Don't miss out on this weeks update full of the best and latest in soulful house music...

Rhemi featuring Ilana Lorraine "Feel me" (Rhemi Music Promo)

The dynamic duo Rhemi (aka Ziggy Funk and Neil Pierce) are back with the dazzling "Feel me", a super sexy slice of funkylicious dance floor goodness guaranteed to cast a spell on you through the alluring verily hypnotizing vocals of Ilana Lorraine, lovely guitars, phat keys and the infectious organic backdrop. The 'Funk-O-Holic Mix' throws in an extra dose of ol'skool funk flavas to turn up the heat to the max - absolutely wicked... Undoubtedly, "Feel me" is a sure-fire dance floor weapon sure to set the roof on fire...

Doug Gomez & George Lesley featuring L. Soul "Crazy" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

We have truly been blessed by Doug Gomez and his Merecumbe Recordings over the past couple of months, most definitely the saga continues with the labels next offering. Without doubt, "Crazy" is a paramount collaboration by Doug Gomez with George Lesly and singer L. Soul guaranteed to send shivers down your spine through the incredible sultry spoken word poetry by L. Soul, illustrious jazzy keys, mellifluous chords and the enthralling afro-percussive rhythms. An essential release by no means to be missed...

Peter Dunbar & Infinite Dubs featuring Robert Martin "Precious to me" (Night Scope Deep Recordings Promo)

Night Scope Deep Records return to Spirit of House with the magnificent "Precious to me" by Peter Dunbar, Infinite Dubs and label head Robert Martin. To get straight to the point, those in need of their does of unadulterated underground house music should look no further than this hypnotizing gem oozing with utterly deep enthralling rhythms, luscious keys, inebriant chords and Robert Martin's eminent vocals.

Souled featuring Ashley Thomas "Cultureless" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)

KingStreet Records bring their 2011 soulful smash release "Cultureless" by Souled and vocalist Ashley Thomas back to the dance floor with strong remixes by Italy's Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco who serve fervid yet soulful 'Main Vocal' and 'Organ Dub' re-imaginations destined to take over dance floors globally, and Groove Delivers who deliver a captivating piano laden organic workout. The package is completed by Groove Assassin's fierce 'Alt Dub' lifted from the original 2011 release.

Newman featuring Stephanie Cooke "Feels like love" (The Remixes)(Soundstate Records Promo)

The summery soulful anthem "Feels like love" by Paul Newman featuring the unrivaled haunting vocals of house music diva Stephanie Cooke returns in a stellar selection of soulful remixes. Earl TuTu, John Khan and DJ Spen join forces to present a blazin' hot peak time rework, Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco drop both a laidback retro-esque 80's inspired rendition and an intriguing verily organic contemporary interpretation, and last but not least Groove Assassin who contributes a gorgeously soulful and melodious remix.

Sanna Vaarna & Angelo Draetta featuring Rescue Poetix "Con te" (Leda Music Promo)

Forthcoming to Leda Music is a top-notch collaboration by Sanna Vaarna with Angela Draetta and renowned poetry artist Rescue Poetix entitled "Con te", certainly this verily sexy production featuring the one-of-a-kind spoken word poetry of Rescue Poetix alongside classy jazzy keys, celestial chords and relentlessly thumpin' rhythms will send the dancers into a frenzy.

Jackie Queens, Sio, Zipho "Women of House" (Iklwa Brothers Music Promo)

South African label Iklwa Brothers Music presents the mind-blowing "Women of House" EP loaded with three equally brilliant afro house productions by Enoo Napa, Omak and Sixnautic performed in grand style by well-respected vocalists Jackie Queens, Sio and Zipho, with each of the tracks taking you on an exhilarating journey to deepest afro house music territory, perfectly showcasing the unique vocals and sounds of the artists involved in this outstanding project.

Steven Stone & Marc Evans "Dream come true" (Oded Nir Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings Promo)

In September of last year we were celebrating the stunning "Rhythm Romance EP" by Swiss DJ/producer Steven Stone and legendary vocalist Marc Evans, now we proudly introduce you to the first remix single of the EP. Suntree Records label head Oded Nir adds his magical touch to "Dream come true", with the result being a verily tempting and groovy yet soulful interpretation fusing Marc Evans inimitable heartfelt vocals with splendiferous keys and a smooth yet irresistibly stompin' backdrop.

Traxx Pick: Ray Horace "Resolution" (Gruv Manics Digital Promo)

Gruv Manics Digital truly grace us with "Resolution" by Ray Horace (Tshepo Moetapele). To cut right to the chase, "Deep resolution" is a towering production using gentle yet compelling percussive rhythms as foundation for marvelous piano solos and melodious chords, with "Soul resolution" giving the track a beautiful ladiback loungey feel. Put differently, this release is sheer musical bliss...