Enjoy this weeks truly varied selection of the latest in soulful house music... 

Stereo Mutants featuring Marcus Pearson "I gotta feelin'" (Daddy Funk Records CD Promo)

Daddy Funk continue their winning streak with "I gotta feelin'" by Stereo Mutants, an underground-esque production featuring enticing vocals by Marcus Pearson and wicked synths over deep chunky rhythms. Berny contributes a thrilling deeper than deep old school flavored dub workout, Mark Di Meo & Tony Loreto impress with their deeply thumpin' affair laced with celestial melodies, House Device deliver both a catchy version for prime time play and a deep somewhat dark version perfect for those late night moments, and last but not least, Deepmilo adds his signature underwater touch to the track.

DJ Vivona + Joi Cardwell "Return to love" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Luca Vivona returns to KingStreet with the future classic "Return to love", co-written and performed by legendary house music diva Joi Cardwell and co-produced by Jonathan Meyer. The uplifting "Return to love" features the incomparable vocals by Joi Cardwell alongside killer keys over a fiercely stormin' backing, remixed to perfection by Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper whose 'Directors Cut Treatment' is sheer musical bliss, bringing back the beloved and timeless Def Mix sound. Next is Terry Hunter's inspiring piano driven interpretation taking the song to the next level.

Dawn Souluvn Williams "Werk" (New Generation Records CD Promo)

The Native Son Music produced "Werk" performed by the one and only Dawn 'Souluvn' Williams will instantly catch you with its relentless funktified backdrop and magnificent keys, not to forget to mention the unmistakable powerful yet soulful vocals - in other words, "Werk" is a sure fire dance floor weapon not to be missed. Play it and watch the floor explode...

Cool Million featuring Kenny Thomas "Without your love" (Dave Doyle Remix)(Sedsoul Records CD Promo)

Cool Million (Rob Hardt & Frank Ryle) team up with legendary UK soul singer Kenny Thomas for "Without your love", a grandiose slice of modern up-tempo soul. Dave Doyle reworks the track into an irresistible four-to-the-floor anthem, with a captivating funk drenched backing leading the way for Kenny Thomas' unrivaled vocals, wicked guitar, jazzy keys and classic strings.

DJ Kent featuring Zaki Ibrahim "Sunrise" (DiverseCity Music CD Promo)

"Sunrise" has been a favorite with the lucky few in possession of a copy for months, now this collaboration by DJ Kent and vocalist Zaki Ibrahim finally sees the light of the day. Sultry vocals combined with lush keys and chords and the smooth yet infectious rhythms make the this afro-deep production something truly special. Nuff said.

Meisha Moore "Neither one of us" (The Funklovers Mixes)(The Brothers Records CD Promo)

Up and rising Swiss label The Brothers bring us the marvelous "Neither one of us" by Chicago based songstress Meisha Moore and Italy's The Funklovers, an uplifting production using a funk soaked backdrop as playground for Meisha Moore's inimitable spoken words, lovely guitar, warm synths and classy piano on the 'Classic Mix', with the 'Deep Mix' stripping the piano while adding a wicked organ to give the track a deeper feel. Simply beautiful...

Staffan Thorsell & Marcel Waldburger featuring Freda Goodlett "Living the life" (Staf Productions Records CD Promo)

Back in December of last year, we introduced you to "Living the life", a gorgeous slice of soulful house by Staffan Thorsell and Marcel Waldburger who join forces with singer Freda Goodlett on this wonderful song which features deeply felt vocals and exquisite keys and chords which are backed by an infectious yet soulful funk drenched backing. The full release comes complete with a deep groovey dub featuring jazzy keys, a driving deep rework by Johnny Fiasco fueled with freaky atmospheric synths, a classic rendition by Steven Stone and finally a chunky deep version by Chuck Cogan.

Manuel Innaro presents Unusual Friends "Everlasting love" (MuSol Records CD Promo)

Manuel Innaro's "Everlasting love" is as inspiring as it gets, featuring uplifting gospel tinged vocals and melodious keys over a smooth yet contaminous backdrop in Maurice Joshua's blissful version. But this is only the beginning as the likes of Joe Smooth & K Alexi, Forty Funk, Neal Conway, Groove Addix and Glenn Thornton to name just a few inject their magic touch, letting you choose from a wide variety of tasty interpretations - whether you're into classic house, NY house, broken beat, afro-deep or fiery funky rhythms, you find it here.

DJ Reeplee featuring Ms Franky "Let go" (Souvent Records CD Promo)

French DJ/producer DJ Reeplee presents a beauty with "Let go", a spell binding production featuring passionate vocals by Franky, sublime jazzy keys by DJ Reeplee & Laurent Rossi and lovely guitar by Stephane Rambaud over a stompin' funk drenched backing, altogether spreading an feel good vibe which is guaranteed to jam-pack the dance floor.

Exclusive Preview: MuSol vs Maurice Joshua featuring Lionel Richie "Three times a lady" (CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Anthony Hamilton "Woo" (Hgm & Soul'n'Vibes Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Boney James featuring Philip Bailey "Love song" (Sounds of Soul Retouch)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Carleton Martin - Preview of your life" (Sounds of Soul Retouch)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Jameil Aossey "Classy" (Sounds of Soul Retouch)(CD-R)

It's been a while, but we felt it's the right time to bring you a selection of the best bootleg edits and mixes we got in recent weeks... First up we have MuSol with the first in the "Motown House 2012" series, a super sweet mash-up of Lionel Richie's "Three times a lady" with the instrumental of Maurice Joshua's "Find a way". Next are Hgm & Soul'n'Vibes who turn Anthony Hamilton's gem "Woo" into an uplifting funked-up four-to-the-floor stomper. It has been a while since Mark Jordan blessed us with his delightful edits, but gladly the wait is over, and we can enjoy his subtle housed-up interpretations of songs from Boney James featuring Philip Bailey, Carleton Martin and Jameil Aossey.

Manuel Sahagun "The Third Advice EP" (Development Music CD Promo)

The title track on this delectable release from rising South American star Manuel Sahagan is a massive deep house production featuring sexy female vocals alongside luscious synth melodies over deeper than deep rhythms. Moodymanc is pulling out all the stops on his uber cool latinesque remixes, featured here in a vocal and a two phat dub versions. The bonus track "Love on dub" is a groovy down tempo nu-disco track, coming complete with a remix by Lay-Far.

Exclusive Preview: Wipe the Needle featuring CT Martin "Count on me" (Thomas Toccafondi Mixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records CD-R)

"Count on me" by Wipe the Needle will soon come to SoundMen on Wax Records, we are delighted to exclusively introduce you to the remixes by Thomas Toccafondi who turns this beautiful production into a truly deep soul-tech affair using mesmerizing rhythms as playground for CT Martin's heartfelt vocals and lush synth melodies. We can't wait to get our hands on the full package..

RedSoul "Lift up your voices" (Playmore Music CD Promo)

Dave 'RedSoul' Wearing gives us the sun drenched "Lift up your voices", an uplifting production featuring sultry vocals by Michelle, classic strings and classy keys by Martin Ikin & David Wareing over an old school disco-funk flavored backdrop - hands in the air guaranteed. Part will follow soon.

Exclusive Preview: Drake featuring Rihanna "Take care" (Sugar Groove Mix)(CD-R)

Ruben 'Swift' Vidal of DJN Project is about to launch his own label Sugar Groove, and with featured artists such as Kenny Bobien, Juan T Sanchez and Jeremias 'FTL' Santiago to name just a few, the future looks bright for the label. In the meantime, we can enjoy Swift's 'Sugar Groove Mix' of "Take care" by Drake featuring Rihanna, a smoothly stompin four-to-the-floor interpretation featuring funky bass by Slikk Tim and grand keys by Yoel Ben Yehuda alongside the original vocals.