July is here, so is our weekly selection of the latest and best in soulful house music... enjoy !!

Andrew Hartley & Michelle Weeks "My deliverer" (Rejoice Records CD Promo)

Top-notch gospel house comes your way courtesy of Rejoice Records who present "My deliverer" by Andrew Hartley and legendary house music diva Michelle Weeks. The uplifting "My deliverer" is a phenomenal soulful production featuring an amazing deeply rooted vocal rendition by Michelle Weeks alongside sublime chords and lovely jazzy piano over a fierce funked-up backdrop. On remix duty is Richard Earnshaw who turns up the heat on his signature rework fueled with phat synths over ruthlessly bouncin' rhythms.

Andrea Carissimi Soul Project "Brand new day" (Piers Kirwan Remix)(Just4Funk Records CD Promo)

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to "Brand new day" by the Andrea Carissimi Soul Project, a timeless soulful gem which features the inimitable vocals of Wendy Lewis and grand jazzy keys over a fierce funk soaked backing. Now the remix is here, with Piers Kirwan taking the track to a whole new level on his truly irresistible remix guaranteed to set the floor on fire thanks to pulsating rhythms and lush synth melodies.

Soulful Session featuring Mikie Blak "Got it all" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Initially planned to be released as part of the "The Future Divas EP" (reviewed here on Spirit of House back in May), this fantastic production by Soulful Sessions (Simon 'Schoolboy' Phillips) featuring heartfelt r&b styled vocals by Mikie Blak and delectable keys over smooth yet contaminous funk drenched rhythms has been a secret weapon of Tony Humphries for the past few months and thankfully now gets a single release complete with stellar remixes. Phil Asher injects his magic soul/funk/jazz infused touch, Soulfunktion take the song to deeper melodious grounds, Toro contributes a mind-blowing underground-esque version, and finally Mass Prod serve an enticing dub perfect for late night play.

Antonello Ferrari featuring Dawn Tallman "Beautiful view" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

"Beautiful view" by Antonello Ferrari is a marvelous sun drenched slice of soulful house somewhat reminiscent of the Delegation classic "Heartache No 9" which features the unmistakable vocals of Dawn Tallman, charming guitar licks and celestial synth melodies over a fervid funked-up backing. The old school inspired beautifully orchestrated interpretations by Micky More and Glenn Thornton bring back memories from the days when funky soulful house was ruling the dance floors, and Spiritual Blessings (Jean Paul Francois & Ezio Centanni) rework the track into spell binding deep house affair laced with luscious keys.

Slik Walker "By the way" (Soul Town Records CD Promo)

Club Shelter and Sound Factory veteran Slik Walker graces us with his inspirational heartfelt vocals on "By the way" taken from his first solo album "SMH", remixed by the likes of Haldo, Millitone and Georgia Cee for this release on newly launched Soul Town Records. Haldo delivers an uplifting interpretation built around thumpin' rhythms and ethereal keys, Millitone deepens the vibe on his laidback afro-centric rendition fueled with gorgeous melodies, and last but not least Georgia Cee contributes an utterly fierce workout oozing with an unadulterated underground-esque vibe.

Shumocka ShuVance "Endangered love" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of "Moving on" by Kischa Link comes the next bomb from D#Sharp Records, the JoeFlame produced "Endangered love" by Shumocka ShuVance, a super melodious affair oozing with passionate vocals, illustrious keys and relentlessly thumpin' rhythms. The 'Mello Mix' is a beat-less take of the original version, The 'D#Sharp Mix' nicely varies the keys and rhythms, and lastly there is the 'UndaGround Mix' entering deepest hypnotizing territory.

Ndela Lekamito featuring Momo & Tiny B  "African woman" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Originally featured on the "SoundMen on Wax Miami Sampler 2013", the utterly infectious "African woman" by Ndela Lekamito featuring guest artists Momo and Tiny B is finally available in its full glory. Deep afro-centric truly mesmerizing rhythms combined with entrancing vocals and chants and heavenly synth melodies are guaranteed to jam-pack the floor and send the crowd into a frenzy. The package includes a superb selection of mixes giving you plenty of choices to work the floor at any given time of the night or day.

C-Major SA "Still Pending EP" (Uno Mas Records CD Promo)

Courtesy of C-Major SA comes the paramount "Still Pending EP" featuring nothing but the best in South African house music. Each of the five included tracks is guaranteed to make you yearn for more thanks to spell binding afrotastic rhythms and glorious melodies, not to forget to mention the amazing male and female vocals and spoken word poetry. Nothing more needs to be said besides don't miss out on this musical gem...

Uncle James "The Garage" (Uno Mas Records CD Promo)

Uno Mas label head Steve Paradise joins forces with Raf'N Soul (together they are known as Uncle James) for a tribute to the legendary Paradise Garage which features incredible spoken word poetry by none other than Charles McDougald alongside grand jazzy saxophone and luscious keys over an infectious funk soaked backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of Berny who gives the track a classic soul/funk infused feel and Alessio whose rework takes the track to deeper grounds.

RazChriz Ginitri "Leaves of Autumn EP" (Black Vinyl Records CD Promo)

Next up on Black Vinyl Records will be the awe-inspiring "Leaves of Autumn EP" by up and rising South African DJ/producer RazChriz Ginitri (aka Thabo Kalabe). Four equally magnificent tracks are included in this release, each one oozing with smooth yet intoxicating percussive afro-deep rhythms and celestial atmospheric melodies. We are sure we will here much more from this highly talented DJ/producer in the future...

Mr. Deep and Black Orchestra "Freedom fighters" (Heavy Heart Mix)(Night Scope Deep Records CD Promo)

We are proud to introduce you to this formidable slice of unadulterated underground house music courtesy of Mr. Deep (aka Deep Elementz) and Black Orchestra who give us "Freedom fighters", an utterly hypnotizing track using deeper than deep remorselessly thumpin' rhythms as playground for ethereal melodies. Quite simply house music to set the floor on fire... Nuff said.

Exclusive Preview: Adrian Marcel "Wrapped" (David Montoya Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Zo! featuring Eric Robertson "We are on the move" (David Montoya Edit)(CD-R)

It is time again to bring you our choice selection of edits and (bootleg) remixes we got in the past few days and weeks... This time around, we present you two towering re-edits by David Montoya who turns both the beautiful soul/r&b gem "Wrapped" by Adrian Marcel (protege of Raphael Saadiq) and the uber funky "We are on the move" by Zo! (featuring Eric Robertson on vocals) into smooth yet infectious four-to-the-floor stompers staying true and respectful to the original versions. Pure quality soulful dance music...