review logoWe welcome you to 2021 with a packed updated loaded with the latest and greatest in soulful house music...

Mikki Afflick & Georgia Cee "Feeling blessed" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)

In the past, renowned DJ/producer Mikki Afflick and songstress Georgia Cee have been gracing us with their paramount collaborations "Black coffee" and "Music heals my soul", now they are back together for the downright fabulous "Feeling blessed". Indisputably, this soulful yet mesmerizing afro house production featuring Georgia Cee's inimitable sultry vocals, illustrious jazzed-up keys, celestial pads and intriguing rhythms will cast a spell on you...

Lee Wilson "Groove like Louie Vega" (Check It Out Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Check It Out Records is this fantastic tribute to the legendary Louie Vega courtesy of vocalist Lee Wilson and Boston based producer Yuki 'Monolog' Kanesaka. The laidback original version oozes with Lee Wilson's eminent vocal stylings, sublime jazzy keys and a smooth organic musical backing. The cherry on top are the superb remixes by William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez who adds his landmark truly magical touch to give the track a  dreamful classic feel, and Andres Mijangos who contributes a beautiful melodious afro/latin infused rendition.

DJ G & Pullman Porters "You make me better" (Ocha Records Promo)

The first of two new releases from Ocha Records is the phantasmagorical "You make me better" by DJ G and the Pullman Porters (aka Todd and Troy Garner). Without doubt, "You make me better" using an infectious funked-up backdrop as foundation for the deeply felt vocals of the Pullman Porters, luxurious keys and mellifluous galactical pads is sheer musical bliss... Watch out for remixes coming soon.

Coflo & Juliet Mendoza "Spiritu" (Ocha Records Promo)

The second new release from Ocha Records is the inspirational "Spiritu", a tantalizing deep house production by Coflo and Juliet Mendoza with relentlessly groovin' rhythms leading the way for entrancing synths and uber cool male spoken words. Coflo's downright hypnotizing afro influenced 'Extra Spiritu Mix' is guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy. Nuff said...

DJ Randall Smooth featuring Arielle D "Why can't you see that" (ChiNola Soul Promo)

The latest offering from ChiNola Soul is the glamorous soulful gem "Why can't you see that" produced by DJ Randall Smooth and performed in grand style by Arielle D. Beyond question, the expertly crafted "Why can't you see that" oozing with the unmatched haunting vocals of Arielle D, enchanting melodies and gentle yet enthralling rhythms will make you yearn for more...

Deep Soul Syndicate & Andre Espeut "My desire" (Makin' Moves Promo)

The prolific duo of Sean Ali and Munk Julious, collectively known as Deep Soul Syndicate, join forces with vocalist Andre Espeut for "My desire", a verily soulful yet captivating production featuring the one-of-a-kind tempting vocals of Andre Espeut, bodacious jazzy keys and heavenly keys over a smooth organic musical backing. Don't miss out on this timeless soulful gem...

Andrea Curato & Mariana Canadas "So they can see us" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

The first release for Cool Staff Records for the new year is  the soulful "So they can see us" produced by Andrea Curato, with the lyrics written and performed by Mariana Canadas. To make a long story short, this brilliant collaboration oozing with the amazing vocal stylings of Mariana Canadas, luscious keys and smooth yet spell binding rhythms comes highly recommended.

Nicolas Bassi featuring Terrell King "Hang up first" (Bassi Digital Promo)

To be released soon through up-and-coming Bassi Digital is the magnificent "Hang up first" by DJ/producer Nicolas Bassi and singer/songwriter Terrell King. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this glorious soulful production featuring the distinctive deep-rooted vocals of Terrell King, warm melodious keys and a captivating funked-up musical backing is not to be missed.

DJ Thes-Man featuring Marlon Saunders & Lindiwe Msweli "Because of you" (Pasqua Records S.A Promo)

Most definitely, South Africa's DJ Thes-Man (Thesele Moshoeshoe) has been pulling out all the stops to grace us with the verily soulful yet tantalizing "Because of you", a masterly crafted production laced with an incredible vocal duet by Marlon Saunders and Lindiwe Msweli, lush keys, entrancing galactical pads and deeply groovin' downright enthralling rhythms.

Corey Holmes & Ms Yazz Roar "Therapy house" (New Generation Records Promo)

DJ/producer Corey Holmes and Ms Yazz Roar are back with "Therapy house", the follow up to last year's club hit "Right to breathe". Ms Yazz Roar's inspiring spoken word poetry truly shines on this splendorous soulful production fueled with sublime keys, celestial chords and a laidback yet compelling backing. The alternate 'Afro Mix' introduces fervid rhythms and intoxicating melodies to transform the track into a prime time favorite.

Honorable Mentions

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

Mark Francis presents "The Stars Vol. 2" which features smooth'n'melodious yet spell binding truly respectful four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of the Rene & Angela classic "Smile" and Kem's recent r&b hit single "Lonely" (Fall Out Records Promo). DJ Punch is back with the "Baby Powder goes Afro EP V2" loaded with undeniably dope afro house reworks of "Gelukkige Afrika" and "Victim of life" by Fela Kuti, "Mama" by Hugh Masekela, "Love in need" by Stevie Wonder and finally "Forever came today" by The Jackson 5 (CyberJamz Records Promo).

The masterly crafted soulful gem "The cure" by R.O.D. gets the remix treatment from Conway Kasey whose indisputably stellar interpretation oozes with an enchanting, deep emotive vibe sure to cast a spell on you (Makin' Moves Promo). Next, we have the Steve Miggedy Maestro produced "Wake up!" by Mizz Wallace for you, a lively track using irresistibly thumpin' rhythms as playground for Mizz Wallace eminent spoken words and mellifluous keys (Miggedy Entertainment Promo).

We are closing this weeks update with "There was a time" the brand new release from Rasmir Mantree featuring Kim Beacham that is utterly dope ad oozes with Rasmir Mantree's acclaimed unadulterated underground house sound and the unique vocal stylings of Kim Beacham and Rasmir Mantree himself (Mantree Records Promo).