrangement that has a lot of crossover potential.

A New Thing "Make my life a prayer" (Whasdat Music CD Promo)

Hayley Thompson's unrivaled musical project A New Thing (an international collaboration of vocalists and musician) returns with the follow-up to last year's gospel house anthem "PSALM 23 Detroit to NYC". Not much needs to be said or written about "Make my life a prayer" besides this is gospel house music at its best, just listen (and of course dance) to it and let the spell binding funk soaked backdrop, the superb jazzy keys, and not to forget to mention the uplifting spiritual vocals (lead: Carllie Jaxen, background: Eric King, Teyonee Reed, Jeanne Harris Parks, Keir Coleman Ward, Lee McPherson and Toni Washington) take you to gospel house heaven... Nuff said.

Gino Love featuring The Voice of House "Body flow" (Muted Trax CD Promo)

First to be heard on Muted Trax' "Miami Sampler 2015", "Body flow" by Gino Love featuring The Voice of House is about to get a proper single release. Without any doubt, The Voice of House is legendary house music vocalist Robert Owens lending his one-of-a-kind voice to this captivating production, with ruthlessly pulsating rhythms leading the way for tantalizing keys and Robert Owens unmistakable vocals, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to.

Frankie Knuckles "The whistle song" (Mr. V's FK FOREVER Jazz Version)(CD-R)

Unquestionably, "The whistle song" is one of Frankie Knuckles signature cuts which was originally released in 1991 through Virgin Records (the track is also included on Frankie Knuckles debut artist album "Beyond the mix"). Here we have a marvelous jazzed-up tribute of this all-time house music classic by Mr. V done with his keyboardist Erik Deutsch which stays true and respectful to the original yet gives it a more laidback utterly soulful feel - sheer musical bliss. Check it out at the Sole Channel Music Soundcloud page.

Kia "Tell me" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of "Praise my maker" by DC Washington comes the next soulful gem from D#Sharp Records produced and mixed by label head Joe Flame. "Tell me" by Kia is truly soulful yet absolutely thrilling, using a relentlessly thumpin' backing as playground for sublime jazzy keys and Kia's beautiful haunting vocals. The 'D#Sharp Remix' gives the track a deeper feel, combining the vocals with luscious keys and vibrant rhythms. A sure-fire dance floor weapon...

Leon El Rey & Joris Dee featuring Kash Jay "Heaven" (Uno Mas Recordings CD Promo)

Uno Mas Recordings are on a roll at the moment, dropping one soulful gem after another. "Heaven" by Leon El Ray and Joris Dee is a glorious jazz infused soulful house production featuring the deeply rooted vocals of Kash Jay alongside grand saxophone by Bruno Soares and glamorous jazzy keys by Georg Neufeld over an organic truly intoxicating backdrop. The remix is courtesy of Rafael Moraes who deepens the vibe and gives the track a much smoother almost loungey feel.

Saliva Commandos featuring Rescue Poetix "Lined in gold" (Arawakan Records CD Promo)

Arawakan Records newest family member Saliva Commandos joins forces with Rescue Poetix for "Lined in gold", a wicked slice of utterly hypnotizing afro-tribal deepness laced with delectable keys and the incomparable poetry of Rescue Poetix. The remixes are courtesy of Realm of House and Hook and Bass both adding their distinctive touch, giving you several options to work the floor.

Rennie Foster & Skylab Sounds "The way out" (Viva Recordings CD Promo)

From Viva Recordings comes "The way out" by Canadian DJ/producer Rennie Foster and live act Skylab Sounds, a very melodious and inspiring yet somewhat melancholic production which features the beautiful sweet vocals of Skyla J, a wonderful flute and warm keys over a deep gently groovin' backing. Justin Harris reworks the track into a prime time favorite thanks to infectious rhythms and entrancing melodies, and from Thomas Sahs comes a playful remix guaranteed to jam-pack the bigger rooms.

Shino Blackk "The Blackk EP" (Face The Bass Records CD Promo)

The next release on Face The Bass Records will be the truly versatile five track "The Blackk EP" by DJ/producer Shino Blackk. Kicking things off is the magnificent utterly soulful yet thrilling four-to-the-floor re-imagination of Sir's wonderful r&b/soul gem "Cannabis & karaoke". Then we have "Excited bootleg", an uber cool old skool inspired underground-esque stomper laced with wicked vocal samples. Following are "TaTT00" a smooth yet captivating thumper laced with inebriant ethereal melodies, the sun drenched "The breach" oozing with blissful melodies, and lastly there is "The shakra" a simple yet very effective track built around deep mellow rhythms and a wicked organ.

Monodeluxe and Pino Arduini "Fresh account" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)

Vibe Boutique Records grace us with this lovely three tracker by Monodeluxe (Alessandro Oliviero) and Pino Arduini entitled "Fresh account". Each of the three tracks is as soulful as it gets, yet each one is on a different direction. The groovey "Hold on" is all about the uber funky bass, the sultry male spoken words, classy jazzy keys and sublime sax. The organic gently thumpin' "Caffe e latte" oozes with sexy female vocals, heavenly melodies, illustrious jazzy sax and phat bass. The closing track "Fabulous love" combines irresistible rhythms with tempting spacey melodies - perfect for late night play.

Naimah Dematra "Searching" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

Mantree Records continue to serve the best in pristine underground house music with their latest offering "Searching" produced by Rasmir Mantree & Calvin Curlin and performed by Naimah Dematra being no exception. The enticing "Searching" features Rasmir Mantree's signature spellbinding keys and downright deep underground-esque rhythms alongside Naimah Dematra's distinctive vocals and comes your way in three equally entrancing variations, each of them guaranteed to set the floor on fire.

Deep House Pick: Various "Rotate. Freely." (Altered Moods Recordings CD Promo)

Keep your eyes open for this blazin' hot not-to-be-missed vinyl-only EP to be available in late spring/early summer. The four included tracks take you on an exhilarating journey to deepest house music territory, letting you experience unadulterated underground house music in its full glory: The fiercely thumpin' "They just don't give up" by Malcolm Moore is an utterly melodic acid tinged affair, the deeper than deep "Cruisin'" by Nathan H (Jordan Hochenbaum) starts off on a smooth melodious tip before growing into a hypnotizing acid-bathed heater, "Ungentle into that good night" by Chicago Skyway is spreading a moody truly mesmerizing feel through the seductive atmospheric melodies and compelling rhythms, and finally the laidback "Tetra hi" by Mick Welch fuses velvety keys with acidic overtones and dulcet rhythms.