review logoSo much great music to choose from this week...  enjoy our extended selection of the latest in soulful house music.

Polyrhythm & Luyo "Something special" (Double Cheese Records Promo)

Watch out for this massive collaboration by NYC afro/latin maestros Polyrhythm and Double Cheese Records label head Luyo entitled "Something special"... Most definitely, the downright compelling afrotastic rhythms together with the seductive female vocals and tantalizing keys is guaranteed to take over dance floors across the globe by storm. The remix courtesy of Ayala (IT) gives the track a deeper and moodier feel perfect for late night play.

Cassio Ware starring Roxanna Lynn "Happy funk day, happy birthday" (Whatszzz Up Super Star!!! Promo)

Available now through Whatszzz Up Super Star!!! are these absolutely fierce remixes of Cassio Ware's 2003 classic "Happy birthday baby" by Funk The Groove (Cassio Ware & Franke Estevez). Without question, the irresistibly thumpin' chunky rhythms together with the inebriant melodies and the unique tempting vocals of Cassio Ware and Roxanna Lynn will send the dancers into a frenzy...

DJ Pope featuring Teressa "The movement" (2022 Remixes)(FunkHut Records Promo)

Don't miss out on this brilliant remix of DJ Pope's classic track "The movement" originally released on his critically acclaimed full length album "My way" back in 2003. To make it short, the track which features es the unmistakable spoken words of Teressa has been taken to all new heights by DJ Pope who combines the vocals with inexorably thumpin' rhythms, sublime jazzy keys and downright entrancing ethereal pads.

Eddie Stockley "Mercy mercy me" (Remixes)(AceBeat Music Promo)

In February of last year, we introduced you to the Derrick Ricky Nelson, Ace Mungin and Jeff Redd produced uber soulful yet enticing four-to-the-floor remake of Marvin Gaye's all-time classic "Mercy mercy me" performed in grand style by New Jersey house music legend Eddie Stockley, now the track returns in truly superb remixes. Kicking things off are the glorious 'Second Story' mixes oozing with an enthralling rich organic vibe, followed by a gorgeous mellifluous interpretation by Ken Johnston.

Yooks and Rona Ray "Goosebumps" (The Remixes)(Quantize Recordings Promo)

The first new release from Quantize Recordings for this week are excellent remixes of the phantasmagorical "Goosebumps" by UK DJ/producer Yooks laced with the incomparable sultry vocals of Rona Ray. First up, DJ Spen teams up with John Khan and Paul Lyons to deliver both a vibrant organic interpretation and a stripped back deeply groovin' rework. Next is DJ Beloved who contributes a glamorous soulful rendition laced with bodacious jazzed-up keys.

Jame Starck and Linda Axelsson "Ride of love" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

The second new release from Quantize Recordings for this week is the fantastic "Ride of love" by up-and-coming producer Jame Starck featuring vocalist Linda Axelsson. Beyond question, this uplifting slice of dance floor bliss oozing with Linda Axelsson's inimitable inspiring vocals, luxurious jazzed-up keys, sweet guitar and a smooth yet spell binding old school influenced organic musical backing cultivated by DJ Spen comes highly recommended.

Koffee Paige & JoVonn "We can't take no more (enuff, enuff, enuff)" (The Mark Francis Dub)(Unquantize Promo)

In late 2020, Koffee Paige and JoVonn joined forces for "We can't take no more (enuff, enuff, enuff)", a profound message to the world highlighting racial discrimination and inequality faced by black people every single day. Now this dance floor favorite returns in a super dope dub workout by Mark Francis fusing Koffee Paige's eminent spoken words with lush keys, a killer organ solo and intriguing percussive rhythms.

DJ Clash featuring Bishop Adrian Starks "God cares" (CyberJamz Records Promo)

Coming soon to renowned CyberJamz Records is "God scares" a magnificent spiritual release produced by DJ Clash featuring Bishop Adrian Starks on the sermon tip. To make a long story short, "God cares" is all about Bishop Adrian Starks moving message which is accompanied by splendorous jazzy keys, grand churchy organ and an infectious funked-up backdrop. Nuff said...

Mona Bode "Beautiful" (ManMachine Productions LLC Promo)

Remember Mona Bode's awesome "Beautiful" released in spring 2013 on Whasdat Music? Pirahnahead's much beloved 'Epiphany Mix' featuring Mona Bode's unrivaled spoken word poetry and luscious keys over a rich organic musical backing has just been re-released through ManMachine Productions LLC for all those who missed the original release of this timeless soulful gem and for those who can't find their copy anymore.

Black Motion "African salsa" (D'oke Remixes)(Ocha Records Promo)

Back in 2011, we reviewed the "Ocha presents Ocha Mzansi - Promo Sampler" which premiered the original version of Black Motion's "African salsa" which features the amazing vocal stylings of Lady B (the track was only officially released in 2014) Fast forward to 2022 and we are graced with stunning remixes by D'oke who brings us both an enticing 'African Mix' oozing with enchanting melodies and smooth yet captivating rhythms, and a hypnotic 'Gipsy Mix' oozing with a stripped back galactic vibe.