The year end is coming closer but there is still lots of great soulful house music to discover... enjoy !!

Lebstar featuring Jon Pierce "Living for you" (DeepForestSA CD Promo)

Let us introduce you to the soulful sounds of Lebstar (Lebogang Motshwane) whose "Living for you" is smooth as silk and features the inimitable vocals of the Jon Pierce together with delectable keys over laidback yet thrilling rhythms. William 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez blesses us with a stellar broken beat styled rendition oozing with his signature melodious sound, Joseph 'Punk' Mbedzi contributes a wonderful laidback version laced with ethereal melodies, and last but not least Cubique DJ CB & McGee Keys deliver a deep smoothly thumpin' rework fueled with classy keys guaranteed to set the floor on fire...

Mona Bode "You" (Man Machine Productions CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of "One night stand" where she teamed up with Josh Milan, Mona Bode returns with "You", a beautiful deep house production by DJ D'Anthony which combines Mona Bode's sensual spoken word poetry with heavenly melodies and smooth yet contaminous rhythms. Jonny Montana adds his signature organic jazz drenched sound, next we have Sal Negro pulling out all the stops on his laidback interpretation featuring grand jazzy keys, lovely guitars and additional vocals courtesy of Nkosi Cain - sheer musical bliss...

Patrick Khuzwayo and Deep Suite featuring Michael Ashe "Love's been redefined" (Atal Music CD Promo)

Atal Music continue to grace us with nothing but the best in South African house music with "Love's been redefined" by Patrick Khuzwayo, Deep Suite and Michael Ashe. The original version of "Love's been redefined" is built around deep relentless rhythms, celestial synth melodies and sultry vocals altogether spreading a captivating feel you can't resist to dance to. The delightful jazzed-up 'Deep Suite Mix' keeps the vibe deep yet giving the track a more laidback feel, and finally there is the moodier 'Room 806 Remix' laced with lush melodies.

Jonathan Meyer "Warm me up" (Part 2)(Super Soul Music CD Promo)

In late September of this year, brand new Italian label Super Soul Music presented their super strong debut release "Warm me up" by Jonathan Meyer which features an amazing vocal performance by Miss D, now the label gives us part two loaded with massive remixes by the likes of Souldynamic who contribute a fierce truly melodious and soulful rendition, DJ Vivona who takes on an irresistible journey with his mesmerizing deep remix, Juan Laya who takes us back in time with his 70's Disco/Funk inspired interpretation, and Houseconverse who deliver a mind blowing soul-tech workout. But this is not all as you also get reprise and radio versions of the 'Gospel Mix' included in part one and the previously unreleased 'TV Mix' by Terry Hunter.

Solution Soul featuring Nina Provencal "Breakdown" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)

With their third release, Makin' Moves introduce us to Solution Soul (Josh Grooves & Shaun Ashby) who join forces with songstress Nina Provencal on "Breakdown", a timeless soulful gem featuring deeply rooted vocals by Nina Provencal alongside jazzy keys and luscious chords over smooth yet infectious rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Adam Rios and Yusuke Hiraoka, each adding his unique soulful/deep touch to take the song to the next level.

Vittorio Santorelli featuring King David "I am" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Italy's Vittorio Santorelli and America's King David get together to bless us with the uplifting "I am", a fervid yet soulful production featuring King David's unmistakable vocals and delicious keys over an irresistibly stompin' backdrop - jam packed floors guaranteed. On remix duty we have Luyo who gives the track a soul-tech edge on his analog synth laden version, and Daniel Jaze whose deep mesmerizing workout is an ingenious funk dripping affair.

Sierra Hurtt "Butterflies" (Aquatique Records CD Promo)

Here we have something truly special courtesy of Aquatique Records who present an amazing multifaceted remix package of Sierra Hurtt's "Butterflies". Each of the remixers involved - Gianluca Pighi, Patrick Green, Kleva Keys, Pasha Frost and Gianluca Peruzzi - adds his distinctive soulful/deep/funky touch to the song, letting you choose from a variety of equally fantastic interpretations, each of which is guaranteed to make you yearn for more. Essential, by no means to be missed.

Logistix presents Deon Nathan "I feel" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

In October of last year, KingStreet released the wonderful "New Breed of Soulful House" sampler which included the funk drenched "I feel" by Logistix, a superb production featuring heartfelt vocals by Deon Nathan and dulcet keys over a thumpin' backdrop. Now the time has come for the full single release where the original version is accompanied by a deep luscious rework by Samson Lewis (also taken from last years "New Breed of Soulful House" sampler) and brand new remixes by Tony Loreto & Chris IDH who deepen the vibe on their hypnotizing rework and Souldynamic whose deep laidback interpretation oozes with glorious melodies.

Grooveboy "Stronger" (Grooveboy Music CD Promo)

Grooveboy are on a roll at the moment, with their latest offering "Stronger" being a beautiful sun drenched groover on a mid-tempo tip which uses smooth funk drenched rhythms as playground for lush strings and grand jazzy piano, not to forget to mention the deeply felt vocals. Miss Luna's "Deep Ibiza Mix" stays close to the original yet boosting the funk levels for a more intense feel, Christian Scott takes us on a journey to deepest grounds on his slightly dark tech-soul workout, and last but not least Grooveboy themselves deliver a groovey up-tempo version sure so cause a stir on the dance floor.

Ultra Nate presents "Chris Burns: Remixes Volume 1" (410 Paradox Underground CD Promo)

Back in April, Ultra Nate launched her 410 Paradox Underground label with the ingenious debut release by Chris Burns. Now the label is set to release two remix volumes, with the first one including some real treasures for the soulful heads. "Shake!" is reworked by the legendary 95 North who take the tack (which features deeply rooted vocals by RaFree) to whole new heights on their old school inspired remix, while Hubert Street turn "We get deep" into a hypnotizing truly infectious deep house gem. Also included are a nu-disco rework of "I'm free" by Micah Vellian, a spaced-out synth driven remix of "Hey Mick" by Mike Simonetti and Vjuan Allure's remix of "Legends" perfect for the bigger rooms.

Best of the Rest - Week 49

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what's going on outside of the world of vocal house music (which has been the focus area of the site for a while now), we decided to add a new section to the bottom of the reviews page for other noteworthy releases...

First up we have the marvelous "Italian Do It Jazzy EP", a collaborative project by Dolls Combers and The Funklovers, with each of them contributing two tracks which are all about jazz/soul/funk infused house music, spreading a gorgeous laidback guaranteed to make you yearn for more (Dolls Combers Records). DJ Leandro gives you two massive underground-esque tracks for your CD wallet in the form of his "Unreleased Tracks EP" (Hats Off Records).

James Dexter is on top of his game with the "Only You EP" featuring three equally great tracks inspired by the legendary sounds from New Jersey/Chicago/Berlin (Large Music). The beautiful "Music that soothes me" by Joel Vibes & Bhunu Brill returns in a stellar remix package (remixes by Kevin Julien, Bhunu Brill, Joel Vibes, Ultra Soul Project, Frana and Tonalcaptiv) taking the track to all new heights (Gruv Shack Records).

South Africa's Thabo 'Mac Dee' Mampa presents the "City of Tomorrow EP" which takes you on a journey to deepest afro territory with remorseless rhythms and celestial melodies (Seed Recordings). More afro-tastic rhythms come your way in form of "The Deeper Sounds of NeighbourBoysa EP" by NeighbourBoysa from South Africa - those looking for pristine underground house music with a South African touch will love this one. And it also includes NeighbourBoysa's previously unreleased remix of "Soul-diers of House" performed by Rescue Poetix (CyberJamz Records).

Washerman (Gianni Siravo) takes us back in time with his "Be What You Wanna Be EP" which is influenced by such legendary producers as Kerri Chandler - mind-blowing old skool inspired rhythms and melodies perfect for late night / early morning play (Nite Grooves Records CD Promo).