Another week, another packed update full of the best and latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Soul Groove & Funky Judge "Papa was a rolling stone" (Stereocity Records CD Promo)

Ever since this mind-blowing truly respectful four-to-the-floor remake by Soul Groove and Funky Judge of the unforgettable and truly famous Temptation 70's soul hit "Papa was a rolling stone" was featured on the "Stereocity Miami 2015 Sampler", it has been a favorite here at Spirit of House. On the 'Soul Groove Mix', a smooth yet infectiously stompin' funked-up backdrop leads the way for a vintage orchestration which includes fantastic horns and grand keys, not for forget to mention the amazing male vocals - pure class. The 'Pagany vs Soul Groove Horns Mix' puts the horns center stage, and then we have Funky Judge with his dazzling utterly groovey vocal and dub interpretations guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Dan Savidge "Revival" (Deep Visionz Recordings CD Promo)

"Long road home" by Kings of Tomorrow marked the return of Deep Visionz, Sandy Rivera's seminal label (remember "Come into my room" by Sandy Rivera featuringĀ  LT Brown from 2000?), now the label graces us with the marvelous "Revival" by Dan Savidge, a gorgeous Nu-Disco production featuring glamorous vocals by Anouck Boungnang. DJ Fudge takes the track to the next level with his superb rework, a timeless soul/funk infused affair built around a fervidly groovin' funktified percussive backing, illustrious keys and sublime horns. Sheer musical bliss...

Steven Stone & L.T. Brown "Let it go" (Yass Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

First things first - congratulations to Soul Deluxe Recordings and label head Steven Stone for their 50th release. And what better way to celebrate than with this fabulous re-imagination of one of the labels standout releases... The awesome "Let it go" by Steven Stone featuring the phenomenal truly unmistakable vocals of L.T. Brown was originally released about a year ago, later on remixes by Terry Lex & Sean David and Alex Ander followed. Now Yass has added his magical touch to the song, dropping an incredibly tempting and sexy workout which fuses L.T. Brown's one-of-a-kind vocals with spectacular keys and irresistible pulsating rhythms - jam-packed floors guaranteed.

Samuri & Divided SoulsĀ  featuring Jama "Life is not easy" (Bodikela Recordings CD Promo)

In February we introduced you to the debut release of Bodikela Recordings (the wonderful "Bring light" by Paul Solaris featuring Mpeelo), now the second release on the label is here - and what a beauty this is... The breathtaking "Life is not easy" by Samuri and Divided Souls uses deep irresistibly thumpin' rhythms as playground for enticing chords, grand jazzy keys, stellar saxophone and the enchanting of Somalian songwriter/vocalist Jama. Quite simply a soulful masterpiece...

Various "Future Funk" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

From renowned Double Cheese Records comes something a little bit different yet truly phantasmagorical. The "Future Funk" EP features four wicked tracks with one thing in common: they're funky. DaSoul's "Electro satchmo" is an infectious trip through analog Nu Disco, "Keeping it simple" by Hippies in Space featuring Lee Anderson (licensed from White Lotus Club who released the song in 2007) is best described as an old school funk/electro inspired gem, "My producer" by Luyo featuring LogiQ fuses house with jazz and funk in a very creative way (with the vocals taken from a Quiz TV program), and finally we have the Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze 'Future Jazz Band Remix' of "Thief in the night" by Woods & Luyo previously released on Double Cheese Records in 2007.

Vencer Cafe featuring ShaunQ "Whole again" (FOMP CD Promo)

Vencer Cafe returns to FOMP with "Whole again", a glorious slice of soul drenched deepalicious goodness featuring the sultry vocals of ShaunQ alongside celestial chords and jazzy keys over a deeply rumblin' bass groove - truly tantalizing. On remix duty are Jonny Miller whose splendid rendition keeps the vibe deep and melodious, and Luka who enters deepest territory on his inebriant workout oozing with galactical melodies.

DJ Ndoh featuring Zinhle "Don't go" (Cultured Records CD Promo)

Cultured Records bless us with not less than two brand new truly outstanding releases. First up we have "Don't go" by DJ Ndoh, a gorgeous soul drenched gem on a laidback tip laced with Zinhle's incomparable seductive vocals, warm melodious chords, delectable jazzy keys and gentle rhythms. The eclectic truly stunning remixes are courtesy of Izzy La Vague, King Bayaa, Giso, Toxic Peterson and Sacred Soul all adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Walkman & Insane Melodies featuring Lerato "Finding self" (Cultured Records CD Promo)

The second new release from Cultured Records for this week is "Finding self" by Walkman and Insane Melodies, an uber soulful production featuring the sweet vocals of Lerato along with melancholic keys and chords over a super smooth yet thrilling backdrop. Walkman & Insane Melodies themselves, Da Vynalist, The Peacemakers and S.A.N contribute the remixes, spanning different grounds from soulful over deep and afro to broken beat, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor. Not to be missed...

King P Soul featuring Anthony Poteat "You are" (Open Bar Music CD Promo)

South African DJ/producer King P Soul joins forces with singer Anthony Poteat for "You are", a glamorous afro-deep jewel with Anthony Poteat's enthralling vocals being accompanied by dreamy ethereal melodies and resistless tribaltastic rhythms, altogethers spreading a hypnotizing feel you can't resist to dance to. Put differently, "You are " is top-notch afro-deepness...

Afro House Pick: Mazz "The reunion" (Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

Not one but two brand new promos from Cabana Recordings arrived this week. First up we have "The reunion" by Mazz, an utterly infectious truly tempting slice of afro-deepness guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to ruthless tribal-percussive rhythms, enchanting melodies and cool vocal sprinkles. Simple yet so extremely effective on the dance floor...

Traxx Pick: Mauritzio "Shoreline" (Etnotronique Mixes)(Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

The second new release for the week from Cabana Recordings are these brand new remixes of Mauritzio's "Shoreline" (the original version can be found on "From the Hut Vol. 3") turning the track into an immensely sexy and hypnotizing dance floor gem, with relentlessly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for lush synths and a killer flute. Even better than the already huge original version...

Deep House Pick: Tobetsa Lamola "Groove Back EP" (Ohyea Muziq CD Promo)

From the mind of Tobetsa Lamola comes the "Groove Back EP" loaded with four equally massive deep house productions, each one oozing with a mesmerizing feel created by exhilarating melodies and spell binding rhythms. Two of the tracks are on a slower mid-tempo tip, while the other two are more up-tempo. Each of these tracks is perfect for late night, early morning play.