As usual we bring you nothing but the latest and best in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Mabiisi "Pagba" (Remixes)(MoBlack Records CD Promo)

In February of this year, MoBlack Records gave us massive afro house remixes of "King" by Mabiisi (the natural artistic encounter between acclaimed Burkinabe MC Art Melody and Stevo Atambire, one of the most influential kologo musicians of Ghana), now they are about to bless us with stunning dance floor re-imaginations of "Pagba". The likes of Chis Deepak, Ambonati, Tete de la Course and FNX keep the unique spirit of the song alive yet add their distinctive afro house touch, while Cosmo & Kramer transform the song into a mesmerizing afro-deep affair, with each of these remixes guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

DJ Funky T featuring Elliot Chapman "You gave me something" (Funky T Music CD Promo)

South African DJ/producer DJ Funky T joins forces with UK singer/songwriter Elliot Chapman for "You gave me something", a mellifluous slice of soulful house oozing with lush keys, celestial chords, gentle yet thrilling rhythms and the beautiful emotive vocals of Elliot Chapman. An excellent varied selection of deeper, ambient and tech influenced remixes by DJ Funk T himself, DJ Sibz and The Couch Bustards are accompanying the main version, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor at any given time of the day and night.

Shino Blackk "Seventeen EP" (Face the Bass Records CD Promo)

Shino Blackk is back on Face the Bass Records with the stellar "Seventeen EP" which includes the entrancing jazz house cut "Liberiad" featuring American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, as well as breathtaking uber soulful yet tantalizing four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of "Wade in the water" by Latonya Peoples and "Star" by Tony Momrelle oozing with the signature Shino Blackk touch.

One51 & Peter Mawanga "Enya" (One51 Recordings CD Promo)

Back in 2005, One51 and African singer/songwriter Peter Mawanga graced us with the magnificent afro house production "Enya", now this exhilarating sun drenched gem returns to once again take over dance floors globally. The release features a subtle retweak of the original version and two brand new interpretations: a very effective 'Drum Revision' and an utterly enthralling organ laden instrumental guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Sebas Ramis & Tutsi Girl Play House "Faith" (Sub_Urban Records CD Promo)

Nearly a year ago, we introduced you to the expertly crafted "Body & Soul EP" by Tutsi Girl Play House (the trio of Sebas Ramis, Sebastian Motz and vocalist Tesiree Priti), now "Faith" one of the EP's standout tracks laced with the incomparable seductive vocals of Tesiree Priti gets a full single release full of superb remixes. First up, N'Dinga Gaba delivers a glamorous broken beat styled re-imagination of the original laced with sublime jazzy melodies, next we have Kiko Navarro who turns up the heat on his ingenious vivacious dance floor rework, with the chunky dub being courtesy of his alter ego Koki. The classy original version found on last years "Body & Soul EP" completes the package.

Kelvin Sylvester "Sexy dance floor" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Man of the moment Kelvin Sylvester returns to Double Cheese Records with the cheeky entitled "Sexy dance floor", undoubtedly this soulful yet captivating production built around a smooth organic backdrop, scrumptious keys and sexy male vocals is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Next to the original version, the package includes a wicked funked-up 'Alternate Bass Dub', a Disco/Funk/Boogie infused rendition by Cam Lasky and finally a groovey uber cool deepened workout by label head Luyo.

Ultra Soul Project featuring Nikki J "Don't touch my hair" (Gruv Shack Digital CD Promo)

"Don't touch my hair" is a beautiful r&b song by American singer and songwriter Solange Knowles (from her fourth studio album "A seat at the table"), given an uber soulful four-to-the-floor makeover by The Ultra Soul Project whose interpretation stays respectful to the original version, oozing with the charming haunting vocals of Nikki J, luscious keys and a dulcet organic backing.

Afro House Pick: M. Caporale featuring Pietro Nicosia "Lucia" (Justin Imperiale Remix)(Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

In summer of last year, Cabana Records delighted us with the marvelous afro house gem "Lucia" by M. Caporale which features brilliant guitar and organ by Peter Nicosia and live percussion by Louis Soul, now the track returns in a brand new dazzling super delightful more laidback rendition by label head Justin Imperiale which keeps the spirit of the original alive.

Boris Grann featuring Raye Cole "I could" (Leda Music CD Promo)

Next up on Leda Music is "I could" by Boris Grann and Raye Cole, a splendiferous masterly orchestrated sou/funk influenced production oozing with a lively feel and Raye Cole's passionate powerhouse vocals. SoulMates (Gigi Frassanito, Andrea Erre, Criss Hawk) contribute a fervid gorgeously groovey feel-goo rework on a classic soulful tip, F.A.M. (Fedreghini-Anelli-Montorio) give the track a fetching loungey feel, and last but not least LucasGroove & Stian deliver a tantalizing deep house workout.