review logoHere we go with this weeks update loaded with the latest and best in soulful house music... enjoy !!

Deep House Pick: Concept E25 "Tokyo Underground EP" (Swedish Brandy Productions Promo)

The "Tokyo Underground EP" by French producer Frederic Boeuf aka Concept E25 is most definitely one of the best deep house releases we have heard in a long long time... Not much needs to be said or written other than the EP includes four equally eminent tracks inspired by the classic deep house sound of the 90's, yet each one oozes with a fresh contemporary sound.  Be aware this release is only available on vinyl for the time being.

Dave Anthony featuring Kathy Brown & Lisa Millett "Runaway love" (Newtown Recordings Promo)

Newtown Recordings present a blazin' hot remake of Linda Clifford's 70's dance hit "Runaway love" by Dave Anthony, featuring Kathy Brown on lead vocals and Lisa Millett on backing vocals. Indisputably, Dave Anthony graces us with a glamorous re-imagination that stays true and respectful to the original yet gives the song a modern four-to-the-floor feel sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Steven Stone & Michelle Weeks "That love" (Soul Deluxe Recordings Promo)

Coming soon to Soul Deluxe Recordings is the marvelous "That love" by renowned Swiss DJ/producer Steven Stone and legendary house music diva Michelle Weeks, a verily captivating truly soulful and melodious production using a smooth yet spell binding organic backdrop as foundation for bodacious keys, heavenly chords and the unrivaled haunting vocals of Michelle Weeks. Essential.

Deep Xcape featuring Mpho "Tonight" (Kelvin Sylvester Remixes)(Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Back in summer of 2015, Vibe Boutique Records released "Tonight" by South African producers Deep Xcape (with remixes by Dirty Harry, Jonny Montana, Distant People, Monodeluxe and DJ Funky T), now this soulful gem oozing with the incomparable deep-rooted vocal of Mpho returns in fresh remixes by Kelvyn Sylvester. First up we have his signature 'Revival Mix' a glorious organic interpretation laced with lush keys, grand jazzy saxophone and gentle rhythms, next is the lively 'Vibe Boutique Mix' built around a fumktified backdrop and luscious keys.

The L.O.V.E Project featuring Shean Williams "I'm in love" (Soulstice Music Promo)

Previously only available on vinyl, "I'm in love" by The L.O.V.E Project which features the beautiful vocals of Shean Williams is now finally available in digital format. To make it short, "I'm in love'" is a truly gorgeous slice of soulful goodness, coming complete with stunning remixes by Rob Hardt, Mark Di Meo and the team of DJ Spen, Earl Tutu & John Khan all adding their distinctive soulful touch.

Emmaculate featuring Kaye Fox "Love is free" (T's Box Records Promo)

The latest offering on T's Box Records is by DJ/producer Emmaculate and singer Kaye Fox who at last present the long awaited follow up to their smash club hit "Do it". Undoubtedly, "Love is free" is guaranteed to make you yearn for more thanks to the amazing vocals by Kaye Fox, luxurious horn section, sublime jazzed-up keys and enthralling percussive rhythms. Don't miss out on this superb release...

Kelly G "'Tis a land" (T's Crates Records Promo)

We are going to keep it sweet and short with this review... Every now and then a track surfaces that sends shivers down your spine with the very first listen. This was precisely the case when we first heard "'Tis a land" by Kelly G, an utterly fierce track that combines a killer organ with an inspiring preacher chant and a utterly infectious organic backdrop. Without doubt, this track will send the dancers into a frenzy...

Route 2 Studio "The lost tracks" (Cha Cha Project Recordings Promo)

The grandiose "The lost tracks" by Route 2 Studio includes three wonderful previously unheard songs: Kicking things off is "Enternally free" by Juan Hoerni featuring Chezere a timeless soulful yet melodious jewel. Next is "Filthiest disco" by Steve Graeber featuring Julia Prudence a wicked old school disco/funk inspired cut, and finally there is "Dirty" by Zachary Mouton & Juan Hoerni an uber cool jam session alike track.

Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown "Calling out" (Classic Music Company Promo)

Classic Music Company have a beauty in their hands with "Calling out" by Sophie Lloyd, a gospel house anthem featuring the incredible vocals of soul trio Dames Brown alongside illustrious piano, phat organ and a verily groovey backing. The remixes are courtesy of Floorplan (Robert Hood & Lyric Hood) who serve both a vibrant 'Club Mix' and a piano driven 'Revival Mix' sure to cause a stir on the dance floor. Don't sleep on this one...