review logoOnce again we picked only the very best from the plethora of new music that landed in our mailbox... enjoy !!

Mikki Afflick featuring Emory Toler "Like minded people" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)

The latest offering from Soul Sun Soul Music, the awe-inspiring "Like minded people" by label head Mikki Afflick and vocalist Emory Toler,, is not to be missed. This super dope afro house track featuring the eminent powerhouse vocals of Emory Tyler, illustrious keys by Jerrell Battle and inexorably pulsating rhythms is unadulterated dance floor heat guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Sololo featuring Seko "eClubini" (Fridge Magnet Records Promo)

We welcome South African label Fridge Magnet Records to Spirit of House with their upcoming release "eClubini" by Sololo featuring Seko. Most definitely, this downright hypnotizing afro house banger coming straight from the motherland will set the dance floor on fire thanks to the irresistibly thumpin' rhythms, entrancing synth melodies and uber cool vocal chants.

Ayala (IT) "The deepness" (Ocha Records Promo)

In fall of 2019, we were celebrating "Azteca" by Italy's Ayala (Francesco Taratini), now he is back on Ocha Records with the follow up single "The deepness" featuring seductive female vocals. Two very distinct mixes are included: The 'Original Mix' laced with inebriant melodies and relentless afrocentric rhythms, and the 'Roots Mix' oozing an infectious organic vibe.

Dwell Amusement "Ended with tears EP" (Pasqua Records Promo)

With this stunning upcoming release, Pasqua Records continue to introduce us to fresh aspiring talents. The highly talented Dwell Amusement joins forces with the likes of Lerato, Muffasa Deep, ShoeMuzik and Mapaseka to bring us a varied afrotastic package that includes the standout track "You should have told me", a tantalizing deeply groovin' track fueled with tempting female vocals and enticing melodies. Courtesy of label head Mr.Eclectic comes a gorgeous summery rendition of the track oozing with a soulful organic vibe.

Sheldon So Goode "Dreaming" (Makin' Moves Promo)

Critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer Sheldon Goode returns to Makin' Moves with "Dreaming", the first of two new releases. To cut right to the chase, "Dreaming" is a phantasmagorical soulful production featuring Sheldon So Goode's incomparable emotive vocals and bodacious keys over a smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing.

Pete Simpson and Mark Francis "Won't you see me" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Vibe Boutique Records truly grace us with "Won't you see me", a glamorous slice of timeless soulful house music by esteemed vocalist Pete Simpson and New Jersey based DJ/producer Mark Francis. Without question, this soulful gem oozing with Pete Simpson's one-of-a-kind heartfelt vocals, luscious keys, heavenly pads and smooth yet intriguing rhythms comes highly recommended.

Andy Compton & Kayenne "Feels like heaven" (Peng Records Promo)

Don't miss out on this fabulous collaboration by renowned DJ/producer Andy Compton and songstress Kayenne Live entitled "Feels like heaven. Beyond the shadow of  a doubt, this truly towering uber soulful mid-tempo jewel using a gently groovin funktified musical backing as foundation for Kayenne's beautiful haunting vocals, lush keys and ethereal chords is sheer musical bliss...

Traxx Pick (Bonus Review): Diephuis & Eastar "The summer of love" (Diephuis Records Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with "The summer of love" by Diephuis and Eastar, the third release from up-and-coming Diephuis Records. To make it short, "The summer of love" is an energetic sun-drenched feel-good anthem sure to take over dance floors around the globe thanks to the resistlessly driving rhythms, dreamful chord progressions, killer organ solo and cool male vocal sprinkles.