We hope you enjoy this weeks selection of the latest soulful tunes as much as we do...

Rune & Knucles featuring Deme "Nothing but your love" (Peng Africa CD Promo)

"Nothing but your love", the second new release from Peng Africa this week, comes courtesy of Rune & Knucles (aka Thulani 'Rune' Sibiya and Wander 'Knucles' Ndzimande) and singer Muntu 'Deme' Nkaiseng. Deep spell binding rhythms lead the way for Muntu 'Deme' Nkaiseng's deeply rooted vocals and illustrious keys - quite simply a wonderful utterly soulful production guaranteed to make you yearn for more. RootedSoul give the song a deeper more intense feel on their exhilarating rework, while Cee ElAssaad's fabulous laidback interpretation keeps the vibe sweet and soulful.

Gene King presents Dovie Cote' "Dance of life" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

The latest offering on Smooth Agent Records is courtesy of Shines label owner Gene King and vocalist Dovie Cote' who bless us with "Dance of life", a marvelous laidback production which combines Dovie Cote's inimitable haunting vocals with inebriant melodies and a mesmerizing utterly deep funked-up backing. The 'Club Mix' turns the heat up for prime time play yet keeps the overall feel funky and soulful, Monocles & Slezz contribute a deep and thrilling yet truly melodious and soulful interpretation, Luka enters deepest grounds on his dreamy rework, and finally DJ Quad delivers an enthralling deep moody rendition guaranteed to put a spell on you.

Hallex M & Loic L featuring Uness "Sahara" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

DJ/producer/remixes Hallex M joins forces with Loic L and Canadian singer Uness on "Sahara", an awe-inspiring absolutely gorgeous production featuring the evocative vocals of Uness alongside heavenly keys over deeply groovin' utterly infectious rhythms. Pablo Martinez intensifies the vibe on his hypnotizing deep rework laced with freaky synth melodies, while Chouaib El'Assaad aka Cee Ellassaad serves an irresistibly pulsating rendition fueled with an enchanting xylophone and warm melodies.

Jam & Keys featuring Fama "Hands on me" (Solo Music Records CD Promo)

Solo Music Records grace us with the captivating "Hands on me" by Jam & Keys (aka Matt 'Jam' Lamont and Brian 'Keys' Tharme) featuring the vocal talents of Fama. The original version of "Hands on me" oozes with a delectable old skool inspired feel, using a fiercely thumpin' backdrop as playground for Fama's emotive vocals and sublime keys. The alternative mixes give the track more of a bumpin' feel, and then we have stellar remixes by Bump & Jam (aka Owen Taylor and Matt 'Jam' Lamont) and London legend Booker T each adding their distinctive touch.

Exclusive Preview: Deep Forest "Sweet lullaby" (Phil Marwood Remix)(Soundtrack Recordings CD Promo)

Back in 1992, French duo Deep Forest (Eric Mouquet & Michel Sanchez) took over dance floors all over the world with "Sweet lullaby", a beautiful slice of ambient/chill music which samples the rather obscure "Rorogwela" sung by Afunakwa from the Solomon Islands. Now the time has come for the world to hear Phil Marwood's ingenious reinterpretation which combines the one-of-a-kind vocals with contaminous percussive rhythms and entrancing synth melodies, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to.

Mauritzio "Remix Collection" (Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

Not many words are needed to describe this amazing truly eclectic collection of remixes by Mauritzio Baiocchi. Each of the remixes included in the package is guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to Mauritzio Baiocchi singular sounds and rhythms. Unforgotten Cabana Recordings gems such as "Endless possibilities" by Dom Navarra or "Alma del sonido" by label head Justin Imperiale as well as Mauritzio Baiocchi's own productions "Kind of kondo" and "Koydol gonga" are included here in fresh mind-boggling interpretations sure to send shivers down your spine...

Exclusive Preview: The Police "Voices inside my head" (DaSouL & Monique Re-Work)(CD-R)

Back in 1980, The Police released their album "Zenyatta mondatta" which includes "Voices inside my head", a song which was copied and covered numerous times (for example by KC Flightt in 1991). Then in 1995, A&M Records released club remixes by Ashley Beadle & DJ Harvey, Roger Sanchez and E-Smoove of the song. Fast forward to 2013, and we can enjoy a superb gentle and melodious yet truly spell binding re-imagination by DaSouL and Monique giving the song a contemporary 4/4 touch guaranteed to jam-pack the floor...