Year end is coming closer, yet there ain't no shortage of soulful tunes... enjoy !!

Urban Dance Institution & Shola Phillips "I miss you" (Welcome To The Weekend CD Promo)

"I miss you" by Urban Dance Institution and songstress Shola Phillips was originally released in 2008 through UDI Records (vinyl only), now the remastered versions will be available in digital format for the first time ever. The song is masterly orchestrated and features the passionate vocals of Shola Phillips over a smooth funk flavored groove that is enriched with jazzy keys, flute, horns and classic strings. The result is simply wonderful, with a groove and vocal hook that will catch you instantly. Groove Junkies (at that time the duo of Evan Landes and Parrish Wintersmith) are on remix duty, intensifying the vibe by using a funked-up, deeper groove and wicked synths that together with the original orchestration and vocals creates a relentless feeling.

Steven Stone & Marc Evans "You are with me" (Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

Swiss DJ/producer Steven Stone and vocalist extraordinaire Marc Evans get back together to present the follow-up to their club anthem "Who's to blame" released in fall of 2012 (don't miss out on the seminal remixes of the song). To make it short, "You are with me" is a soul infused gem combining Marc Evans one-of-a-kind heartfelt vocals with sublime keys, luscious chords and gentle yet spell binding funked soaked rhythms - in other words, "You are with me" is timeless soulful house music by no means to be missed.

Mr. Zee Morez & DJ Thes-Man featuring Oetry "Secretive Minds EP" (Atal Music CD Promo)

The latest offering on Atal Music is the "Secretive Minds EP", a marvelous afro-deep release from the minds of  Mr. Zee Morez and DJ Thes-Man, with vocals performed by Oetry. The title track "Secretive minds" is deep and laidback yet inebriant thanks to the tantalizing percussive rhythms and ethereal synth melodies, not to forget the enchanting spoken word poetry by Oetry. The 'DJ Thes-Man Secret Dub Mix' is fueled with exhilarating synth melodies and thrilling rhythms, spreading a hypnotizing feel perfect for late night play. The instrumental bonus track "Forbidden shadows" is a wonderful chilled out affair oozing with glamorous melodies and dulcet yet intriguing rhythms.

Various "Neal Conway Classics Revisited Vol. 3" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

The one and only truly legendary Neal Conway does it again and blesses us with the latest installment in the "Neal Conway Classics Revisited" series. Similar to the two previous releases, this edition is loaded with ingenious truly inspiring and eclectic re-imaginations of an illustrious list of timeless songs: "Sumthin' sumthin'" by Maxwell, "The man" by Omar, "Hey nineteen" and "Peg" by Steely Dan and last but not least "Show me the way" by Earth Wind & Fire featuring Raphael Saadiq. Undoubtedly this is collection of superb four-to-the-floor interpretations will send shivers down your spine...

True2Life featuring Phillip Ramirez "Sweet memories" (Deeptown Music CD Promo)

The next release on Deeptown Music will be courtesy of True2Life (Richard Pring) who joins forces with singer Phillip Ramirez and guitarist Phil Wren for "Sweet memories", an enthralling production featuring the unmistakable vocals of Phillip Ramirez alongside warm melodious keys and sweet guitar riffs by Phil Wren over a smooth yet relentlessly thumpin' backdrop. On remix duty is Scott Diaz whose fervid workout will take you back in time with its classy jazzy keys and the captivating old school inspired bumpin' rhythms.

Soulbridge featuring Josiah Ruff "You'll never know" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Soulbridge aka Gigi Frassanito are back on Spirit of House with yet another phenomenal soulful production. "You'll never know", a remake of the Hi-Gloss classic from 1981, is guaranteed to put a spell on you thanks to the grandiose fusion of the beautiful emotive vocals by Josiah Ruff with exquisite jazzy keys, grand saxophone, glorious bass guitar and a gentle yet thrilling backing. The 'Salento Soul Mix' is a fantastic alternate interpretation featuring a more pronounced bassline and heavenly keys alongside the vocals. Quite simply a future soulful dance music classic...

Deep House Pick: Craig Stewart "Symbiotic EP" (Smooth Agent Tracks Records CD Promo)

The Smooth Agent camp is hitting hard this week, presenting fresh promos on each of their three labels. First up we have the "Symbiotic EP" by Craig Stewart featuring two massive old school influenced tracks. The title track is a deep melodious affair, coming complete with a stellar remix by Gene King which introduces additional mind-boggling synth melodies. The second track "Oh the days" is a journey back to the time when ruff'n'raw underground-esque acid infused tunes were ruling the dance floors.

Rubberlips featuring Charmaine "Acting like" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

The broken beat flavored "Acting like" by Rubberlips (aka trumpeter Robert Burbidge) and singer Charmaine is a masterly orchestrated production oozing with a glamorous jazz/soul/funk infused feel and Charmaine's unrivaled deeply rooted vocals - sheer musical bliss. The remix by Soul Secured is on a classic four-to-the-floor tip and comes complete with splendorous pianos, while The Napoleons deliver an utterly hypnotizing afro-deep dub workout.

Bootleg Picks: Boney James "Sunset boulevard" (Mark Di Meo Remix)(CD-R)
Bootleg Picks: Unknown "Feel it" (DJ Ronnie Ron Remix)(CD-R)

This week we have to bootleg picks for you. First up, Mark Di Meo takes on "Sunset boulevard" by Boney James (taken from his 2013 album "The beat") and transforms this wonderful smooth jazz song into a feel-good four-to-the-floor affair that stays true and respectful to the original. Second, we have a wicked DJ Ronnie Ron rework of a song entitled "Feel it" (name of the artist to be confirmed) that is truly uplifting and combines the inspiring female gospel tinged vocals with lush keys and a vibrant underground-esque backdrop.

The best of the rest...

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

Up and rising South African talent Sina The Producer presents the gorgeous "Believer EP" taking you an blissful journey to deepest house music territory the motherland has to offer. This truly eclectic EP covers different moods and styles, also included is an exclusive remix by Sina The Producer of DJ Too Nice's "Natural feelings" (Smooth Agent Records Africa CD Promo). The ethereal "Fifth Dimension EP" by South Africa's Oral Deep is loaded with four jaw-dropping afro-deepalicious late night gems taking you on a hypnotic journey you wish would never end. Essential afro-deep stuff - nuff said (Tribe Records CD Promo).

Continuing our journey through the deep, we introduce you to the "Trash Devils" EP which lets you explore tantalizing truly unique deep tech-soul sounds of South African producer Troy in its full glory. Comes complete with wicked remixes by From P60 and Pablo Fierro (DeepStitched Records CD Promo). We conclude this weeks musical excursion with an entrancing deep house jewel entitled the "Marble Zone EP" by Purple Velvet. Both featured cuts "Marble zone" and "Drawn out" are sure-fire late night weapons thanks to subsonic basslines and inebriant synth melodies (Large Music CD Promo).