review logoOnly the very best of the plethora of submissions made it into this weeks update... enjoy !!

Adamant & Richelle Hicks "Smooth talker" (All Skin Types Recordings Promo)

Parisian born Adamant and vocalist Richelle Hicks once again have been pulling out all the stops to grace with something truly special with their latest offering "Smooth talker", the inaugural release on All Skin Types Recordings. In short, "Smooth talker" is a glorious 80's boogie/funk inspired production oozing with lovely guitars, luxurious keys, Richelle Hicks incredible powerhouse vocals and a captivating organic musical backing. Jam-packed dance floors guaranteed...

Pour le Connaisseur: Seductive Soul featuring Onita Boone "Ain't nobody" (Peppermint Jam Records Promo)

Coming soon to Peppermint Jam Records is this magnificent truly faithful remake of the unforgettable classic "Ain't nobody" by Rufus and Chaka Khan (dating back to 1983) produced by Seductive Soul (aka soul maestro Rob Hardt) and performed in grand style by Onita Boone whose vocals are truly Chaka-listic. Mousse T delivers a fierce four-to-the-floor rework sure to cause a stir on the dance floor, Paul Rudder & Hurley contribute a super cool deeply groovin' interpretation, and finally Andy Buchan serves an absolutely wicked funktified dub workout.

Muzikman Edition "The Lost Bootleg Volume 3" (Exemplary Music Makerz Promo)

A couple of weeks ago, we were celebrating the massive Applejac remix of "Ribbon in the sky" by Sweet Tears (aka DJ Starting from Scratch and Tyrone Solomon), now comes the fantastic 'Lost Bootleg Mix' by Muzikman Edition which combines the beautiful heartfelt male vocals with an utterly infectious bassline groove indisputably inspired by Harvey Mason's all-time dance music anthem "Groovin' you"'.

Gershon Jackson presents Reset Preset "Hands together" (Glitterbox Recordings Promo)

Forthcoming to Glitterbox Recordings is the scintillating "Hands together", to cut right to the chase this fervid Disco infused collaboration by Chicago producer Gershon Jackson with Reset Preset featuring classy strings, cool electric guitar loops and uplifting female vocals over an irresistibly groovin' funked-up backdrop is guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy. Pure fiyah on the dance floor...

Pad Beryll & Andrea Love "Under your spell" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings Promo)

The beautiful "Under your spell" by Pad Beryll and Andrea Love originally released back in mid-2010 on now defunct ReelGroove Records returned last year in fresh remixes by Steven Stone and Pad Beryll himself, now Richard Earnshaw takes the track to the next level on his dope rework using inexorable bouncin' rhythms as foundation for Andrea Love's signature passionate vocals and inebriant keys. Essential.

George Lesley featuring Kenny Allen "We are love" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

George Lesley continues to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music with "We are love" featuring vocalist Kenny Allen. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this expertly crafted uber soulful gem featuring the deep-rooted vocals of Kenny Allen alongside sublime jazzy keys, celestial chords and a gentle yet intriguing percussion enriched organic backdrop will make you yearn for more. Not to be missed.

Shannon Chambers featuring Kwesi Bless "Feel the magic" (T's Box Records Promo)

T's Box Records have a beauty in their hands with "Feel the magic" by DJ/producer Shannon Chambers, a truly soulful yet entrancing production featuring the incomparable emotive vocals of Kwesi Bless, exquisite keys, ethereal chords, sweet guitars and a thrilling organic backing. The 'Mahogany Soul' is a gorgeous broken beat flavored take of the original, and then we have superb interpretations by Terry Hunter and Emmaculate both adding their distinctive soulful touch.

Joi Cardwell "Best of me" (Giulio Bonaccio Mix)(Curly Gurly Music Promo)

"Best of me" by house music diva Joi Cardwell was just released on Curly Gurly Music, beyond question our favorite mix is Giulio Bonaccio's phantasmagorical latin inspired interpretation where Joi Cardwell's one-of-a-kind sultry vocals are accompanied by grandiose jazzed-up keys, dreamful chords ans smooth yet compelling percussive rhythms. In other words, Giulio Bonaccio's take on "Best of me" is sheer musical bliss...

Saint Evo featuring Tina "Saya" (Union Records Promo)

To be released soon on Union Records is the mind-blowing "Saya" by Kenyan DJ/producer Saint Evo and Kenyan songstress Tina. To make it short, "Saya" is an utterly hypnotizing afro house production, with inexorable rhythms leading the way for inebriant synth melodies, wicked sounds from the jungle and the amazing haunting vocals of Tina. Undeniably, "Says" will cast a spell on you...

Saint Evo featuring Idd Aziz "Tinda netsa" (MoBlack Records Promo)

Forthcoming to MoBlack Records is the unique "Tinda netsa" by Kenyan DJ/producer Saint Evo. Without doubt, "Tinda netsa" built around the inimitable vocal stylings of Idd Aziz, enchanting atmospheric synth melodies and enthralling afrocentic rhythms is verily mesmerizing. Not to forget to mention the ingenious truly varied remixes by C minor, M. Caporale and MoBlack which are the cherry on top.