We are back on our regular weekly schedule with the latest in soulful house music... enjoy !!

Various "Miami 2012" (Traxsource EP)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
Various "Miami 2012" (Beatport EP)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

We are about five weeks away from this years Winter Music Conference in Miami, the perfect time for labels to present their special "Miami/WMC Samplers" to showcase their upcoming releases. Similar to previous years, KingStreet Records drop both a 'Traxsource Edition' and 'Beatport Edition', each of them loaded with fresh productions of various styles guaranteed to set the floor on fire. Highlights on the 'Traxsource Edition' are the funktastic "Tonight" by Alex Ander & Deep Grounder featuring passionate vocals by Virag, the groovy jazz-funk inspired "Inside" by Mind Street featuring uplifting vocals by Jalley and the latin/jazz influenced "Cafe Mambo" by Eric Powa B. On the 'Beatport Edition' we recommend to check out the discofied tunes "Yes I wanna" by Marcelo Vak (samples Sylvester's "Do you wanna funk" to full effect), the uber cool "My Disco" by Yakka and the remorselessly stompin' "Can you feel it"by Squicciarini, Nick Vono, & Alexbi which birngs back memories of Delegation's "Heartache no. 9" of yesteryear.

Beaten Soul featuring Maiya "Fool" (Seamless Soul CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the timeless "Do you believe" by Hennings Project, Seamless Soul present another bomb sure to rock the floor. Beaten Soul teams up with songstress Maiya on "Fool", a spell binding production using a remorseless bass heavy backdrop as playground for Maiya's heartfelt vocals and luscious synth melodies. The remixes are courtesy of Dave Mayer who turns the track into peak time favorite, while Spiritual Blessings deepen the vibe on their delectable vocal and dub mixes laced with delightful keys.

Missoless featuring Blue Smith "Sex crime" / "Love that satisfies" (ManyVibes Records CD Promo)

ManyVibes Records from France introduce us to this lovely release by Missoless who teams up with vocalist Blue Smith on "Sex crime" and "Love that satisfies", two uplifting productions built around smooth funk drenched backings, celestial keys, classy horns and Blue Smith's sultry vocal performance. DJ Rork contributes a subtle remix of "Sex crime" which oozes with a truly soulful yet lively feel, while Missoless herself reworks "Love that satisfies" and gives the track a fiery electrofied edge.

Ikenga Project & Carolyn Harding "Snow EP" (Sound Kemystry CD Promo)

The debut release for Sound Kemystry is courtesy of Ikenga Project (Lady Blacktronika & Chris Mitchell) who impress with the deeper than deep "Snow EP" which features vocals from the legendary Carolyn Harding and Lady Blacktronika under her alias AkuaRising. The title track "Snow" features seductive vocals by Carolyn Harding alongside ethereal keys and chords over a moody backdrop, with a killer remix included by none other than deep house dons Harley & Muscle. Next is the gritty somewhat dirty "Bullshit", and last but not least we have the hypnotizing "Ancestral channels" featuring AkuaRising's sexy vocals and enchanting chants over afrotastic rhythms.

Lee Tristram "Inspired EP" (Sounds of Lee Records CD Promo)

While we're on the topic, here is another outstanding deep house release by Lee Tristram. His "Inspired EP" is a serious slice of deepness, with each of the three featured tracks bringing back memories from the past with their old school inspired smooth yet infectious rhythms and gorgeous melodies. This is exactly the kind of deep house we at Spirit of House admire - make no mistake and go check this release out...

LPizzicato & Nanau featuring Mario Inchausti "Think 4 yourself" (Amati Records CD Promo)

In November of last year, we presented you the beautiful "Still love you" by LPizzicato & Nanau (with vocals by Nicole Mitchell), now they team up with the inimitable Mario Inchausti for the follow up "Think 4 yourself", a glamorous production featuring Mario Inchausti's deeply felt vocals, lovely guitar and lush keys over a spirited funk soaked backing. Alec Wizz deepens the vibe and introduces a paramount organ, while Rob Hayes turns the track into a fierce uplifting affair featuring a classy piano - jam packed floors guaranteed.

Andy Vaz featuring Eva Soul "Feelin'" (Soiree Records CD Promo)

Soiree Records present previously unreleased mixes of Andy Vaz' "Feelin'" (originally to be found on his full length album "Straight vacationing"), an unmistakable slice of electronic soul featuring magnificent vocals by Eva Soul and grand synth melodies over thrilling rhythms Detroit is famous for. Drivetrain take the track to deeper grounds on their ecstatic rework, while Norm Tally's sublime late night interpretation is spreading a mesmerizing feel thanks to lascivious melodies and bewitching rhythms.