review logoThis week an extra large update awaits you loaded with the latest and greatest in vocal soulful/afro house music...

Tony Humphries presents Wheeler del Torro "The merchant" (Dog Day Records Promo)

Something truly special awaits you here... "Cultural Detectives" is an innovative historical art experiment that harnesses the power of music, bringing unheard poems and stories of slaves to life by combining them with modern music. The first release from the project is "The merchant" created by Wheeler del Torro and produced by the legendary DJ Tony Humphries. "The merchant" is a powerful poem which was published in 1840 by Juan Francisco Manzano who was born into slavery in Cuba, coming to you in a moving spoken word acapella along with two excellent truly dazzling four-to-the-floor interpretations by David Harness and Paul Adam.

Heather Walker "Rain rain go away" (The Remixes)(CyberJamz Records Promo)

In fall of last year, CyberJamz Records dropped magnificent up-tempo interpretations by Zona Soul (Tayo Wink), Glenn Gregory and DJ Tie Be of the wonderful "Rain go away" by Heather Walker, now they present part two loaded with a previously unreleased rendition by Tayo Wink and a versatile selection of freshly brewed remixes by Kevin Foushee & Corey Cee Holmes - don't miss out on this dope selection of soulful yet intriguing remixes.

Soul Groove & Andrea Erre "I believe in you" (Remixes)(Soul Mood Records Promo)

One year ago, Soul Mood Records presented their marvelous inaugural release "I believe in you" by Soul Groove and Andrea Erre featuring the unmistakable heartfelt vocals of Tony Mac (lyrics written by Eddie 'Eaze' Coleman). Now this gem returns in superb re-imaginations by Andrea Erre & Soul Groove and Guido P keeping the vibe soulful yet captivating, and Axelgroove & Joe Manguone who serve an energetic big room rework.

Donna Allen "He is the joy" (2020 Remixes)(SoulFuric Recordings Promo)

SoulFuric Recordings revisit one of their many all-time house music anthems originally released over twenty years ago, the Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert written and produced "He is the joy" performed in grand style by Donna Allen. First up we have Alan Dixon & Darren Morris who deliver an infectious disco/funk laced slice of blissful dance floor nostalgia, next are Italian duo Alaia & Gallo who transform the track into a dynamic prime time favorite.

DJ SGZ featuring Carla Prather "Why would I" (Nightshade Music Group Promo)

South African DJ/producer DJ SGZ (Gugulethu Mokwebo) returns to Spirit of House with the phantasmagorical "Why would I" featuring house music diva Carla Prather on vocals. To cut right to the chase, the verily soulful "Why would I" oozing with the unrivaled majestic voice of Carla Prather, lush keys, lovely flute and gentle yet thrilling percussive organic rhythms is sheer musical bliss...

Rony Breaker "Wonder why" (KingStreet Records Promo)

Up and rising Hungarian DJ/producer Rony Breaker teams up with Danish vocalist Greger for "Wonder why", a beautiful sun drenched production using a smooth yet irresistibly stompin' organic backdrop as foundation for sublime jazzy keys, stylish chords and Greger's emotive vocals. Courtesy of Russian DJ/production duo Allovers comes a truly splendid and groovey funk/soul/jazz interpretation.

Ruben Swift Vidal featuring Mia Tuttavilla "Under a spell" (Sugar Groove Promo)

Last week saw the return of Ruben Swift Vidal from his multi year hiatus with two fantastic releases, now he graces us with the outstanding "Under a spell" a collaboration with singer Mia Tuttavilla. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Under a spell" with spell binding rhythms leading the way for Mia Tuttavilla distinctive tempting vocals and inebriant galactical melodies is not to be missed...

Mr. Eclectic featuring Venessa Jackson "Gathering" (Jihad Muhammad Remix)(Pasqua Records Promo)

Watch out for these absolutely fierce Jihad Muhammad remixes of "Gathering" by Mr Eclectic and vocalist Venessa Jackson (the tittle track from Pasqua Records truly mind-blowing compilation released in spring of last year) coming soon to a digital store near you. In short, these uncontested hypnotizing interpretations fusing Venessa Jackson's unique sultry vocals with tantalizing synth melodies and driving afro-deep rhythms sure to cause a stir on the dance floor...

George Lesley featuring Tlale Makhane "The atmosphere" (Saint Evo & Mark Francis Remixes)(Pasqua Records S.A Promo)

In late spring of last year, we introduced you to "The atmosphere" an indisputably prominent compilation curated by George Lesley, now the title track featuring the unique vocal stylings of Tlale Makhane returns in stellar re-imaginations by Mark Francis and Saint Evo both adding their landmark downright mesmerizing touch guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Bonus Review: Eddie Nicholas "Crosses 2 bare" (Mantree Records Promo)

Next up on Mantree Records is the splendorous "Crosses 2 bare" produced by label head Rasmir Mantree and performed in grand style by renowned vocalist Eddie Nicholas. Most certainly, "Crosses 2 bare" which oozes with Eddie Nicholas incomparable vocals, luscious keys, classy saxophone and smooth yet compelling underground-esque rhythms will send shivers down your spine... Not to forget to mention the package comes loaded with four equally great varied versions to choose from.

Bonus Review: Sailor Jane "Afro flue" (Coflo Remixes)(Ocha Records Promo)

Past fall, Ocha Records released the massive Ancient Deep remix of "Afro blue" by Sailor Jane (a remake of the legendary jazz standard by Mongo SantamarĂ­a, with lyrics by Oscar Brown), now Coflo serves two brilliant takes on Sailor Jane's amazing rendition of the lyrics. His entrancing afro-deep rework goes unbelievably deep with the subsonics and syncopated snares, while his gorgeous afro-soul interpretation gives the track a melodious organic afrobeat influenced feel.

Bonus Review: Lenny Air "Lloro yo" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with with the scintillating "Lloro yo" by Lenny Air (Chouaib Airoud) coming soon to Merecumbe Recordings. Not much needs to be said or written about this killer afro house production other than the inexorable rhythms together with the wonderful flute by Fabrice 'Madsax' Lauer and wicked vocal chants are guaranteed to cast a spell on you...