Don't miss out on this week truly illustrious update loaded with nothing but the best and latest in soulful house music.... enjoy !!

Yass featuring Inaya Day "Bring it up" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

French producer/DJ Yass teams up with songstress Inaya Day to grace us with an uplifting vocal anthem entitled "Bring it up". The deep'n'fierce original version which combines Inaya Day's incomparable passionate vocals with thrillin' rhythms and lush synth melodies already leaked out on KingStreet's superb 2013 "Miami Sampler", now with the single release we can also enjoy the timeless old school inspired funk drenched 'Classic Mix' as well as the delectable 'Late Night Pass', a stripped down uber cool 90's inspired rework of the original.

Jay Tripwire & Grant Dell "Can't forget you EP" (DCSTrax Records CD Promo)

Canada's Jay Tripwire joins forces with UK's Grant Dell on this massive three track EP not to be missed by any lover of deep house music. "Can't forget you" takes you on an awe-inspiring journey to deepest grounds, with captivating rhythms leading the way for passionate vocals phat keys and chords. "When you move" keeps the vibe deep and enchanting yet oozes with celestial synth melodies and even deeper rhythms.

Woods & Luyo "In the heat (of the night)" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Last year in May, we were celebrating the release of "Thief in the night" by Woods & Luyo (Torsten Stenzel & Federico Luglio), now the duo returns with the marvelous "In the heat (of the night)", an uplifting production built around an infectious funk soaked backdrop, sublime jazzy keys and sultry female vocals. Aki Bergen contributes a hypnotizing deeply pulsating dub, Mangesto relax the vibe on their warm and melodious afro infused rendition, and finally Luyo delivers a smooth yet deep interpretation laced with luscious melodies.

SK95 featuring Swazi "Sun of the South EP" (Nu Deep Records CD Promo)

The latest release on Nu Deep Records is "Sun of the south" by African producer SK95, a deep mesmerizing production featuring spoken word vocals by Swazi alongside ethereal synth melodies over deep afrocentric rhythms. The remixes are courtesy of Melchyor A who turns the track into a melodious percussively bouncin' affair, and David Montoya whose exhilarating rework uses deep fierce rhythms as playground for the vocals and heavenly melodies.

Ananda Project "Where do you come from EP" (Nite Grooves Records CD Promo)

Both tracks featured on this stellar EP are taken from Ananda Project's highly acclaimed long player "Beautiful searching" and have been reworked for the soulful dance floors. First up we have DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins adding their beloved signature soulful yet spell binding touch to "Where do you come from" (which features deeply rooted vocals by Terrance Downs), giving you the choice between equally great vocal, dub and instrumental versions. Next, Hoshiko Oki & Jere McAllister take us back in time with their delightful 80's influenced take of "Where do you come from", and finally we have URH's utterly soulful interpretation of "Come back to me" which takes the sultry vocals by Kai Martin to new heights.

Joy Jones "Over" (Philosophie Music CD Promo)

"Over" was originally released on Joy Jones' 2009 album "Godchild" through Future Soul Records. Now this wonderful song has been licensed by Philosophie Music who release stunning four-to-the-floor remixes. Both Josh Milan's and Pirahnahead's interpretations of Joy Jones' hauntingly soulful treasure are sheer musical bliss and guaranteed to make you yearn for more. Josh Milan keeps the vibe laidback and smooth yet contaminous, with percussive rhythms and warm dulcet keys accompanying the emotive vocals. Pirahnahead turns the heat up on his impulsive yet soulful jackin' affair guaranteed to set the floor on fire.

Various "In the Zone WMC in Miami 2013" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year, legendary Basement Boys member Neal Conway together with his fraternity brother and friend DJ Ant B launched In the Zone Records - the labels first release was "Like magic" by Neal Conway featuring Dana Weaver which was reviewed here on Spirit of House in late September of last year. We would like to put your attention to the labels "WMC in Miami 2013" sampler featuring various brand new outstanding productions by both Neal Conway and DJ Ant B which feature artists such as Dana Weaver, Taihisha Grant and Kaira Cooper. Also included are DJ Punch's fantastic housed-up rework of the Freeez classic "I.O.U" and Neal Conway's magic workout of Jill Scott's "So gone" which we were celebrating here on Spirit of House back in March of last year.

Various "Neal Conway Vol. 1" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of their "WMC in Miami 2013" sampler comes the next bomb from In the Zone Records courtesy of Neal Conway who blesses us with an EP loaded with none less than eight massive productions which features an illustrious list of artists such as Robyn Romele, Taihisha Grant, Kaira Cooper, The Soul Kats, Komplex and Marshall Booze Jr. With this EP, Neal Conway successfully continues his mission to bring real music back to house music, with his unique fusion of house with afro, latin, jazz, funk and spoken word poetry giving us plenty of joyful moments for years to come... Not to forget to mention his towering rendition of Erykah Badu's "Real thang" is included as well (a secret weapon here at Spirit of House since March 2011).

Exclusive Preview: Various "In the Zone Promo Goodie Bag" (In the Zone Records CD-R)

Here we have a couple of exclusives from In the Zone Records which we are sure will soon see the light of the day. First up, there are amazing alternate versions of "Flying high" by Dana Weaver by Neal Conway and DJ Ant B (the original can be found on the labels "WMC in Miami 2013" sampler) guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Next there is the brand new Neal Conway produced "Free your soul" performed by Taihisha Grant, an uplifting production oozing with Neal Conway's beloved old school inspired sound.

Black Motion featuring Jah Rich "Mtshongola" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Tribe Record present yet another superb production from the motherland, namely by Black Motion and Richard 'Jah Rich' Rakgwale whose "Mtshongola" is the follow-up to their 2010/2011 smash "Banane mavoko". "Mtshongola" is a truly hypnotizing percussive afro-tribal thumper laced with celestial melodies and cool vocals. The remixes are courtesy of Afshin, Renato Xtrova, Invaders of Africa and Salvatore Freda all adding their distinctive soulful/deep/afro touch.

Steven Stone & Andrea Love "Running to love" (Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

The latest offering from Steven Stone and his Soul Deluxe label is the glorious "Running to love", a collaboration with songstress Andrea Love. "Running to love" is an intoxicating production combining Andrea Love's heartfelt rendition of the lyrics with catchy synths and a spell binding backdrop, altogether spreading a relentless vibe you can't resist to dance to. A sure-fire floor anthem guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy...

Citi Link featuring Ian Campbell "Tell me about it" (Mutated Music CD Promo)

Mutated Music return with a beautiful cover of Michael Franks' seminal 1983 smooth-jazz classic "Tell me all about it" by Citi Link aka Rachel Ellektra and vocalist Ian Campbell. The main vocal version is built around an irresistibly thumpin' backing and features a respectful deeply felt vocal performance by Ian Campbell alongside gorgeous synth melodies and lovely acoustic guitar. The 'Atmospheric Dub' deepens the vibe and gives the track more of an ethereal feel, while Richard Pring turns the track into a remorselessly stormin' affair oozing with delectable melodies.