We're kind of glad normal operation is back this week after the last two weeks were a bit too much fresh new music... nuff said, now enjoy this weeks selection of soulful tunes !!

Various "King Street Sounds Reformed Classics" (BeatPort Sampler EP)(StreetKing Records CD Promo)

In the not so distant future, KingStreet will release "Reformed Classics 2012", a collection of songs from the labels unrivaled back catalogue re-touched and re-tweaked by some of house music's most respected and up and coming producers. As a taster, the label presents the BeatPort sampler which features seven mixes of three tracks from said compilation which take you on a deep exhilarating journey. Oliver $ delivers an amazing re-rub of the 1995 classic "This old house" by Technique, next Roland Clark's 2003 anthem "President's house" is taken to the next level by Will Monotone, Soneec and Lexvaz & Mullor all adding their distinctive touch. Finally, Kerri Chandler's 2005 all time classic "Bar a thym" is given fresh life by Dzeta N' Basile who team up with Ivo Toscano for one of their fervid workouts. We can't wait to get our hands on the album...

Andrea Carissimi Soul Project "A good thing" (Just4Funk Records CD Promo)

Andrea Carissimi returns to Spirit of House with "A good thing" featuring the one and only Wendy Lewis on vocals, Tim 'Slikk' Bercherand on bass, not to forget to mention Andrea Carissimi, Alessio Scialo' and DJ Circle on keys. Presented as Andrea Carissimi Soul Project, "A good thing" is a timeless soulful gem featuring the inimitable sultry vocals of Wendy Lewis alongside lovely funky guitar and bass and gorgeous jazzed-up keys, perfectly arranged over a spell binding backdrop. Nuff said.

Thomas De Lorenzo featuring Chappell "The sweetest thing" (Remixes)(SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Originally released end of 2009, the delightful "The sweetest thing" by Thomas De Lorenzo which features deeply felt vocals by Chappell returns with an intriguing selection of remixes. Drexmeister contributes a fiery old school inspired rendition oozing with a gorgeous funked-up vibe, while Junior White percussive interpretation is laced with glorious keys giving the song a heavenly feel. Next Shane D injects his signature truly irresistible funky sound complete with classy keys and horns, and finally Kevin Julien gets deeper on his melodious rework fueled with classic strings and lush keys.

Deep Factor featuring Daniel Thomas "New York City Funk" (Feelin' Music CD Promo)

With "New York City Funk", Deep Factor and vocalist Daniel Thomas return in grand style, presenting a timeless production guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and make you yearn for more. The old school inspired funky-as-hell and truly infectious backdrop together with captivating vocals by Daniel Thomas, wicked guitar, classy horns and killer keys create a thrilling vibe you can't resist to dance to. The 'Main Mix' is accompanied by 'Dub Mix' putting the emphasis on the orchestration and a deeper truly mesmerizing 'Dubfactor Mix'.

Kings of Groove featuring Andrea Love "Body & soul" (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo)

"Body & soul", the memorable summer anthem from 2008 brought to us by Kings of Groove (Ferry B & Franco De Mulero) and songstress Andrea Love, returns in brand new fresh remixes. Terry Hunter is pulling out all the stops on his grandiose soulful interpretation fueled with sublime keys, Pasha NoFrost takes us back to the 80's with his magnificent boogie-ish remix, Andrew Hartley serves an uplifting gospel tinged rendition laced with luscious keys and Jonny Montana graces us with his beloved organic jazz drenched sound. Also included is the magical soul/funk oozing Danny Clark & Jay Benham remix from 2008.

Dazzle Drums "Wicked Floors EP" (Tony Records CD Promo)

We are proud to introduce you to something a little bit different here on Spirit of House... Tony Records prove once again why they are considered one of the most prolific house music labels with this hotter than hot release by Japan's Dazzle Drums (Nagi & Kei Sugano) titled "Wicked Floors EP" which includes three original tracks and one truly amazing remix of Masahiro Onishi's "Make up your mind" - each of these deep hypnotizing tracks is guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to relentless rhythms and celestial synth melodies...

Ellie Goulding "Lights" (Sugar Groove Remixes)(CD-R)

Ellie Goulding took charts by storm in 2010 when her debut album "Lights", best described as part electro-pop, part soul, part blues, part indie rock and part folk, dropped. Now Swift of DJN Project together with Alfredo Norese and Tim 'Slikk Tim' Bercherand transform her catchy "Lights" for the soulful dance floors, combining her unique voice with a smoothly stompin' funk soaked backing and melodious keys. The 'Afro Remix' goes a step further and uses spell binding afro-percussive rhythms to intensify the vibe.

Grooveboy "Rise" (Grooveboy Music CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of their recent smash "Another song", Dublin based production outfit Grooveboy (the trio of Karl Lambert, Tony Pugh and Antoinette Dunleavy) present  their next bomb "Rise", a deep sexy yet soulful production combining enticing vocals songstress Antoinette Dunleavy with luscious melodies and mesmerizing rhythms guaranteed to jam-pack floors. Whilst the 'Original Mix' is a funked-up smoothly groovin' affair, the 'Dub Mix' gets slightly deeper and gives the song more of an atmospheric feel. The Sunchaser's (Scott Watson & Luk Follin) contribute an incredible interpretation using a deeply thumpin' backing as playground for the vocals and lush keys.

Simba "Jaywalking" (Playmore Music CD Promo)

"Take five" by Dave Brubeck (composed by Paul Desmond, originally released on the 1959 album "Time out") is considered one of most delightful´╗┐ jazz masterpieces ever produced. Fast forward to 2012 to enjoy Simba's marvelous smooth yet fierce 4/4 adoption of this unforgettable jazz masterpiece which has been causing a stir on dance floors ever since a lucky few have been given copies to play out. First to be released digitally, then later on 12" with a special RedSoul remix.

Husky "Breaking Bad EP" (Salted Music CD Promo)

Husky returns to Salted Music with the uber cool "Breaking Bad EP" featuring nothing but floor shakin' grooves, fascinating melodies and thrilling rhythms, not to forget the sexy vocals. "Back together" is all about cool spoken words by Louie Hale, enchanting keys and a relentlessly stormin' backdrop. "Crazy enough" features sultry vocals by Alyson Joyce, wicked guitar and glorious keys over a funk heavy backing, with the alternate 'RSR Rub' giving the track a deeper feel. Last but not least, there is the beautiful old school flavored mid-tempo groover "She's so far away".

Various "Best of Suntree Records Volume 2" (Suntree Records CD Promo)

Netherlands Suntree Records celebrate the various successes they had so far in 2012 with the "Best of Suntree Record Volume 2", a ten track selection of their greatest tracks covering all the genres the label stands for: soulful house, lounge, chill-out, deep house, and tech. From the early days when it all started with "Jack attack" by Oded Nir to their recent soulful gems "Into your heart" by Oded Nir featuring Gia Mellish (remixed by Richard Earnshaw and Dutchican Soul) and "Fools rush in" by Marcus Gauntlett featuring Oby (remixed by D-Reflection), all the tracks that define the labels sound are here. Also included is their latest release "Lack of oxygen" by Tom K and two brand new tracks courtesy of The Sound Diggers. In case you missed the single releases, this release gives you the chance to get the best from the label in one single package.