Enjoy this weeks update with nothing but the latest and best in soulful house music...

Luyo, Mikie Blak "I can't keep (a hold of you)" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Since beginning of the year, Double Cheese Records have been on a roll, without doubt their streak of success is set to continue with the expertly crafted "I can't keep (a hold of you)" by label honcho Luyo and UK singer Mikie Blak (one half of the Audiodope production and DJ collective). The original version is a soulful yet inexorably stompin' organic affair laced with lush keys, grandiose flute and Mikie Blak's distinctive passionate vocals. The 'Afro Soul Mix' relaxes the vibe to give the song a splendiferous laidback feel, Bonna contributes a sure-fire prime time weapon, and finally Audiodope drop a pair of mind-boggling truly unique crossover mixes.

Kimara Lovelace "When can our love begin" (2016 Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Back in fall of 1998, KingStreet Records released the iconic "When can our love begin" produced by Roland Clark and performed in grand style by house music diva Kimara Lovelace. End of 1998 a 2x12" loaded with a variety of remixes followed, then in 2008 Richard Earnshaw reworked the track, fast forward to 2016 and we are graced with fresh remixes by Earl TuTu & John Khan who join forces with DJ Spen to deliver an inspiring truly melodious soul oozing interpretation that combines Kimara Lovelace's unmistakable vocals with smooth yet ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms, glorious keys and ethereal chords. The package also features the seminal 'Shelter Anthem' by Timmy Regisford and the Stonebridge remix from back in the day.

Marc Tasio featuring Leanne Lawson "In your soul" (CD Promo)

From up-and-rising French DJ/producer Marc Tasio and vocalist Leanne Lawson comes "In your soul", an exhilarating feel-good production using a contaminous funked-up backdrop as playground for wicked guitar riffs, ethereal chords, catchy piano hooks and Leanne Lawson's captivating vocals, altogether spreading an irresistible feel you can't resist to dance to.

Soulbridge featuring Nengah Krisnarini "In the moment" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Unquestionably, HSR Records are going from strength to strength, with their latest offering being the ravishing "In the moment" by Soulbridge built around gentle yet compelling rhythms, sublime jazzy keys, delectable chords and Nengah Krisnarini beautiful seductive vocals. On remix duty are Guido P and Salento Soul both adding their unmistakable soulful touch, giving you the thankless task to pick a favorite version...

Klevakeys featuring Liz Jai "New day" (Tony Records CD Promo)

One of the standout tracks from Tony Records paramount "Miami Uncuts 2016" compilation is about to get a full single release: The truly inspirational and uplifting "New day" by Klevakeys, a glamorous old school inspired production featuring the inimitable sultry vocals of Liz Jay alongside grand jazzy keys and lush chords over gentle yet spell binding rhythms. Put differently, top-notch soulful house music not to be missed...

Rescue Poetix "Eye of the beholder" (Toupee Records CD Promo)

Coming soon to Toupee Records is the massive "Eye of the beholder" by renowned poetry artist Rescue Poetix, most definitely this gem coming in various dazzling interpretations gives you plenty of choices to work the floor and send the dancers into a frenzy. There are two equally brilliant broken beat styled versions from Frank Williams, Tayo Wink gets percussive on both his deep mesmerizing 'Natureland Mix' and the mellifluous laidback 'Afrosensual Mix', from DJ Buzzard come an enticing deep'n'moody acid tinged rework and a hypnotizing tech-soul workout, and lastly DjjoelS contributes an inebriant deep house take perfect for late night play.

Ultimo Numero featuring Tee-Jay "Karma" (Original Mix)(FRQNCY Music CD Promo)

In March, we introduced you to the inaugural release of FRQNCY Music (the wonderful "The dream" by Tee-Jay), now the label's second release is ready. "Karma" by Ultimo Numero is a smooth yet thrilling afro house production, with a relentlessly groovin' organic backdrop laying the foundation for lush keys, celestial chords and the distinct emotive vocals by Tee-Jay.

Reel Gruv featuring Luciano "Supernatural love" (The Remixes)(Bodikela Recordings CD Promo)

In November of last year, Bodikela Recordings blessed us with the blissful "Supernatural love" by Reel Gruv, a silky smooth and melodious yet utterly tantalizing slice of masterly crafted afro-deepness featuring the beautiful haunting vocals by Luciano, now the remixes are here. Samuri & Divided Souls team up with Tyler Woods to deliver an exhilarating late night rework fueled with classy jazzy keys, dreamy chords and vibrant rhythms, and Paul Solaris serves an exquisite jazzed-up interpretation on a glorious laidback tip.

Latest Craze featuring Joseph Chetty "In his name" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Australia's Latest Craze (Michael Gavrilidis & Peter Massa) return to SoundMen on Wax Records with the gorgeous "In his name", an uplifting feel-good production combining mercilessly pulsating rhythms with luscious keys and the fantastic inspiring vocals of Joseph Chetty. The release features an eclectic selection of mixes, including a scintillating 'Sax Mix', a charming 'Vibe Mix' and a wicked selection of dub mixes giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Earth Wind & Fire "Love's holiday" (Anakin Remix)(Digital Generation Records CD Promo)

Anakin follows up his recent debut release "The other poem" with a tasty up-tempo re-imagination of Earth Wind & Fire's "Love's holiday" (from their 1977 long player "All 'n all") that stays true and respectful to the original yet transforms this timeless song into a smoothfour-to-the-floor oozing with a splendorous smooth'n'soulful vibe...

Odd Guy "I call her name" (TyRick Music CD Promo)

"I call  her name" by Odd Guy was originally released end of 2013 in an enchanting r&b/soul version, now we can enjoy soulful house interpretations by Tyrone 'Intense' Payton - and what a musical threat this is... To make it short, Odd Guy's sensitive r&b styled vocals harmonize perfectly with the mellow yet captivating organic rhythms and the magnificent keys.

Creme "Club a lot" (AceBeat Music CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the superb "Diamond & pearls" by ReSurface comes the next soulful weapon on the legendary AceBeat Music label, the super delightful "Club a lot" produced by Derrick Ricky Nelson & Ace Mungin and performed in proper style by Kendall 'Creme' Johnson. Three mixes to choose from courtesy of Rashad Munhammad and the team of Derrick Ricky Nelson, DJ Sir Charles Dixon & Ace Mungin, each one keeping the vibe truly soulful and melodious yet tempting, putting the incredible vocals by Creme center stage.

Afro Deep/Traxx Selection of the Week...

Serious heat for the dance floor comes your way in form of these blazin' hot forthcoming releases... First up we have "Positiva" by Mario Bianco & Master Polo, an utterly hypnotizing somewhat dark afro deep monster track fueled with ruthlessly stormin' afrotastic rhythms and tantalizing synth melodies (MoBlack Records CD Promo). Next up is the "Jungle images" EP by SoulPoizen which features two absolutely jaw-dropping ancestral afro deep productions laced with inebriant atmospheric melodies and fierce tribal-esque rhythms( Herbs & Soul Music CD Promo). Finally, we have the "Move along EP" by Sir Sabzee (Sabelo Mahlangu) which consists of three fabulous tech flavored deep cuts oozing with mesmerizing synth melodies and intriguing rhythms (Ohyea Muziq CD Promo).